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All about me


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Published in: Education
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All about me

  1. 1. By: Marbel
  2. 2. My Childhood My name is Marbel I am 12 years old My birthday is July 14 I was born in Brownsville, Texas
  3. 3. My Favorite Movie Toy Story 3 Lovely Bones Valentines Day Devil New Moon Grown Ups
  4. 4. My Favorite Sports Volleyball Basketball Swimming Softball
  5. 5. My Favorite Colors Pink Light Blue Yellow Purple Orange
  6. 6. My Favorite Songs OMG by Usher Only Girl By Rihanna Dynamite by Taio Cruz Selena Gomez Round and Round
  7. 7. My Pets Three Dogs A bunny Turtle
  8. 8. My Favorite Places I have visited New York Disney World Aspen Colorado California Washington
  9. 9. My Favorite groups and singer • Taylor Swift • Justin Bieber • Selena Gomez • Rihanna • Usher • Taio Cruz • Drake
  10. 10. My Best Friend Lizze Jackie Judith Alitza Giselle
  11. 11. My Favorite Subject Math Technology Social Studies Science
  12. 12. My Favorite Actors Taylor Lauther
  13. 13. My Favorite Actresses
  14. 14. My Favorite T.V. Shows Icarly Degrassi Big Time Rush Fish Hooks Victorias
  15. 15. Favorite Holidays • Christmas • Halloween • Thanksgiving •
  16. 16. My Favorite Quotes LOL OMG BRB TYL
  17. 17. Thank You