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Michael A


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Published in: Design, Business
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Michael A

  1. 1. Michael Alvarez
  2. 5. Bubble chairs were the coolest! LOVE_PEACE_AND_CHICKEN GREASE
  3. 6. Pink Floyd was way out  I remember The Beatles performing on the Ed Sullivan show. They always put on a great show. The Beatles were bitchin’
  4. 7. The Beach Boys made my summer days a lot funner! Bands like Surfaris influenced me to think I was a pro surfer  I was really a Hodad.
  5. 8. Jimmy Hendix I used to get so loaded!
  6. 9. Jukeboxes were so cool. You just press a button and your favorite hits are playing. A-Track was very convenient
  7. 11. Fashion Trends of the 60’s.
  8. 17. Marilyn Monroe was a FOX!!!
  9. 18. These cars were cherries. This car was all show no go.
  10. 19. I remember my first time at a passion pit. I was swappin’ spit with this fine little fox.
  11. 20.