War Cycle,Troubles At Home


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Proposed Exhibition of War paintings from First gulf war ,Bosnian war,9/11 ,second gulf war,looking at endless cycle of war

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War Cycle,Troubles At Home

  1. 1. “Troubles at Home” By Michelle Rogers Track 16,Santa Monica, March 16-April17 2007
  2. 2. . .” We had fed the heart on fantasies, The heart's grown brutal from the fare, More substance in our enmities Than in our love. .” The Stare's Nest by William Butler Yeats
  3. 3. There is a sense of quiet bewilderment and loss in this collection of paintings, which reflect upon the very divisive concept of patriotism. Rogers draws comparisons between her own experiences growing up on the border of Northern Ireland during the most violent years of the troubles, and America’s vulnerability post- September 11. After the attacks on 9/11, Americans became defiantly patriotic - flags started appearing in apartment windows, building lobbies, t-shirts and stickers. Seeking guidance and reassurance, the wounded nation rallied behind the government, trusting in its leadership and authority. What they did not expect was for their government to manipulate that trust, and destroy the American ideal in the process, in ways even its enemies could not have predicted: the surreptitious Patriot Act; the war in Iraq; Guantanamo Bay; Abu Ghraib . . . Suddenly, many Americans weren’t feeling quite so proud. This resonated with Michelle. “As an Irish woman, I love my country too. But during the “troubles” in Ireland it angered me to see how that love became usurped, and then tarnished by violence committed in our name.” In response to questions of national identity and religious idealism, Michelle has created a series of large- scale oil paintings for ‘Troubles At Home’. The thickly painted canvases seem to trap their unsuspecting figures, and at once detach and isolate them from their surroundings. They are painted in strong shadow, sometimes with a searing light surrounding them denoting a strong psychological conflict
  4. 4. Proposal To tour the exhibition quot;Troubles at Homequot; which examines American patriotism at this crucial time. I believe this exhibition offers an unique vision of a country still reeling emotionally from 9/11 and offers a heartfelt plea to avoid the mistakes we Irish made in the pursuit of national ideals . By doing this exhibition I want people to reflect deeply on what is happening in America right now and to be aware of the underlying emotions that are fueling dangerous political developments that essentially concern the wider world. quot;Troubles at Home” was exhibited at the Track 16 gallery at Bergamot Station in Los Angelus in March/April 2007.The critical and public response was extremely positive.The exhibition is a purposely thought provoking experience rather than an hysterical reactive one . http://www.track16.com/exhibitions/michelle_rogers/index.html to view show The exhibition was supported by funding from the Irish Government Proposal to enlarge exhibition for the Smithsonian I have been working on the theme of war for the last 15 years It could be possible to incorporate large scale paintings from the First Gulf war The Bosnian conflict 9/11 memorial and portraits In this manner you could develop a “War Cycle “exhibition Future plans I am currently discussing plans to take” War Cycle” to Dubai in 2009,which could be an interesting and balanced cultural exchange
  5. 5. Artist Biography Michelle Rogers grew up in a small-industrialized town in Ireland called Dundalk on the strained border between North and the South, at the height of the troubles. As an artist, although it inspired her, she chose not to dwell initially on the conflict so close to home. Her earliest paintings centered on the Gulf War, and it was in response to this work that Amnesty International selected her to go to Bosnia in 1993. This trip was the impetus for a Dark Heart an impressive series of paintings about the darker side of human nature in which, according to Nicholas Bergman, curator at New York’s Caelum Gallery “she sensitively creates a mood of moral decay, of spiritual darkness and despair, there is, simultaneously, a grandeur to the work, which, harks back to the masters - Goya in particular.” In 2002 Rogers was invited to show her painting 911 Memorial at the Irish Arts Center in New York. In 2005, A Dark Heart was selected for exhibition at the UN Plaza in New York, marking the 10th anniversary of the Balkan war, and last year her critically acclaimed series Transformations 1, 2 and 3 exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Guadalajara, Mexico. She was recently invited to exhibit “Lampedusa” a painting about immigration at St Georges church in Venice during the opening weeks of the Venice Biennale. Without question, Rogers is unique among Irish artists, in that her work is hard-hitting and confrontational, dealing with tough subject matters such as war, emigration and sexual repression. She currently divides her time between Rome, New York and Dublin
  6. 6. “Freedom Road”, 2007 oil on canvas 72 x 112 in.
  7. 7. “Gowna”, 2007 oil on canvas 72 x 112 in.
  8. 8. “Enniskillen”, 2007 oil on canvas 72 x 112 in.
  9. 9. “Surveillance”, 2007 oil on canvas 50 x 72 in.
  10. 10. “Women Downtown”, 2007 oil on canvas 50 x 72 in.
  11. 11. “Boy New York”, 2007 oil on canvas 50 x 72 in.
  12. 12. “Beach”, 2007 oil on canvas 50 x 72 in.
  13. 13. “3 downtown”, 2007 oil on canvas 36 x 72 in.
  14. 14. “Angelus NY”, 2007 oil on canvas 36 x 72 in.
  15. 15. “Bronx Funeral”, 2007 oil on canvas 48 x 72 in.
  16. 16. “Crossing paths Iraq”, 2007 oil on canvas 48 x 72 in.
  17. 17. Gallery stills Troubles at home Track 16 April 2007
  18. 18. Gallery stills Troubles at home Track 16 April 2007
  19. 19. Gallery stills Troubles at home Track 16 April 2007
  20. 20. Terry George opening Troubles at home Track 16 April 2007
  21. 21. “Portraits” 12 in x 9 in each ,oli on canvas, 2002
  22. 22. “9/11 memorial” 6 ft x 9 ft ,oli on canvas,2002
  23. 23. “Road to Basra” 6 ft x 14 ft ,oli on canvas,1992
  24. 24. “War Memorial” 6 ft x 14 ft ,oli on canvas,1992
  25. 25. “Going Home” 6 ft x 14 ft ,oli on canvas,1992
  26. 26. “Library Sarajevo” 6 ft x 13 ft ,oli on canvas,1996
  27. 27. “My Neighbour,My Friend” 6 ft x 10 ft ,oli on canvas,1996
  28. 28. “Funeral Sarajevo” 6 ft x 10 ft ,oli on canvas,1996
  29. 29. “Procession Srebenica” 6 ft x 10 ft ,oli on canvas,1996