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OEP Meeting Ideas

  1. 1. Opportunity Execution Project Mónica Romo December 2012
  2. 2. SummaryMeeting Ideas is the meeting point in internet for unemployed people who have innovative ideas andentrepreneur spirit with or without business knowledge where their dreams can start to be a reality. Thewebsite where professionals help them to push their creativity to meet a professional network and potentialcompanies interested in these ideas. Unlike the first website focused on boosting simple ideas from nonnecessarily people with business knowledge and to promote self working to overcome the effects of crisis andunemployment situation. Several levels of help: strategic feedback, templates for business & marketing plant,advisors for presentations... or professional support for all this documentation. Basic services FOR FREE and, therest, for a competitive price because we know their situation and we want to encourage them because the mostimportant is to try it.Create your own job! You have nothing to lose and everything to win. Basic services FOR FREE because the mostimportant is to try it.
  3. 3. ProductDefinition:Meeting Ideas is the meeting point in internet for unemployed people who have innovative ideas and entrepreneur spirit with or withoutbusiness knowledge, and need help to promote them. A shop window of ideas where firms and investors will be able to find interestingopportunities for their business and where people will find the chance to boost their future.We offer professional support in different ways: professional feedback, templates, generate documentation (business plan, marketingstrategy...), training about business items, etc.Added valueThere are different website for contacting entrepreneurs and small and medium companies with investors in a professional environment butthere are not websites or firms to promote ideas from people who have not business knowledge and/or experience. We know these people donot have much money so we offer a basic service for free and the rest for a competitive price, suitable for unemployed people.
  4. 4. Business Model Key partners Key activities Value proposition Customer Customer • Medium term: • To meet ideas of • In a deep crisis environment relationship segment • Temporary non and a very high employment • it is not one shot • Everybody who “businessmen “ unemployment rate, firms but recurrent has an idea and exclusivity with professional people without • Unemployment based on a doesn´t have the companies enough business knowledge offices continuing knowledge, and/or investors and no contact networks • Universities and relationship in contacts or tools postgraduate need help to promote their time base on to promote it ideas. schools updates, • No matter where • There are a lot of firms who positioning, they are, their contacting entrepreneurs contacting... age or the with investors but not firms Channels Key which contacting ideas from industry • Web site resources non business people with • Social media • A great contact companies which may be network that we interested. have • We offer support to prepare • 20 years of documentation (financial, experience of the marketing, etc) and contacts. team Cost structure Revenue streams • Web site design and management Sources: • Social network and online media campaign to promote the • To upload an idea (in site you can only see the claim or site possible solution for a problem, not the content), • Team do not receive salary until firm reaches minimum customer pays an irrelevant amount (monthly fee, revenues special offers...) • If they demand support (documentation, contacts, etc) pays for it • Companies interested in more information, pays for download (previously sing a NDA) • If the deal finish with a sale, % of transaction
  5. 5. The team• Name: Meeting ideas• Number of members: 1• Profile: • Woman 40 years old • Bachelor degree in Journalism and Master in Marketing and Communications • 20 years of experience, most of them in IT companies (Hewlett Packard, Kyocera, Oesia) and Public Administration as Marcom director/responsible and developing new business models in national and international markets (mainly LatAm) including the creation of the “Netshoring Model”• Goal: create a new firm• One more person join the idea to collaborate in the creation of the firm. Profile: • Woman 38 years old • Bachelor degree in Economics • More than 15 years experience in IT company (HP).• We work together for four years and, since then, we are keeping in touch, sharing several projects.
  6. 6. OAPCurrent situation The proposal• Current unemployed rate is 25% and increasing every month (5.778.000 people of • Create a website where these people can show their ideas to companies or investor interested in 17.320.000) • We offer professional support related to documentation, marketing promotion,• The profile of unemployed people is: contacts... • under 25 years old or over 45 years old in critical situation. Difficulty to find the • To prevent theft of ideas: NDAs, warnings about intellectual property, policiies... first job or to face last stage of their career., female and male. • Why in this moment: Social & economic environment (crisis): is a way out for target • Accessible : • Between 26-44, long-term unemployed • very fair price: Basic services for free. Primium options. Several levels of support. • level of education • Easy to use: website easy and intuitive to navigate and apply• Unemployment exit more successful is self-work • Sustainable: Einstein said that in times of crisis, is when the best ideas and talent• Main obstacle to work as freelance or create their own firm is a lack of knowledge about emerge. I add, always it could be a good moment for a good and profitable idea, just try it! economic/financial issues; business environment & strategy and/or contact networks • Maybe the origin is due to a crisis situation but it will be sustainable in the future, increasing services offered.Opportunity recognition Conclusion testing idea • People Feedback: TAM: 5.778.000 unemployed people • Great percentage (around 50%) think they are not capable to promote an SAM: around 80% idea and they prefer to wait for a company to offer a job TM: first year around a 3% - 5%. • Some of them would be willing to try it but with help • Most of them would pay a low because the lack of economic resources • Classification by gender , age, education, profession, Industry, time unemployed • They have time to think ideas and to upload to websites to get money average, location... • Companies Feedback • I am sceptical but if it is an opportunity for unemployed people, I´d willing to visit website and read some ideas • If I find a very profitable idea, we will look for the way to reward the owner and catch talent for the company • There is an opportunity to this idea in the market • There are people and companies who thought it would be a chance to capture talent and to improve Spanish situation
  7. 7. Marketing strategyMarket analysis• Spain is immersed in a deep economic crisis• Current unemployed rate is 25% and increasing every month (5.778.000 people of 17.320.000)• Unemployment exit more successful is self-work• Main obstacle to work as freelance or create their own firm is a lack of knowledge about: economic/financial issues; business environment & strategy and/or contact networks• Somebody has simple ideas oriented to improve task related to their jobs but they do not know how to promoteHow to get customer targetOur first goal is unemployed know our website and what we can do for them: attract visitors to our website• The main way is promote the website in places where they usually go to search a job, I mean, INEM, temporary employment offices and websites focused on this area.• To put ads in search engine with adwords• Use corporate profile in LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, youtube...to promote it through our contact network• Attend entrepreneurs events• Blogs and website: maybe we can exchange banners with partners companies• Marketing viral strategy based on videos. 100% mobile penetration in Spain, so this is a good channel to get a lot of people in a few days.Metrics • Number of visitors • Number click on banners (source: search engine, job websites, social media, blogs, ads...) • Unique visitors • Number of visits from brochures, flyers, information delivered in employment offices... • Average time of visits • Number ideas upload • Number of pages visited • Number services request (statistic about different services, cost...) • Number of information requests • Number people request more than one service, comments (website, blogs, social media) • Number of registered • Average cost • Number affiliates • Comments • Number clicks in share, tweets, like...
