Light & Hope Manpower Corporate Profile


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Light & Hope Manpower Corporate Profile

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Light & Hope Manpower Corporate Profile

  1. 1. 1871345914400 <br />CORPORATE PROFILE<br />LIGHT & HOPE OVERSEAS PLACEMENT AGENCY is a top manpower and recruitment agency in the Philippines, duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). It is engaged in the placement of highly qualified and trained skilled and unskilled workers overseas.<br />LIGHT & HOPE has deployed since 2003, more than 8,000 workers all<br />over the world. These workers and their employers will attest to our dependability, honesty and commitment.<br />LIGHT & HOPE’s business is to connect companies with top employee prospects in a wide range of markets sectors and geographic locations. We actively search for the best candidates, and take attitude, personality, aptitude and flexibility to learn and adopt into special consideration. By knowing our markets, we are able to handle all the changes, trends and challenges that come before us.<br />LIGHT & HOPE takes pride in the fact that we maintain a professional work team made up of competent professionals who are always willing to give the best services that they can provide. Consistency, quality and reliability characterize our operations.<br />Our corporate values consist of the following:<br />PROFESSIONALISM<br />The LIGHT & HOPE staff performs their duties with a high degree of integrity and professionalism. They are aware that this is the trait that wins the confidence of our applicants and clients.<br />ACHIEVEMENT<br />We are committed to attain the highest possible goals and recognize that success is the outcome of hard work and dedication. LIGHT & HOPE faces all challenges with a positive attitude, constantly striving to improve and celebrate our success<br />COMMITMENT<br />From the first meeting with a potential employee or client to the successful deployment, our LIGHT & HOPE staff is committed to provide our applicants and clients the highest level of service and dedication.<br />EXCELLENCE<br />The emphasis is always attention to detail and we believe that the strongest foundation of our successful business is to deliver our services with quality and integrity. LIGHT & HOPE is determined to offer the highest level of service, delighting our customers and surpassing expectations.<br />INNOVATION<br />LIGHT & HOPE is not complacent and continually looks to identify and implement solutions which can shape, improve our business processes and services. Our staff is empowered to use their imagination and to innovate while handling assignments.<br />TEAMWORK<br />Success comes from people who care about each other, our customers and our company. We support listening, talking openly and sharing our knowledge freely. Finding the best solution by embracing our strengths and differences bring out the best in LIGHT & HOPE talents.<br />KNOWLEDGE<br />We have established a wide network for sourcing registered and experienced skilled professionals. LIGHT & HOPE has established regional coordinating allies across the Philippines for sourcing out the most qualified workers available at the soonest possible time.<br />RELIABILITY<br />The Philippine workforce is professionally prepared, proficient in the English language and is qualified to work overseas. Most of our candidates have prior experience working overseas, a valuable asset to consider. Our LIGHT & HOPE staff can deliver quick shortlists of talented and motivated candidates for your approval.<br />SUPPORT<br />LIGHT & HOPE offers fast, reliable, professional results to our clients together with dedication and guidance to our applicants. Our applicants are our greatest resource and are treated with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Listed on our website are our esteemed partners in the manning industry which we have aligned with. These companies help us and our candidates fulfill their requirements.<br />OBLIGATIONS<br />We abide by all the rules and regulations as stipulated by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and LIGHT & HOPE will not violate our obligations or principles with objectionable business practices. Since 2003, we have not had any violation.<br />2075815392430<br />CORPORATE VISION<br />Our vision is to provide world-renowned international manpower services that follow the highest quality and efficiency standards to exceed client requirements.<br />CORPORATE MISSION<br /><ul><li>LIGHT & HOPE aims to be a benchmark model in the application of quality management in the manpower industry.
  2. 2. LIGHT & HOPE also aims to satisfy our customers’ needs and surpass their expectations and to fulfill the requirements of shareholders, business partners, employees and suppliers following ethical business practices.
  3. 3. LIGHT & HOPE philosophical outlook is to support the empowerment of overseas workers through educational awareness and direct involvement.
