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Visual resume


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Visual Resume

Published in: Education
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Visual resume

  1. 1. Myron Smith The Man That Is Me
  2. 2. Hello !!My name is MyronAnthony Smith. Thisis a story about mylife and the thingsthat make me TheMan. The Man that isme.
  3. 3. I am from the Planet called Earth. Take Me To Your Leader!
  4. 4. ★ I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.
  5. 5. Things that make me an interesting person
  6. 6. Strengths Adaptive Natural LeaderPatience
  7. 7. I want to become a Legend and put a stamp on life.
  8. 8. Music In a nut shellIn a nut shell Music
  9. 9. Areas I’d Like to Explore Restaurant ownerActor/Producer
  10. 10. I feel Full Sail has opened my eyes topossibilities. Ihave found a new faith in being professional and educated.
  11. 11. Where I’m going I don’t need roads!!
  12. 12. My Success is important to me and others.
  13. 13. I believe time is the best teacher. Experience is my tool.
  14. 14. I refuse to give up.I’ll take things head on.
  15. 15. Reference: References:Picture of Globe of Birmingham of man fishing of music sheet of football of strengths of stamp of Walnut of Acting/Actor of a Restaurant of Sail Boat of back to the future of Old Clock,-trinity-college,-cambridge-image1986407All other pictures are pictures of my family and me.
  16. 16. SummaryHello class,When I started this project I wanted to allow myself to be openminded. I wanted to write about myself without being boring. Thefirst thing I did to help this presentation become the vision I hadplanned was to find pictures that could tell a story even withoutusing words. To make the presentation humorous I choose picturesof family and myself that were laughable. The picture I am trying topaint to my audience is that I am a unique individual who wants tobe a success and through all the adversity I will accomplish mygoals. It is about my future and my character. This is how I seemyself. There are many areas of improvement that I need and Iwould like to face them in a positive manner. I showed a picture ofmy girls. This picture represents my future and my responsibilitiesand thus explains my drive for success.