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Black plague Overview


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Student project which does a good overview and also Includes death of famous people from the Plague.

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Black plague Overview

  1. 1. BLACK PLAGUE“I had assumed that I would age with all my friends growingold around me, dying off very gradually one by one. Andhere was a plague that cut them off so early.”-Thom Gunn
  2. 2. How It Began• It started in the early 1330’s in China. The plague mainly affected rodents and fleas, but since China did trades with Asia and Europe, these countries soon were affected.• In October 1347, Italian merchant ships returned from the Black Sea to Europe. Many on board were already dying from the plague.• The fleas began to affect Europe’s people, which allowed it to spread rapidly among the people.• The disease spread within days.
  3. 3. Symptoms• Swollen lymph nodes (armpit or groin)• Accrual gangrene• Chills• High Fever• Muscle cramps• Seizures• Skin color changes to a pink hue in extreme cases• Bleeding out the cochlea• Blood vomiting or coughing• Black dots scattered on body• Skin lesions
  4. 4. Precautions People Took• Cleaned villas• Killed rats and burned all corpses• Buying herbs from wise women• Blocking people who had disease• Wouldn’t let ships enter land
  5. 5. Death Rates 25 million people died in under 5 years, 1347-1352. Est. Population of Europe Population 75 70 59 48 50 381000 1100 1200 1300 1347 1352
  6. 6. Famous People Killed• Alfonso XI of Castile• Peter IV of Aragon’s wife, daughter, and niece• Byzantine Emperor’s son• Louis X le Hutin’s daughter• John II of France’s fiancé
  7. 7. End of the Plague?There was no cure for the Black Plague, but the disease did die down. Some people developed an immunity, while others were justlucky. Evolution took it’s course on the Black Plague.