  4. 4. LIGHT & HOPE is committed to our overseas workers welfare. That they are provided decent wages, quality living conditions in a safe environment and that we carefully choose our clients that adhere to these principals.</li></ul> RECRUITMENT & MANPOWER SERVICES<br />LIGHT & HOPE offers effective methods for searching, recruiting and interviewing. The candidates have to undergo a very thorough review process before they are referred to our clients for final screening and acceptance. We value constant communication with our client through email, Skype, and telephone.<br />LIGHT & HOPE offers permanent placements where candidates are directly recruited by our clients. We ensure that the best talent is sent and that all travel and foreign government procedures and pre-deployment arrangements are met.<br />LIGHT & HOPE understands that each client is unique and has special needs. Because of our flexibility, we can come up with a workable arrangement satisfactory to each individual need and requirement.<br />LIGHT & HOPE maintains a large data bank of qualified applicants who are ready for deployment in various categories. We interact with social networking and have agents on the ground to assist our search. Job Fairs and PESO office interviews, we schedule on a regular basis.<br />222821593980<br /> LIGHT & HOPE RECRUITMENT PROCESS<br />The LIGHT & HOPE method of recruiting the right candidates for<br />prospective clients is a tried and tested method and has resulted in the deployment of over 8,000 Filipino workers overseas since 2003. The method is aimed at understanding the needs of clients and coming up with the most efficient and effective way of recruiting the right people for the job.<br />INITIAL MEETING<br />The initial meeting with you is highly consultative and gives LIGHT & HOPE the opportunity to learn more about your needs and your company. We are keen to identify your organization’s challenges, goals and culture. We provide realistic advice based on our understanding of your business and the applicable sector.<br />We cover at length how the new employee will contribute to your success, what skills, experiences and cultural fit are essential and the level of compensation that would be appropriate, considering market conditions.<br />After this meeting, we prepare a proposal that illustrates our understanding of your company, outlines our role and describes the ideal candidate in detail. We will outline and recommend a resource strategy with timetables and costs.<br />CONSTRUCTING AN EFFECTIVE SEARCH STRATEGY<br />LIGHT & HOPE develops a comprehensive assignment brief combining what we have learned from you and based on our experience and knowledge. The result is a strategy that answers two very critical questions:<br />Where can the best candidates are found at this moment?<br />How do we best present your company’s opportunity, so that it attracts interest?<br />We can, where appropriate, advertise your vacancy and provide great advertising copy that will appeal to the target audience. We have the expertise on the available media and the ability to negotiate significant discounts. The copy is subject to your approval and the advertisements can incorporate your corporate logo or can be written in a confidential style when discretion is required.<br />IDENTIFICATION AND EVALUATION<br />LIGHT & HOPE adopts a very thorough “research” approach to finding the best candidates. We use our industry contacts and also identify local companies where target candidates work. We then approach these individuals to introduce the position and understand their aspirations. If the position has been advertised, we will manage and review the response, contacting the relevant individuals who meet the requirements. The result is a shortlist of the strongest candidates in the marketplace. It is important to personally meet/interview each individual.<br />We describe and build genuine interest in your opportunity, while closely assessing each candidate’s history and suitability and what sort of impact the candidate’s employment will have in your organization.<br />INTERVIEWING CANDIDATES<br />In close collaboration with your team, LIGHT & HOPE will come up with the best possible interview process to meet your schedule. After the interviews, we debrief you and the candidates and broker communication and offers between both parties.<br />REFERENCE CHECKS & CREDENTIALS<br />LIGHT & HOPE conducts rigorous reference and qualification checks as we strongly believe that the more you know about the candidates, the better you will understand each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. This can accelerate the on-boarding process after a candidate is appointed. We can take a full 360-degree approach to our reference checks, allowing for a balanced perspective on the candidate.