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Sequencing the Startup DNA - @mrogati's talk at StartupFest 2011


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What makes entrepreneurs different, and where do they come from? Are they born or taught? Are they unusually mobile in their careers? Does geography play a role? Do mentors and relationships matter?

Numerous studies explore these questions by surveying hundreds of entrepreneurs. At LinkedIn, we take a different approach, on a different scale. By sifting through more than 120 million public profiles, we can analyze tens of thousands startup founder# profiles - and find common threads linking their careers.

(make sure you follow along w/ the speaker notes; my slides are minimalist.)

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Sequencing the Startup DNA - @mrogati's talk at StartupFest 2011

  1. @mrogati<br />
  2. Born to be wild?<br />
  3. I’ve seen all good people…<br />
  4. Who are you<br />
  5. Don’t let me be misunderstood<br />#define startup founder<br />US companies <br />… founded after 2000<br />… 2-200 employees<br />… with 1+ .*founder.*<br />Out<br />LLCs<br />HR, Real Estate, consulting, <br />PR, legal<br />
  6. Fire Starter<br />13K founders 2% “serial entrepreneurs”<br />Entrepreneur Age Distribution<br />
  7. We can work it out<br />UNDER-represented<br />OVER-represented<br />
  8. We don’t need no education …<br />Most entrepreneurial <br />majors<br />Entrepreneurship<br />Computer engineering<br />Computer science<br />Physics<br />Electrical engineering<br />Theology<br />Civil engineering<br />Pharmacy<br />Education<br />Social work<br />Human resources<br />Administration<br />Nursing<br />Theology<br />Civil engineering<br />Pharmacy<br />Education<br />Social work<br />Human resources<br />Administration<br />Nursing<br />Least entrepreneurial <br />majors<br />
  9. Takin’ care of business<br />1.<br />1.<br />2.<br />2.<br />3.<br />3.<br />4.<br />4.<br />5.<br />5.<br />6.<br />6.<br />7.<br />7.<br />8.<br />8.<br />9.<br />9.<br />10.<br />10.<br />
  10. t’s a long way to the top<br />Founder career histories on LinkedIn<br />Average position length: 2.5 years<br />
  11. Cisco kid<br />Where are founders coming from?<br />Under-represented<br />Over-represented<br />
  12. Should I stay or should I go?<br />you work in<br />internet<br />computer games<br />biotech<br />software<br />advertising<br />medical devices<br />banking<br />research<br />edu management<br />non-profit<br />investment banking<br />automotive<br />you want to do a startup<br />you will likely<br />Go<br />Stay<br />
  13. Are you experienced? <br />Law practice<br />Semiconductors<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />Retail<br />Leisure & Travel<br />Professional Training<br />Nanotech<br />Biotech<br />Medical Devices<br />
  14. California Dreamin’<br />Boston<br />New York City<br />San Francisco<br />
  15. With a little help from my friends<br />
  16. Start me up<br />
  17. The End<br />@mrogati<br />