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  1. 1. alfan : good morning my name is Muhammad Alfan. and this is my partner, Dewanto Kurniawan. we are from pro group. we will discuss about job opportunity in jakarta syafii : Ass Wr Wb my name is Muhammad Syafii and this is my partner, Cahya Isra. we are from contra group. Dewanto : there is so many job opportunity in jakarta! Isro : if there is many job opportunity in jakarta. why in jakarta there is many unemployment too? alfan : because they dont have skill, so they do not have job! syafii : i absolutely don't agree about it. because there is many scholar who not have job ! dewanto : it because they are so lazy to find the job isro : i do not agree with you, they are not lazy. its because the job requirements is very complicated alfan : so they must strong, live in
  2. 2. jakarta is hard.. -------------------------------------- hening------------------------------ dewanto : so.. in fact there is so many job opportunity in jakarta. Unemployment Figures Rising in Jakarta Sunday, May 17, 2009 | 14:53 Jakarta-Survey Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Jakarta in Jakarta showed the unemployment rate increased 67 thousand people. In February 2008 recorded unemployment is only 504 thousand people, while in February 2009 to 571 thousand people.The increase was due to the impact of the global financial crisis affecting the decline in purchasing power. Head of Social Statistics BPS DKI Jakarta, Sri St. Budi Muliatinah argues, the increasing number of labor force and unemployment caused by the impact of the global financial crisis affecting the decline in purchasing power. "The fact that encouraged households to increase their family members looking for work," he said as reported by News Increasing number of household members who are looking for work, also resulted in the number of workers increased by 140 thousand persons compared to last year. In February 2008 BPS reported that there were 4.05 million household members working, now 4.19 million. The number of household members who work are still dominated by men about 65 percent. The high increase in population of men who allegedly because of the demands of family work to supplement their income. But, unfortunately, although the number of people working increased, Sri reveals, during the period 2008-2009 by an additional level of open penangguran (TPT) of 0.93 percent from 11.06 percent to 11.99 percent (2009). According to gender, female textile has increased 2.48 percent, from 20.56 percent (2008) to 13.04 percent (2009). While TPT men declined by 0.08 percent, from 11.38 percent (2008) to 11.30 percent (2009).
  3. 3. In absolute terms, he explained, the number of unemployed in Jakarta has increased by 67 thousand people, from 504 thousand in February 2008 to 571 thousand in February 2009. Over the past year the largest increase in unemployment occurred in women that is 59 thousand people and unemployed men experienced a small increase of 8,000 people. "In general, the increase in TPT in DKI Jakarta Province allegedly due to the influence of the global crisis that hit the United States and other developed countries, including Indonesia," he continued.(Wan) source: Unemployed Degree Rise 0.49 Percent Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) announced that the open unemployment among the graduates who have the education (S1) increased 0.49 percent in August 2009 compared to August last year. "The growth rate of people who complete a degree is higher, especially at this time still in a state of crisis," said Connecticut head Rusman Heriawan. According to BPS data, 85.75 percent or about 3.77 million people, educated people who graduate in February 2008 absorbed in employment, while another 14.25 percent become unemployed. In August 2008, the scholar who became unemployed fell to 12.59 percent and the number of graduates who fill jobs increased to 4.15 million people or about 87.31 percent. In February 2009, the Bachelor of unemployed again rose to 12.94 percent. While filling the job as much as 4.22 million people or about 87.06 percent. In August 2009, the number of open unemployment among graduates increased again to 13.08 percent. While approximately 86.93 percent or 4.66 million graduates have filled many jobs.
  4. 4. In addition to scholars, the increase in open unemployment also occurred in high school graduates (high school) which rose by 0.19 percent compared to February 2009. While a graduate diploma (either DI, DII and DIII) that become educated unemployment rose to 2.45 percent compared to February 2009. Meanwhile, the decrease in unemployment would occur in secondary vocational education. Vocational High School graduates who became unemployed in August 2009 reached 14.59 percent, or down compared to the condition in August 2008 which reached 17.26 percent. While the graduate unemployment Elementary School (SD) in August 2009 reached 3.78 percent or decreased compared to August last year which reached 4.57 percent. Similarly for high school graduates (SMP). To open unemployment of junior high school graduates in August 2009 reached 8.37 percent drop when compared to August 2008 reached 9.39 percent. Minister of State (State Minister) Development of Disadvantaged Regions (PDT), Ahmad Helmi Faisal Zaini, confirmed that the 9.2 million or eight per cent of the Indonesian people still do not get a job alias unemployment. "The government will reduce the rate of unemployment to 3-4 percent, so the unemployment rate would remain 4-5 percent," he said in Bangkalan. In addition, he said, the number of the poor in this country are also quite high, which is 14 percent, so it also promised to push that number down to eight percent. "For districts that are still lagging behind the region amounted to 155 spread throughout Indonesia," he said. He said the cause of disadvantaged areas because of three factors namely the problem of natural resources (NR) which has not been managed well. "Many are found gold-producing areas, but the region still lagging," he said. The next factor, rules and regulations that actually makes a lot of areas that berpenghasil oil and gas but still lagging behind, because people can not manage existing natural resources due to knock the existing rules. "The last factor, infrastructure such as roads many are damaged. It will automatically slow the progress or economic growth in the area, "he said. *
  5. 5. source: Jakarta Unemployment climbs to 12.57 Percent Wednesday, January 2, 2008 17:46 AM | Events | | Read 2440 times Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded levels of unemployment in Jakarta in August 2007 reached 12.57 percent, or higher than the level 10 years ago 11.40 percent, due to accretion immigrants who seek work in the capital.