<br />CHOOSING THE BEST CANDIDATE<br />The next stage is for you to decide which candidate from the shortlist is best suited to your needs. LIGHT & HOPE will work closely with you to assess the merits of your preferred candidates and help you select the best candidate for your requirements.<br />DEVELOPING THE BEST OFFER<br />The search process can succeed or fail at this critical stage. Our responsibility is to consult on what it will take in today’s market to develop an offer that will close the deal with your selected candidate. LIGHT & HOPE will work with your team to develop an offer that will include base compensation, bonuses, equity, relocation and other factors that are acceptable to both you and your candidate.<br />NEGOTIATING & HANDLING DEPLOYMENT<br />At the closing of the candidate offer, LIGHT & HOPE is the “representative” that presents the offer to the candidate on your company’s behalf. This approach allows both parties to candidly express concerns regarding the offer while preserving their respective positions and not to jeopardize our future relationship. Once start dates are determined, we help the candidate with the deployment process. We provide an orientation on the position that they are undertaking<br />and the location where they will be working. It is vital that the candidate clearly understands the role and future that he is undertaking. Finally, your selected candidate – the best candidate for the job – is ready to begin a new job and start contributing to your business’ success<br />TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN RECRUITMENT<br />Foreign employers/principals who intend to recruit workers from the Philippines are required to be legally represented by a government-licensed manpower recruitment company. Through the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration), an attached agency of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), recruitment of Filipinos for foreign employment are regulated to insure the interests of all parties – the employer and employee – are protected by well recognized rules, regulations and guidelines.<br />It needs to be emphasized that Philippine manpower recruitment companies are highly regulated by POEA and are tasked take responsibility and insure the welfare of the workers it has recruited and deployed to foreign employers.<br />Terms and Conditions in Recruitment:<br />Documentary Requirements:<br />A foreign employer needs to be registered with the POEA, the government body that regulates all matters concerning overseas recruitment and deployment. In order to achieve this, the foreign employer needs to initially submit the documents mentioned below to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) for verification in the host country. Light and Hope Overseas Placement Agency, Inc. shall perform other documentary formalities and submissions to POEA in behalf of the foreign principal after receipt of verified documentation:<br />Manpower Request / Job Order<br />Recruitment Agreement<br />Master Employment Contract<br />Special Power Of Attorney<br />Copy of Business License<br />Copy of Passport of Signatory<br />Mobilization Requirements/Fees<br />Light and Hope employs various recruitment strategies to gather CVs and pre-select qualified candidates. Expenses related to advertisement, mobilization, etc of personnel to come to interview and/or trade test, when applicable, need to be addressed prior to the visit.<br />Fees / Costs:<br />Per Philippine government requirement; mandatory insurance and air ticket shall be borne by the employer.<br />Fees related to the medical examinations at the country of origin will be shouldered by the applicant. If confirmatory medical examinations are conducted in the host country, the fee shall be borne by the employer.<br />In consideration of our job placement services, we collect from the worker a Placement Fee, an amount equivalent or not more than the worker’s one month salary, as per POEA’s implementing rules and regulations.<br />The manner of charging fees practiced by Philippine manpower recruitment companies are listed below. Foreign employers/principals may choose what it deemed as appropriate depending on the country or company policy of charging fee against workers. Likewise, the manner of payment in which the recruitment company or legal representative is remunerated for services rendered may also determine the acceptance of the candidate of the employment offer.<br />Herewith are different options for the payment of Placement Fee:<br />Option 1: In some cases where company/country policy prohibits recruiters from exacting fees from selected employee, the Employer may shoulder the payment called the Recruitment Fee usually equivalent to One Month Salary or a fixed fee, but this is negotiable.<br />Option 2 : Employee may accept the job offer and requests the employer to settle placement fee (usually the amount of one month salary) in advance which would be subsequently deducted (by way of installment payment) from his/her monthly salary for a period of 4 to 6 months.