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This is a pathfinder aimed towards 10-11 year-olds created for a course in library resources and services for children.

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  • i like the simplicity and yet informative pathfinder, i feel it was very appropriate for the target group 10-11 olds. job well done!!
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Sample pathfinder

  1. 1. WEST VIRGINIA HISTORYThis pathfinder will be useful in finding SEARCH AIDSmaterials, both nonfiction and fiction, Search Termsrelated to West Virginia’s history. (Use for computer searches) • West Virginia • West Virginia AND history REFERENCE BOOKS: Subject Headings (Use in library catalogs)• Encyclopedia of West Virginia (1999) - • West Virginia This encyclopedia offers information on • West Virginia History all things West Virginia: geography, his- tory, culture, etc… Call Numbers • 975.4 (Dewey Decimal) Call Number: WVR 975.4 ENC • F236-F250 (Library of Congress)• West Virginia Biographical Dictionary Databases (1999) - This dictionary provides entries (Contact library for login info) about important people throughout • CultureGrams West Virginia history. • eLibrary Science Call Number: WVR 920 WES • Grolier Multimedia Online• The West Virginia Encyclopedia (2006) - Library Catalogs This encyclopedia gives information • MARLO -Marion County Public Library about West Virginia’s culture and history. • World Cat –Global catalog Call Number: WVR 975.4 WES
  2. 2. WEST VIRGINIA HISTORYNONFICTION BOOKS:• West Virginia: The Mountain State, by Encyclopaedia Britannica (2008) - This book gives an overview of everything that makes West Virginia unique, includ- ing its history. eBook• West Virginia, by Jim Ollhoff (2010) - This book offers a variety of information about West Virginia. It includes a chapter about West Virginia history and a timeline of important West Virginia events. Call Number: J 975.4 OLL• Historic Photos of West Virginia, by Gerald Swick (2010) - This book presents pho- tographs that document West Virginia history. It covers the time range of 1859— 1979. Call Number: WV 917.54 SWI• King Coal: A Pictorial Heritage of West Virginia Coal Mining, by Stan Cohen (1984) - Coal mining is a large part of West Virginia culture and plays an important role in the state’s history. This book contains pictures from various time peri- ods in West Virginia coal mining. Call Number: WV 338.2 COH
  3. 3. WEST VIRGINIA HISTORYFICTION BOOKS:• Betsy Zane: The Rose of Fort Henry, by Lynda Durrant (2000) - This book is a fictionalized account of Betsy Zane’s life. Betsy Zane helped preserve Fort Henry (in then Virginia) and ensure American victory during the Revolutionary War; she remains an important figure in West Virginia history. Call Number: JF DUR• The Miner’s Daughter, by Gretchen Moran Laskas (2007) - This book tells the story of Willa, a sixteen-year-old girl living in Depression-era West Virginia. It provides a vivid description of the New Deal community, Arthurdale. Call Number: WV LAS• When the Whistle Blows, by Fran Cannon Slayton (2009) - This book introduces us to Jimmy Cannon, the son of a railroad worker in Rowlesburg, West Virginia. We follow Jimmy through seven Halloweens (1943—1949) and learn the truth about his father. This book also gives an excellent depiction of railways’ role in West Virginia history. Call Number: YA SLA
  4. 4. WEST VIRGINIA HISTORYFILMS:• West Virginia: A Film History (2009) - This documentary covers West Virginia’s history from pre-colonial times to the Buffalo Creek flood of 1985. Call Number: EDVD 975.4 WES• Hatfields & McCoys: An American Feud (1996) - This special examines the infamous feud between the West Virginian Hatfield family and the Kentucky McCoy family. Call Number: EDVD 975.44804 HAT• West Virginians Remember WWII (2008) - This film presents real-life accounts of West Virginia veterans and archival footage of WWII. Call Number EDVD 940.53 WESONLINE RESOURCES:• West Virginia History OnView - This website is an online collection of historic West Virginia photographs.• West Virginia History Online Digital Collections - This online collection contains historical documents dating back to 1930.
  5. 5. WEST VIRGINIA HISTORYORGANIZATIONS & SPECIAL COLLECTIONS:• West Virginia Division of Culture & History - West Virginia’s state agency dedicated to maintaining information about the state’s culture and history. The Division’s Culture Center provides programs and exhibits year-round. WV Division of Culture and History The Culture Center Capitol Complex 900 Kanawha Boulevard East Charleston WV 25305-0300• West Virginia and Regional History Collection - This collection at West Virginia University provides a variety of historical items from music to public records. West Virginia and Regional History Collection P.O. Box 6069 1549 University Ave. West Virginia University Morgantown, WV 26506-6069