  6. 6. "Perhaps the level of competition to get a job in Jakarta is more difficult than in the area because the number pendatangnya too much. So very difficult to lower the unemployment rate at the DKI Jakarta because every time when there are newcomers who will look for a job," said BPS Deputy Social Statistics, Ahnaf, here on Wednesday. According to the National Labor Force Survey (Sakernas) BPS to 278 thousand households, of the total labor force of 4.40 million in August 2007, the population reached 3.84 million people working. Whereas 10 years ago, only 3.81 million people work from the total labor force 4.30 million people. Of that amount, only 2.49 million people or 64.82 percent of the work in the formal sector, while the remainder worked in non-formal sector, as in the agricultural sector. "In Jakarta, the government and private infrastructure projects is also very high. It might be that in the last quarter, the disbursement of infrastructure that could have reached its peak employment will be very high in recent months," he said of the possibility of decline in unemployment after August . (*) source:
  7. 7. Job vacancy in Jakarta 1. Jobs Jakarta November 2010 Jobs October 7, 2010 PT. Lemo NITTSU LOGISTICS INDONESIA We are the fast growing FDI in logistics Company, looking for Dedicate person to fill the Following positions as mentioned below: EXPORT-IMPORT STAFF 2. Jobs Kapok Pantai Indah Jakarta Jobs October 7, 2010 PT. MAIN MANDARAMEDIKA We, a hospital that is growing rapidly requiring some fixed energy: GRAPHIC DESIGN / PROMOTION 3. S1 Jobs North Jakarta November Jobs October 7, 2010 APPLE TREE PRE - SCHOOL A well established Pre-School has vacancy for the Following position: CENTRE PRINCIPAL BAHASA & CHINESE TEACHER ASSISTANT TEACHER 4. Jobs in East Jakarta D3/S1 November 2010 Jobs October 7, 2010 PT. DIRGAPUTRA EKAPRATAMA We are a company engaged in the field of spare parts needed Distributor: FINANCE STAFF Qualifications: * Women * Not married * Maximum age 28 years * Minimum D3 / S1 Accounting * Experience min. 1 year in the same field * Able to operate computer Cover letter must be in writing accompanied complete CV, latest Photograph and received no later than 2 weeks after this advertisement posted. Please send your application in via email to:
  8. 8. 5. Jobs in South Jakarta November Jobs October 7, 2010 PT. Askap LEARNING CENTER One of the Largest multinational companies specialized in consumer and commercial financial services, is looking for dynamic, energetic and highly motivated person to strengthen and grow business in Indonesia to fill the Following positions, for permanent, temporary or part-time status. MANAGEMENT STAFF 6. Vacancy ACCOUNTING JAKARTA UTARA EMPLOYMENT ADMINISTRATION October 5, 2010 Jobs PT. UNITED EQUIPMENT INDONESIA LOWONGAN ACCOUNTING ADMINISTRATION WORK PT United Equipment Indonesia is a fast-growing Heavy Equipment Company, seeking a professional candidate to join with us as: ACCOUNTING ADMINISTRATION 7. S1 Jobs North Jakarta November 2010 October 5, 2010 Jobs PT. Malindo Feedmill Jobs in North Jakarta We are aggressive and rapidly developed group of companies engage in the manufacturing and trading of animal feeds, day old chick, broiler chicken, layer eggs and animal vaccine with office and production center in DKI Jakarta and Java Island. Due to our expansion plans, We invite qualified candidates to fill in the Following positions: Head HRD & General Affarir 8. SALES EXECUTIVE JOB VACANCY EAST JAKARTA October 5, 2010 Jobs PT. SCANWELL LOGISTICS INDONESIA November Sales Executive Jobs Scanwell logistics is one of the Largest Asian - based freight forwarding and logistics company with an extensive international network of offices. We are looking for young & talented people to be a part of our team, to be located in JAKARTA, ace: SALES EXECUTIVE 9. Jobs in East Jakarta November 2010 October 5, 2010 Jobs PT. IRIS SYSTEM INFORINDO Jobs in East Jakarta
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  10. 10. area which consists of state-owned and private companies, for business development we invite you to have the ability to fill vacancies as permanent staff: JAVA DEVELOPER (50 Person) 14. Latest Sales Jobs Jakarta November October 5, 2010 Jobs PT. Adhya GRAHA KENCANA Latest Sales Jobs PT. Adhya GRAHA KENCANA, a company engaged in the field of Carpet, Wallpaper and Carpet Cleaning System takes young professionals for the position: SALES / MARKETING EXECUTIVE 15. S1 Jobs in West Jakarta Newest November October 5, 2010 Jobs PT. NUSANTARA SURYA Mustika Latest Jobs in West Jakarta FMCGs Company dealing in the field of Cigarette domicile in Jakarta is looking for a candidate to fulfill the position of: Logistic Staff 16. Accounting Jobs in West Jakarta November October 5, 2010 Jobs PT. NUSANTARA SURYA Mustika November Newest Jobs FMCGs Company dealing in the field of Cigarette domicile in Jakarta is looking for a candidate to fulfill the position of: Accounting Staff 17. VACANCY NORTH JAKARTA D3 WORK NOVEMBER October 4, 2010 Jobs PT. COPYRIGHT PRATAMA LESTARINDO LATEST JOB LOWONGAN NOVEMBER PT PRATAMA COPYRIGHT LESTARINDO, enterprise Software Solutions Service Providers' Point of Sale "leading, in the development of its business requires professionals for the following positions: SUPPORT SYSTEM (Code: SS) 18. Jobs North Jakarta November October 4, 2010 Jobs YAY. SAINT JAMES
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