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  • Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee donates Dr. King’s flag to area Houston schoolsThe Milwaukee Bucks players donate 217 MLK flags to the Milwaukee Public School District, King Day 2009
  • 2009 Major League Baseball’s Civil Rights Game youth parade.Young ROTC Cadet from Picayune, Mississippi
  • 2009 Major League Baseball Civil Rights Game annual MarchPicayune Mississippi Jr. ROTC, 2010 King Day Parade
  • Fannie Lou Hamer luncheon, hosted by the National Conference of Black Mayors. Key note speakers Benjamin Jealous, Dr. Dorothy Height, Reverend Billy Kyles, Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse JacksonDwayne Ross speaks at the Fannie Lou Hamer luncheon.
  • Dwayne, Maria, Sydney, and Jonathan Ross
  • The King Center, Atlanta, GALorraine Motel (National Civil Rights Museum)
  • At SGT Craig Davis’ memorial service Charles Ross presents his mother with Dr. King’s flag thanking her son for giving his life for service to our Country.2010 Cinco De Mayo “Black and Brown” unity festival in Watts, CAThe Founders are dedicated to educating a new generation about Dr. King’s timeless values of courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility, and service. RFD was launched from a simple desire to have a visual symbol to display on our homes and in our schools that honors Dr. King.This educational flag fills a void, before this licensed flag their was no commonly recognizable visual tool that could be displayed on our homes or in our schools honoring Dr. King’ for his birthday or Black History Month. Americans have commonly recognizable visual tools for all major holidays, yet before now there has been no commonly recognizable visual tool available for King Day or Black History Month.
  • Cayolyn Johnson, Editor, DiversityINC. Magazine poses with Dr. King’s flag
  • Birmingham Civil Rights Museum Gift Store
  • Donzaleigh Abernathy (Reverend Abernathy’s youngest daughter) unveiling Dr. King’s flag.
  • Rfd schools powepoint

    1. 1. King Day 2011 UnveilingMartin Luther King, Jr.Educational Banners To Schools Across America!
    2. 2. Unveiling Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Banners To Schools Across America! RFD is committed to educating a new generation about Dr. King’s legacy. We encouragechildren to commit to live their life reflecting Dr. King’s timeless values of courage, truth, justice,compassion, dignity, humility and service. RFD is a small company and can not afford to continue to donate flags throughout the country,we need to find sponsors, who share our commitment to keeping Dr. King’s dream alive. These sponsors will donate Dr. King’s flags to school districts throughout our country.
    3. 3. Why is it important to have Dr. King’s flag in our schools?Dr. King’s flag is avisual aid. Research inboth educational theoryand cognitivepsychology tell us thatvisual learning is amongthe very best methodsfor teaching students ofall ages how to thinkand learn.Displaying Dr. King’sflag in our schoolsallows our children tohonor his memory andpromote his legacy.This visual aid will openup dialogue and raiseawareness about Dr.
    4. 4. Sponsorship RFD needs sponsors to donate Dr. King’s flag to school districts across America!Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee donates The Milwaukee Bucks players donate 217 MLKDr. King’s flag to area Houston schools. flags to the Milwaukee Public School District King Day 2009
    5. 5. Why Partner With Ross Flags? Dr. King’s flag provides a commonly recognizablevisual tool that can be used to educate a newgeneration about Dr. King. By displaying Dr.King’s educational flag at our schools our childrenbeing to visually recognize Dr. King, we raiseawareness about his legacy and stimulate dialogue.Conversation and visual recognition is imperative inkeeping Dr. King’s dream alive in a new generation. January 17, 2011, marks the 25th Anniversary ofthe signing of the National Holiday honoring Dr.King. Young ROTC Cadet from Picayune, MS 2009 Major League Baseball’s Civil Rights Game Youth Parade
    6. 6. Benefits of Partnership Bring awareness to the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the King Holiday. Our school districts budgets are tight, so it purchasing is limited. School districtswant Dr. King’s educational banner, but they can not afford to purchase them for eachschool. Encourage a new generation to commit to acts of service in their communities. Enhance awareness and education about Dr. King’s life and legacy throughout ournation. We will emphasize in our schools Dr. King’s teachings and his commitment tonon-violent social justice.Dr. King’s flag is a visual aid. Research in both educational theory and cognitivepsychology tells us that visual learning is among the very best methods for teachingstudents of all ages how to think and how to learn. Displaying Dr. King’s flag in ourschools allows our children to honor his memory and promote his legacy. This visualaid will open up dialogue and raise awareness. Proceeds from the sale of each flag benefit the mission of The King Center (this is alicensed product).
