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Trusted Advisors in Insurance & Risk Management Since 1910    THE NON PROFIT Risk IndexNo two organizations are the same. ...
Client REPRESENTATION                                                     Rollins’ Nonprofit Guard team has experience wit...
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Non Profit Guard Brochure(Electronic)


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Overview of NonProfitGuard

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Non Profit Guard Brochure(Electronic)

  1. 1. Trusted Advisors in Insurance & Risk Management Since 1910 THE NON PROFIT Risk IndexNo two organizations are the same. The Rollins 360™Nonprofit Risk Index is an analysis of how well yourorganization recognizes and manages risk. Thepurpose of the analysis is to find the areas of yourorganization where risk management efforts can havethe greatest impact on your total cost of risk. Using afiltering system we design a plan focused first on thehigh impact issues. A Sample of the NonProfitGuard Risk Index is Now Available for Free on Our Website. Take The Nonprofit Risk Index THE NonProfitGuard DIFFERENCEThe Nonprofit Guard team at Rollins Insurance designs • Rollins 360™ Nonprofit Risk Index —risk management plans and insurance solutions An analysis of your organizations ability tospecifically for the non profit community. Our approach identify and manage key risksto risk management goes beyond insurance. We take a • Rollins 360™ Nonprofit Risk Managementproactive approach to help you develop a long-term plan Solutions —to reduce your total cost of risk, which, in turn, will A risk management plan designed to address thesignificantly lower your premium costs over an extended most urgent needs of your organizationperiod of time. • Risk management stewardship reports for the • Focus on the specific challenges facing board of directors not-for-profit organizations
  2. 2. Client REPRESENTATION Rollins’ Nonprofit Guard team has experience with a wide variety of non profit organizations from large to small in a number of different segments including: IS YOUR Health & Human Service • Disease Awareness • Housing Development Organization Protected? Organizations Organizations • Rehabilitation Services • Substance Abuse • Food Banks • Sports & RecreationVolunteer Risk Management Emergency Evacuation • Homeless Shelters • Family, Children & Youth Youth Protection Disaster Recovery Planning • Mental Health Services Employment Risks Water Damage Data Theft Arts & Education • Schools • Community TheatresFires Power Outage Sexual Abuse Severe Weather • Colleges & Universities • Conservations Cyber Liability Special Events Cause Marketing • Museums • Adult Education Automobile Exposures Contract Review Public/Social benefit Residential Exposures Background Checks • Civil Rights Groups • Think Tanks / Research • Community Development Organizations Reputation Damage Board Governance HR Organizations • International Relief • Chambers of Commerce Employee Handbook Development Compliance YOUR RESOURCE FOR Questions TO CONSIDER Nonprofit Risk Management Are you covered if your employees or volunteers are involved in a serious auto accident while doing work for the organization? Does your organization protect its reputation by monitoring what is being said about it in social media and on the web? Does your board get adequate training on how to fulfill their legal duties? Has the impact of a potential loss on various revenue streams been analyzed and the financial liability of the organization been protected? FOR Information CALL Markham F. Rollins III • (914) 337-1833 Ext 507 The Rollins Agency, Inc. VISIT OUR Risk Management BLOG 800 Westchester Avenue, Suite N-311 FOR NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Rye Brook, New York 10573 PHONE (914)337-1833 • FAX (914)337-1596