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Paris, France


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Student project, travel log.

Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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Paris, France

  1. 1. Paris, FranceC ity o f Lig h ts By x
  2. 2. D ay 1 Orbitz Route : Leave: Fri, Apr 27 Return: Thu, May 3 $1,490 round trip The plane leaves today Apr. 27, it’s a long flight. I will be arriving in the morning Apr. 28. Then it’ll be time for my adventure out in Paris, France ! New Entry: I arrived now time to go to . . . The one and only Eiffel Tower. The iron tower was built in 1889, for the World Exposition by Gustave Eiffel. When the tower was unveiled, it was almost going to be torn down. Was thought to be hideous, and now is one of the most famous Day & Night view attractions. Since then it has attracted more than 220 millionof the Eiffel Tower. visitors. In my list this is a must see ! It is one of the wonders of the world, I wouldn’t be able to miss out on the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower. After the amazing experience of seeing the Eiffel Tower. It’s time to go to one of the most famous Cafes in Paris - Cafe de Flore - It is one of the most lavishing cafes, that has shady seating on the pavement of St. Germain’s street. It is one of the ultimate parisian experiences, so I want to see what it is all about. Croissants here I come !
  3. 3. D ay 2 Touring around in P aris, FranceS ac Coeur- re-Built on a hill top, this area was first inhabited byfarmers. The Sacre -Coeur was built in 1873.Since it’s location on top of a hill this monumenttowers over the city. At it’s highest point makes ithigher than the top of the Eiffel Tower. Thanks tothis location, the Sacre-Coeur is one of the mostnoticeable landmarks in all of Paris. With it beingso noticeable, why not get my own view of thismagnificent landmark.Champs major events/celebrations. This isis used for all Elysees- The Champs Elyseeswhere Parisians celebrate New Years Eve. It isone of the most prestigious avenues which is why Iwant to see the amazing long stretch experience.La D efense-well as the Defenseskyscrappers , as In this area are twopalace.Later came the project to build the ‘GrandArche’ was supported by the French President,who wanted to have a 20th century version of thearc. This cube-shaped building is 106 meters [348ft] wide. The sides of the cube have offices, andthe rooftop of the Grand Arche is open to visitors.The arc has a very modern design that draws theeye and its nighttime fountains are amazing. It’sdefinetly one thing that draws me in about LaDefense, that made me pick this location.
  4. 4. D ay 3 Louvre museum- It was originally a royal palace. The Louvre became a public museum in the 18th century. It is located at the heart of Paris. There are about 3,500 objects on display. The most recent addition to the Louvre is the glass pyramid, that functions as the museums main entrance. The pyramid was built in 1989. I picked this famous location, because it has many paintings, antiques, and sculptures that came from many different cultures such as the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and more. Making this museum even all the more interesting. Arc de TriomhpeThe arc was built in 1806 for Napolean’s victories. The arc is located in the middle of Place Charles de Gaulle, a large circular area. At the top of the arc, there’s an observation deck. From there people can see la defense, the Champs- Elysees, and the Sacre- Coeur. Notre Dame CathedralThe site of Notre Dame has always been the religious centerof the city. Bishop Maurice constructed the building in 1163, and took until 1345, for the cathedral to be completed. During the revolution, a lot of the cathedral’s sculptures, gargoyles, and interior was taken out or destroyed. In the 19th century the Notre Dame began to be restored, and took 20 years. The Notre Dame Cathedral is such an important site to see, as well as being a religious place to visit. Which is why I find it important that it was restored, and also why I want to visit it.
  5. 5. Normandy, France - Day 4 Paris to N o rm an d y 1 - 2 h o u rs train rid e . N o rm an d y Am e ric an C e m e te ry an d Me m o rial - D-Day beaches. This memorial honors American soldiers who died inEurope during WWǀǀ. It is located on Colleville-sur-Mer on a cliff that overlooks the Omaha Beach, that was one of the main landing beaches of the Normandy invasion. This is a significantplace for me to visit because it represents American History, and it gives the full meaning of this location both past and present. Mo n t S ain t- Mic h ae l - One of the most iconic images of France.The village is built on a rocky hill top. It s considered to be one ofthe western wonders of the world. It is also part of France’s mostvisited attractions. It seems so interesting, and it reminds me of a magical castle, which is why I picked to visit this location. Art an d arc h ite c tu re in Ro u e n - It is known to be a great place for Norman adventures. It has a beautiful gothic cathedralthat is known to be a favorite to Monet, who did several paintingsof the cathedral. The Norman city has been greatly restored, that has kept it medieval architecture. It’s almost like a museum ofNormandy style housing. Not only that, but in this Normandy city, is the very spot where Joan of Arc was tried for heresy, and was
  6. 6. Day 5 Jard in d u Lu xe m b u rg - After all the touring in Paris, nothing was better than to relax at the Luxemburg park. The park is 55 acres, and was originally owned by the Duke of Luxemburg. At the center of the park lies the Grand Bassin pond. Where children can rent small boats to float in the pond, as well as pony rides. There are two fountains here at Jardin du Luxemburg. The most famous one is Fontaine de Medicis. It’s a romantic fountain that was designed in 1624. Around 1615-1627 the Palace of Luxemburg was constructed. Although in 1794, during the French Revolution, the palace was used as a prison. It is still in use today to house the French Senate. Jardin du Luxemburg ➚ Opera de Paris Garnier- Since the time of it’s opening in 1989, the Opera de Garnier is now mainly used for ballet performances.Opera de Paris Garnier ➘ The theatre is one of the largest in the world. It is just as impressive on the inside as well as the outside. The marble Grand staircase has a height of 98 ft. It is simply a marvelous place to stop for even just a visit; if you don’t want to watch a performance. Le Fouquet’s Cafe- It is a place that is surrounded by history of famous guests who have sat in those same seats. It is thee place to be seen at, while you have an espresso, and can have the view of people strolling by on the Champs Elysees.
  7. 7. D ay 6 - Last day in t Cit of Light he y s MontMartre- The height of MontMarte reaches up to 130 meters [427 ft]. It’s a historic area thatcaptured my attention to go to, because It also has arailroad that takes you in the air that crosses the hill. There is also the Montmartre cemetery with graves of the greatest artists. By this area is also Maulin Rouge to get dinner and see a show. Place de la Concorde- In 1763 a large statue of King Louis XV was put at the site to celebrate the recovery of the King after having dealt with a bad illness. The square around the statue was later built in 1772. The statue was later replaced with Guillotine the large statue, that was called Liberte meaning Freedom. 1,119 people were beheaded here like King Louis XV, Marie Antoinette, andothers. After the Revolution the name of the square There isn’t place I can go to, and not stop for some was given several different names now, until it was given its current name “Place de la Concorde”. I shopping ! Which is why I also chose to go to Faubourg chose to Saint-Honore District, that is the pulse of Paris design and visit this location because it has an interesting fashion. It’s a block filled with shops and classic designers. history behind it, because the fact of all that happened here during the Revolution. It can’t get any better than that !