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Ed techworst


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Ed techworst

  1. 1. Rent a Pet Ed Tech
  2. 2. Rent a Pet• Original Idea: Rent a Pet
  3. 3. Value Proposition• We match prospective pet owners with the right size, breed or mix.• We provide an opportunity to determine the persons or familys commitment to pet ownership.• We help reduce or eliminate unwanted pets from abandonment or abuse.• We help pounds and rescue services match their pets up for adoption to the right people based on practical reasons, not emotional ones.• We encourage proper human behavior and responsibility towards their pet.
  4. 4. Rent a Pet• Many people and families adopt a dog or cat because the kids ask for one, or they want companionship, or for many other reasons. Choices are usually based on current trends or fashions (e.g. - Beverly Hills Chihuahua), or the cute factor, without true consideration of environment or commitment. A rental service could provide a means for trying out a breed or size before a long-term commitment is made. Too often dogs and cats are discarded because the fit or temperament (family or breed) was not right.
  5. 5. Rent a Pet• "Try-before-you-buy a pet" (well focus on dogs and cats) can help people and families decide if the type of breed or size would be the best choice for them. Puppies and kittens would be excluded from the rental process, although folks could decide that theyd like to go forward with a puppy or kitten if the adult version met their expectations and requirements. The rental service would also help locate either purebred animals, or preferably, pets up for adoption that met the breed and size criteria. Pets would be spayed or neutered.
  6. 6. Rent a Pet• The rental agreement would be for a specific period and would be accompanied with a 1 or 2-hour training session per week. Rental pets would have had previous training so that the renter would not be starting from scratch. The training would help people with their commands, behavior, exercise, feeding, and expectations. Counseling would accompany the rental to be sure the home environment would match the dog or cats breeding, for instance, a working dog would be unsuitable in an apartment, or a Persian cat wouldnt work if a family member had allergies.