Cancun Vacation


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Cancun Vacation

  1. 2. <ul><li>We will arrive there in the evening and be taken there by motor coach to our hotel. </li></ul><ul><li>We will arrive at the ME by Melía Resort, check in, and relax. </li></ul>
  2. 3. We will end by eating an authentic Mexican dinner at the Beach House Restaurant inside the ME hotel.
  3. 4. Today we will all take the Chichen Itza Day trip. We will explore the Mayan ruins, and wonder through the breath taken sights. Maybe even climb to the top the Mayan ruin. Lunch is included and we’ll be back by 8pm.
  4. 5. Tonight for dinner, we might just order room service or pizza. The day trip will more then likely wipe us out and a light dinner seems the most appealing.
  5. 6. Day 3 is going to be the highlight for the teen on the trip. They will get to go on the Cancun Extreme Zip line Canopy Tour. This 5 hour tour is fun. Covering over 2 miles of zip line through the jungle this will be something to remember..
  6. 7. After getting back to the hotel by 2. Everyone can enjoy a nice late lunch at Taqueria Cancun. The best place ever to get tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. The rest of the day can be spent at the resort’s beach, pool, or spa.
  7. 8. Today is the day to sleep-in. This is what vacation is all about. Just get up to eat lunch. Lunch today is going to be at the Paradise Riviera Cancun Resturant.
  8. 9. After a delicious lunch go to the one and only, Underwater Museum. This is something you can only see in Cancun. You’ll get to snorkel and see all the artifacts. You can miss this
  9. 10. Tonight is a great day for the Lobster Dinner Cruise. Cruise along the Nichupte Lagoon while enjoying a steak and/or lobster dinner . This will be the highlight dinner of the trip!
  10. 11. It time to soak up the sun and enjoy the beach. This is what Cancun is all about. Maybe even soak your feet in the Me pool.
  11. 12. After working on that tan and swimming in the pool. Enjoy the rest of the day shopping. Get that sombrero you really want, and even get one for your boss back home.
  12. 13. Enjoy the day at the Cancun Art Gallery. Located where the Cancun shops are you can see the persevered Mayan Art that still exists today.
  13. 14. Tonight is out last dinner in Cancun. Tonight’s dinner will be at Habaneros. According to it’s the best place to eat in Cancun. Then head back to the hotel and to pack for out flight back home tomorrow.
  14. 15. This is the saddest part of every trip going back home. After a great week in Cancun. Head back to the airport on motor coach. Take the 2:3opm flight back home.