<br />Option 3: Employee accepts the job offer and shoulders the payment of placement fee.<br />We stress the fact that we evaluate an applicant based on his experience, skills and qualifications and not on his capacity to pay the Placement Fee. In case an applicant is financially incapable of paying the Placement Fee, we bring to the attention of the foreign employer to shoulder the cost of the Placement Fee, for the time-being, subject to salary deduction from the worker so the foreign employer may recover this cost.<br />Pre-Employment:<br />We will recruit and pre-select applicants for your evaluation and final selection. This will be very useful when the foreign employer will come here to interview the pre-selected workers.<br />If the interview is physically impossible, then a telephone interview can also be arranged for this purpose. Testing from a TESDA (Technical Skills & Development Authority, an agency under the Philippine Department of Labor & Employment (DOLE) accredited private testing center may be undertaken. A skills evaluation certificate addresses the skills level of the applicant.<br />An applicant who passed the final selection shall then be issued by the foreign employer an Employment Offer subject to the acceptance of the applicant.<br />After the applicant has accepted the Employment Offer, the applicant shall then be subjected to Medical and Laboratory Examinations, LIGHT and HOPE processes all the documentary formalities with the POEA.<br />At this point, the necessary visa of the applicant shall also be applied by the foreign employer.<br />Employment:<br />The validity of the employment contract is normally 2 years, renewable at the option of both parties.<br />Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Overtime Pay shall be in accordance with the Labor laws of the host country.<br />The employer shall provide Insurance policy to the worker with the coverage of work related risks.<br />Other benefits as provided by the Labor Law, due to the worker, of the host country shall be accorded to the worker.<br />Other Employer–Employee concerns shall be governed by the Master Employment Contract.<br />Post – Employment:<br />After the expiration of the employment contract, the foreign employer shall issue the worker a Certificate of Release, if applicable.<br />Organization and Facilities<br />Front Desk / Reception - Manned by experienced and friendly staffs, this area is designed to provide for a comfortable and systematic reception of job-seeking candidates to fill up the needed forms and documentation preparation. At this point inquiries are answered and job-seekers are given a general briefing on what to expect from their application with us.<br />Recruitment Department – Our team receives the order or manpower requirement of employers and then candidates are sourced, screened, and “served” / delivered to the clients as per their expectation. A lot of activities takes place in our actual execution of recruitment task, such as CV’s evaluation, data verification, pre-screening, “employer profiling” . Our emphasis on the employer’s requirement and expectation and this is the major factor in the success of our recruitment projects in all these years.<br />Electronic Data Processing Section - CV’s encoding, database maintenance, accounting database, report generation to Network Administration and maintenance among other things are handled by our team. Despite of the recent global economic downturn, our management has undertaken significant investment and manpower to further develop our company’s IT capabilities to sustain further the growth and expansion in the months and years ahead.<br />Interview – With private interview rooms , internet access, video recording and Skype capability are made available in support of any given interview activity in Manila. We offer our clients 5 star hotel accommodations, transportation and security to provide a positive experience in the Philippines. Our staff will be extended to all your needs here.<br />Testing Facility - Our affiliate training centre; Executive Trade Testing, provides for the testing facility for various skills in carpentry, welding, painting, among other trades to ensure our employers gets to confirm the skill level of their choice candidates.