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Patchwork Productions case study


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A powerpoint investigating the indie company of Patchwork Productions and their film Life Is Just

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Patchwork Productions case study

  1. 1. FILMS MADEWMDLife Just IsVerity’s SummerDog City
  2. 2. LIFE JUST IS -A PATCHWORK FILMPete, Tom, Claire and Jay are universitygraduates having trouble making the moveinto adult life. Beneath the hanging out andthe daily routines simmers Pete’s desire tofind a spiritual answer to life’s meaning,Jay’s desperate need not to get hurt again,and Tom and Claire’s ever increasing mutualattraction. A thoughtful character drama, LifeJust Is, is a film about love, death, and,most importantly of all, life itself.The debut feature from writer/director AlexBarrett, Life Just Is offers a freshexamination of young adult life
  3. 3. PRODUCTION - FUNDING• FUNDED BY - individual donations,• Product placement• Crowd funding –• the collective effort of individuals whonetwork and pool their money, usuallyonline, to support efforts initiated by otherpeople or organizations• Film funding companies- iFeatures , acompany looking for England’s mostimaginative and compelling stories from itsbrightest filmmakers. Creative England ledalongside partners such as the BFI FilmFund, BBC Films, and the Skillset Film SkillsFund.
  4. 4. DISTRIBUTION• Picked up by Independent Distribution• They networked to find this placement , going toconferences such as Power to the Pixel• Joined organizations such as Film Specific whohelp indie producers and production companiesdistribute their product.
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY• Deliberately worked in trying to create trans-media things, web-series or comic stripaccompanying main film to create backstory andenrich the plot• They discussed the idea that although thissynergy and technological convergence canbe expensive it can also be a moneyspinner, if it successful. It was a lot of money togamble however so they felt that this could bebetter dispensed on other areas of production.• They didn’t want to just go across platform forthe sake of doing so
  6. 6. • Although they had good qualitycameras, these were hired and anyfurther quality was limited by the budgetthat they had to spendPatchwork’shired camerasTime Warner’sexpensive selfowned cameras
  7. 7. AUDIENCES• Thinking aboutaudienceresponse• They realisedwho they mightbe• Original notarget audience• Rewritten to bemore targeted