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3 Advanced Non-Profit Social Media Best Practices - ACES International


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I presented this to the ACES International non-profit conference on 9.27.13 in San Diego.

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3 Advanced Non-Profit Social Media Best Practices - ACES International

  1. 1. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Advanced Social Media Strategies 3 Approaches to improve how your organization uses social media. By Mike Roberts 9.27.13
  2. 2. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline About Me Mike Roberts • Earned Media Strategist at Covario • Content / Social Media strategist for Fortune500 and 1000 brands, non-profits and startups • Digital trends video blogger ( • Frequent speaker
  3. 3. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Agenda 3 Takeaways • Drive business objectives • Make useful content, not Ads • Design your content to be shared
  4. 4. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Drive Business Objectives Everything you do on social media should be improving one of them.
  5. 5. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Drive Business Objectives WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? • How much is a ‘Like’ worth? • How much time / resources should be spent on this? • How much is this helping our organization?
  6. 6. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Drive Business Objectives WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? • Awareness • Message dissemination • Research • Increase donations • Build a community • This will drive the other objectives too
  7. 7. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Drive Business Objectives WHAT SHOULD I MEASURE? • Comments per post • Likes per post • Shares per post
  8. 8. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Make Useful Content, Not Ads People don’t share Ads; companies do.
  9. 9. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Ads VS. Content ADVERTISEMENTS • Directly tries to sell something • Pay to produce and to distribute the ad • Only helps understand product features / benefits • Interrupts people • Run in campaigns with ending dates CONTENT MARKETING • Doesn’t try to sell anything directly • Pay to produce, but gets distributed by average people • Provides real value without a catch • People seek this out • Ongoing with no ending
  10. 10. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Ads VS. Content ADVERTISEMENTS CONTENT MARKETING View this interactive stress quiz
  11. 11. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Entertaining Ads Aren’t Content
  12. 12. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Good Content Earns Trust
  13. 13. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline 92% 70% 58% 50% 40% 36% 36% 33% 33% 29% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Social Recommendations Customer Reviews Company Website Emails Subscribed to Search Ads Online Video Ads Social Network Ads Online Banner Ads Mobile Display Ads Mobile Text Ads Consumer Trust By Channel Global avergae % of consumers that completely or somewhat trust messagesAds Earned People Don’t Trust Ads Based on survey data from 28,000+ respondents in 56 countries.
  14. 14. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Content Conversion Funnel
  15. 15. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Don’t Just Target Donors
  16. 16. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Design Content to be Shared Use this framework to make highly shareable content.
  17. 17. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline
  18. 18. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline The S.T.E.P.P.S. Framework Social Currency We share things that make us look good Triggers Top of mind, tip of tongue Emotion When we care, we share Public Built to show, built to grow Practical Value News you can use Stories Information travels under the guise of idle chatter
  19. 19. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Practical Implementation 5 Applications • Turn the unique ways your organization is changingthe world into content that can be used online. • Allow the people/animals you impact to tell their stories by creating digital content. • Involve people who are passionate about your cause with fun and engaging opportunities. • Give your staff, volunteers and partners the freedomto publishcontent that connects you to your supporters.
  20. 20. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Quick Recap 3 Takeaways • Determine how social media will help your organization meet it’s business goals. • Make content that real people would find valuable and helpfulrather than continually selling them on your organization. • Create smarter content by using the S.T.E.P.P.Sframework to increase its shareability.
  21. 21. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Questions? Thank you for your time.
  22. 22. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Appendix Additional Resources
  23. 23. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Additional Resources Books I Recommend • Contagious by Jonah Berger • Socialnomics by Eric Qualman • Hierarchy of Contagiousness by Dan Zarella • Purple Cow by Seth Godin • The Science of Marketing by Dan Zarella • Groundswell • Utility by Jay Baer
  24. 24. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Additional Resources BLOGS I RECOMMEND • Hubspot (General Inbound Marketing) • Content Marketing Institute (Content Marketing) • Occam’s Rasor (Analytics) • Marketing Profs • Mashable • Read Write Web • Fast Company (General industry news) • McKinsey Quarterly
  25. 25. Twitter handle: @MrobertsOnline Make Targeted Content/Posts Develop content to target each slice of the conversion funnel