<br />Documentation Department - Its primary function being the main Archive, all documents from Employers, Job Orders, Visas to deployment records alike are entrusted to this department. The Documentation supervisor acts as the main custodian. Liaoning with Embassies and POEA are coordinated through our Liaison officers under the direct supervision of our Documentation Supervisor<br />LIST OF CLIENTS<br />Murray & Roberts Projects, South Africa<br />Petroland Energy & Construction, Djibouti<br />Dutest Qatar, Qatar<br />Al Qayed Intertends, Qatar<br />Medco Gulf & Trading Co, Kuwait<br />Bikes & More, Kuwait<br />Metal Art Company, Qatar<br />Raffles, Singapore<br />Ittijah Consults, KSA<br />Forecast Employment, Hong Kong<br />Orient Exchange, KSA<br />Jodico PTE LTD, Brunei<br />Dewan Design & Architecture, KSA<br />SAMA Studio, Bahrain<br />Max Garage, UAE<br />Al Ansar Hotels, KSA<br />Waves Telecommunication, KSA<br />Saudi Factory Fire Equipment, KSA<br />Specialized Aluminum & Steel<br />Saudi Factory for Fire Equipment, Bahrain<br />King Faisal Specialist & Research Center, KSA<br />Arabian Millennium Trading, KSA<br />Safety Vision, KSA<br />Pearls Smile, KSA<br />Courageous Peak, KSA<br />Arabian Millennium Trading, Bahrain<br />Bassam International, UAE<br />Nurse Immigration USA, KSA<br />MRS Fashion WLL, KSA<br />EEI Al Rushaid, KSA<br />Lenny Fashion, Bangladesh<br />Frial, UAE<br />Sangemetal, KSA<br />UHY Saxena, KSA<br />National Contracting & Transport, KSA<br />ALICO, Sharjah, KSA<br />Foothills Landscaping, UAE<br />Comfort Inn, UAE<br />ULS Maintenance, Arizona<br />ULS Maintenance, Bahrain<br />Talal Sharif Kahj, KSA<br />AND Trading, Qatar<br />Walid Al Sulaimani, KSA<br />Rotisserie, Singapore<br />ASET, KSA<br />SMEET Precast, Oman<br />All Health Services, USA<br />Corniche Hospital, UAE<br />Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Bahrain<br />Venecia Homecare and Rehabilitation Center, UAE<br />Petro Energy Works & Transport Contracting, Qatar<br />TRAGS, Qatar<br />Hamad Bin Saoud, Qatar<br />Dr. Ghassan Kahlout Dental Clinic, KSA<br />Breadtalk, Singapore<br />Osama Al Thadawi Trading & Contracting, Qatar<br />British Irish Institute, Sudan<br />Petroland, Djibouti, Africa<br />Makkah Development, Qatar<br />Barwar, Qatar<br />Jenan Real Estate Company, KSA<br />Fresh & Crispy, KSA<br />Alhayatu Real Estate, KSA<br />Abdulrahman Elzugheebee, KSA<br />Nehail Al-Aryani, UAE<br />Super Kill Pest Control, KSA<br />Al Othman Group, KSA<br />Oman Gas Company, Oman<br />Samsung, Algeria<br />Bikes & More Kuwait, Kuwait<br />Kaz Project Operating LLP, Kazakhstan<br />Dubba Cleaning Service, Qatar<br />Waleed Uniform, Egypt<br />Al-Rabeta, KSA<br />Priddis Green, Bangladesh<br />Calgary Red Carpet Inn, Canada<br />Arbor Care Tree Services, Angola<br />BMW, Angola<br />Train's Lawn Service, UAE<br />ULS Maintenance, UAE<br />Cheesecake Factory, Canada<br />Calgary Metal, Canada<br />Arbor Care Tree Services, Canada<br />National Car Rental, Canada<br />Priddis Green, Canada<br />All Nicks Collisions, Canada<br />Comfort Inn, Canada<br />Super 8 Motel, Canada<br />Foothills Landscaping, Canada<br />Calgary Metal, Canada<br />Mainstreet, Canada<br />W.Pang Survey, Canada<br />ULS Maintenance, Canada<br />Train's Lawn Service, Canada<br />Contemporary Coachwork, Canada<br />Priddis Green, Canada<br />7 Seas Seafood & Restaurant, Canada<br />Burger King, Canada<br />A Trans Fast Lube, Canada<br />Mainstreet, Canada<br />Forex Cargo, Canada<br />Denny's Restaurant, Canada<br />Train's Lawn Service, Canada<br />Mainstreet, Canada<br />Technics Cable System, Canada<br />Misai Japanese Restaurant, Canada<br />Calgary Court Restaurant, Canada<br />Alberta Wheel Pro, Canada<br />Point and Feather Restaurant, Canada<br />Sparks Egg, Canada<br />Alphine, Canada<br />Contemporary Coachwork, Canada<br />Mr. Schnapps Restaurant, Canada<br />Shine Factory, Canada<br />Technics Cable System, Canada<br />National Car Rental, Canada<br />Ornamental, Canada<br />All Pro Vegetation, Canada<br />Alberta Permit Pro, Canada<br />Contemporary Coachwork, Canada<br />Computer Man College, Canada<br />Technics Cable System, Canada<br />W.Pang Survey, Canada<br />Pasquales Restaurant, Canada<br />Computer Man College, Canada<br />Qatari Engineers, Qatar<br />Doha Healthcare LLC, Qatar<br />Swot Management, UAE<br />London Restaurants, UAE<br />Al-Hamadi Trading, Qatar<br />Alghanim, Kuwait<br />MPH Global, KSA<br />Makkah Development, Qatar<br />Barwar, Qatar<br />Jenan Real Estate Company, KSA<br />Fresh & Crispy, KSA<br />Alhayatu Real Estate, KSA<br />Abdulrahman Elzugheebee, KSA<br />Nehail Al-Aryani, UAE<br />Super Kill Pest Control, KSA<br />Al Othman Group, KSA<br />Oman Gas Company, Oman<br />Samsung, Algeria<br />Bikes & More Kuwait, Kuwait<br />Kaz Project Operating LLP, Kazakhstan<br />Dubba Cleaning Service, Qatar<br />Waleed Uniform, Egypt<br />Al-Rabeta, KSA<br />Priddis Green, Bangladesh<br />Calgary Red Carpet Inn, Canada<br />Arbor Care Tree Services, Angola<br />BMW, Angola<br />Train's Lawn Service, UAE<br />163830052705<br />CONTACT INFORMATION:<br />PEARL OF THE ORIENT TOWER, Unit 105, 1240 Roxas Blvd.<br />Ermita, Manila, PH 1000 (Across from the US Embassy)<br />Telephone: 63-02-559-5904 Cell: 09267553734, 09193754670<br />Website:<br />E-mail:<br />POEA License No. : POEA-047-LB-030408-R<br />