    7. 7. Ross Flags and Design Mission Statement King, Jr. was designed to Our educational banner/flag honoring Dr. Martin Lutherpromote awareness in the form of a visual aid for the world’s eyes to see. Our hope isby displaying our educational flag it will help raise awareness, open up dialogue, andpromote the legacy and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We see the flag as avisual aid or tool in promoting peace during marches, parades, and civil rights rallies.We hope every home, school, and business will proudly display this flag during theholiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and during Black History Month.Fannie Lou Hamer luncheon hosted by the National Conference ofBlack MayorsPictured: Benjamin Jealous, Dr. Dorothy Height, Reverend Billy Kyles, Dwayne RossReverend Al Sharpton, and Reverend Jesse Jackson
    8. 8. “The Day Hate Came Knocking” On Juneteenth 2000, Dwayne and Maria Ross awoke to a seven foot crossburning a couple of feet from their son’s bedroom window. After being victims of a Hate Crime their lives would never be the same. Two days after finding the burning cross, the NAACP, NUL, ADL, and multi-faith ministers held a prayer vigil, reinforcing Dr. King’s teachings in theirhearts. Instead of being bitter, they decided that a life seeded in hatred is a lifewasted. They decided to work towards being licensed to create the firstCommemorative flag paying tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The flag was designed to inspire a new generationto commit their lives to service in their communityand to educate them about Dr. King’s timeless valuesof courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity,humility, and service. Dwayne, Maria, Sydney, and Jonathon
    9. 9. Exclusively at Ross Flags  Ross Flags is the only company licensed for the creation of the first ever Commemorative Martin Luther King, Jr. flag.  This is the only flag that has ever flown daily at The King Center in Atlanta.  Dr. King’s flag is displayed at the Lorraine Motel.The King Center Atlanta, GA Lorraine Motel (National Civil Rights Museum)
    10. 10. Facts About Ross Flags In 2008, Ross Flags and Design was licensed by IPM (the exclusive licensor of The KingEstate) to create the first flag honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ross Flags is the onlycompany to hold a licensing agreement utilizing Dr. King’s image on a flag or banner andis a certified minority business. Dr. King’s flag is the first ever licensed CommemorativeFlag and our flag has flown daily at The King Center since May 2008. Dr. King’s flag has been displayed throughout our country at museums and eventshonoring Dr. King (Lorraine Motel, Great Blacks in Wax Museum, DuSable, AfricanAmerican Museum’s in Dallas and Philadelphia, Rosa Parks Museum, Florida A&M, Howardand Morehouse, etc). Why a flag? The flag represents a visual symbol that exemplifies pride, shows respect,and stimulates dialogue. This flag and its symbolism is our offering to the extension ofthe legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his beliefs and teachings. The flag’s slogan,“Yesterday’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality” offers a glimpse into how far Dr. King’s dreamhas come. It reminds all of us, to teach in our schools, homes, and churches theimportance of what Dr. King stood for. Ross Flags and Design is licensed by the Cesar E.Chavez Foundation to create the first flag honoringCesar E. Chavez. 2010 Cinco de Mayo “Black & Brown” Unity Festival in Watts, CA
    11. 11. Featured in print and online Jet Magazine Black Enterprise Essence.com NAACP.com Diverse in Education Diversity Magazine NBA.com MLB.com Carolyn Johnson, Editor, DiversityInc. Magazine poses with Dr. King’s Flag
    12. 12. Our Partners and Dealers The King Center The Lorraine Motel (National Civil Rights Museum DuSable Museum Omega Psi Phi African American Museum of Dallas andPhiladelphia Great Blacks in Wax Museum Birmingham Civil Rights Institution Rosa Parks Museum Dexter Parsonage Howard University Morehouse College Florida A&M The Museum of Tolerance National Underground Freedom Center Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site Reginald Lewis Museum Charles H. Wright Museum Alexandria Black History Museum Gettysburg Flags Birmingham Civil Rights Museum Gift Store Diversity Store Online Stores
    13. 13. The New Definition of Greatness Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.“If you want to be important – wonderful.If you want to be recognized – wonderful.If you want to be great--wonderful. Butrecognize that he who is greatest amongyou shall be your servant. (Amen) Thats a “Life’s most persistent and urgentnew definition of greatness. question is: What are you doing for others?”And this morning, the thing that I likeabout it: by giving that definition ofgreatness, it means that everybody can begreat, (Everybody) because everybodycan serve. (Amen) You dont have to havea college degree to serve. (All right) Youdont have to make your subject and yourverb agree to serve. You dont have toknow about Plato and Aristotle to serve.You dont have to know Einsteins theoryof relativity to serve. You dont have toknow the second theory ofthermodynamics in physics to serve. Donzaleigh Abernathy unveiling Dr. King’s(Amen) You only need a heart full of grace,
    14. 14. Thank You, from the Ross Family! Family patriarch Charles RossDwayne, Maria, Sydney, and JonathonRoss Kevin, Lori, Kevin Jr., and Kai Ross