  8. 8. Sales strategy: web funnelOnce potential customer visit our website • Invite them to register • Use / evaluate: Invite them to know more about the performance and the value it can bring them: o Encourage them to raise an idea and receive feedback for free o Discover how to improve the idea for free o See examples about other ideas and their possibilities • First paying customer • Loyalty: o Affiliates: o Monthly newsletters with new ideas, success cases, new sections... o Training: little lessons about skills and knowledge o Solve your doubts! o Special offers including free extras o Registered: o Emailing with offers o Monthly newsletter with new ideas, success cases, new sections... Life cycle website purchase Registered Upload Share Order Lapsed • Visit website • Upload an • Prove extra • Buy first • Buy new services • Registered idea services for service • Upload new ideas free • Recommend
  9. 9. Partnership• Temporary employment offices: • move a great quantity of offers of low & medium range. People with basic education or young people search their first job in these offices. It could be an added value for them contacting our website and people searching for a job. • We offer a banner for free in our website, for 6 months in exchange for promotion• Website as infojobs, monster, linkedin... • They offer several services related with their function • We can offer a banner for free and statistics about the profile of the visitors of our website and the kind of ideas upload, companies interested, etc.• Public employment offices • The same actions than temporary employment• Outsourcing services: we count with small companies and experts willing to collaborate: financial consulting, international development, engineers, draftsmen...
  10. 10. Cost & revenue model TARGET HOW COST TIME INEM offices • Flyers, & brochures to deliver on the street 1,500€/6,000 units • 3 months • Posters • Full year Second stage: Mobile marketing & Expand other regions Temporary employment • Flyers & brochures to deliver on the street Pay per click 2 campaign per 2 • Ads in their website (budget 1,000€) months Adwords • Uptake campaigns to leverage new customers 600€ TBD Job search websites • Ads in their website Ask for budget 2 campaigns per 2 months Corporate profile in social • Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, youtube... network • First stage through our contacts • Free • Second stage through ads • Ask for budget Blogs and website • All members of meeting ideas have blogs and /or • Free collaborations in other professional blogs and mass media Marketing viral We make our own video clips to show them in youtube channel • Free edition Full year and sent them through whatsapp (flat rate plan) •FRP: 50€/monthPrice strategy• Free basic services: upload an idea.• Templates to do it your self! About business plan, marketing plan, presentation, etc. Very low price, around 20€/each one, to promote the acquisition of knowledge and experience.• Documentation: we generate the business plan, budget, marketing strategy... Since 150€, depending the complexity and the need of outsourcing services, e.i., draftsmen to design prototypes.• Download documentation for companies: since 100€, depending the idea and documentation associated.• Special prices like Freemium, flat rate plan, 2x1 offers, in order to get website traffic• Banners: for complementary companies interested in this website, i.e, consultancy, academies... Specific campaigns, pay per click
  11. 11. Risk• IP o It´s difficult to manage a large range of ideas from different people and nature. o Website includes policy in website about not responsibility about IP, required to sign NDAs and recommending to register products. o Our target basically will be people with basic education and, maybe, they not consider important preventing until they have a problem• Not get enough traffic o Increase promotion actions o Prove new promotion activities and channels• Not find firms interested in uploaded ideas o Intensify activities to promote ideas in different places or countries o Increase contact network o Improve documentation (low cost or free cost for valuable insights)
  12. 12. FoundingFirst stage: launch of website• Domain cost is 50€ per year• We are designing website (content and images), so the cost is just our time• Banners for free for our partners and collaborators• Promotion in employment offices: flyers and posters cost (around 1,500€).Conclusion: we can launch the project without financial aid.Second stage: promotion in other websites and other cities• Adwords: 600€• Mobile marketing activities: between (2,000 – 10,000€)• Banners: by number of clicks (between 1,000 – 4,000€)• Other expenses: travel, public relationship, event organization or sponsoring (between 5,000 – 10,000€)Conclusion:• We hope to cover part of these expenses with incomes from website• Campaigns share with partners• Angel investor: KPIs (metrics) provide attractive information, enough to justify forecast in business plan and to get money to promote the firm