Genre analysis


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Genre analysis

  1. 1. Genre Analysis: Student Union Morgan Robertson & Zoey Mitchell
  2. 2. Artifacts Movies Campus Map Starbucks Specials
  3. 3. Question #1  Where is the genre used...  The campus map is used on campus to show you where and how to get somewhere.  The Starbucks specials are used in Starbucks. They tell you the specials happening during that specific month.  The movie schedule is to tell you what movies are playing and what time.
  4. 4. Question #1 cont.  Activities that happen here...  You can get information  Order Starbucks  Watch Movies  Eat a meal  Shop at the bookstore  Get your hair done  Study sessions  Go to the grocery store  Play pool
  5. 5. Question #1 cont.  Kinds of people that come here…  Current students  Prospective students  Professors  Parents  Maintenance workers  Shared Objective…  Yes, some people come to eat, hangout or watch a movie.
  6. 6. Question #2  The interaction it accomplishes is...  Worker to customer  IT worker to student  Friends
  7. 7. Question #3  Who uses genre....  People who need to get somewhere  People who like coffee, to drink it  Movie lovers, entertainment
  8. 8. Question #3 cont.  Does the user change...  Yes, someone may like coffee but not movies. A new student may not know how to get around.  Why...  Everyone likes different things and has different interests.
  9. 9. Question #3 cont.  How do we know...  We know that everyone is different and we witness it on a daily basis.
  10. 10. Question #4  Subjects the genres discuss...  The map shows where each building is on campus and what it is used for.  Starbucks specials tells the special coffee they have during the month.  The movies show each of the movies playing that particular week.
  11. 11. Question #5  Relationships the genre suggests…  The campus map would relate to people that may not know the campus.  Starbucks specials would relate to people that drink coffee.  The list of movies would relate to students that like to watch movies.
  12. 12. Question #6  Roles the genre suggest...  The map would be an aid for someone who needs to get somewhere.  The coffee would be an energizer for someone who needs energy throughout the day.  The movies could be a stress reliever as well as entertainment.
  13. 13. Question #7  Language used in this situation and genre pieces…  The language used for the campus map is formal and descriptive.  The language for the Starbucks specials is informal and attractive to customers so they will buy the coffee special.  The language used for the movie listings is also formal and simple.
  14. 14. Question #8  Label on this situation...  This situation/scene would be a common student center. It is the main building on campus and where a lot of activities are held.
  15. 15. Question #9  How the situation shapes the genre pieces…  The Student Union is an information center so it is a place for you to get information about UNCC such as a map.  The Student Union appeals to the community so it has a Starbucks.  The Student Union is also a place of entertainment so it has a movie theater.
  16. 16. Question #10  How the genres shape the situation…  The map of UNCC shows that the Union is informational and helpful.  Starbucks specials show that the Student Union provides coffee, which the majority of the campus enjoys.  The movie listings show that the Student Union attracts people that like watching movies.
  17. 17. Question #11  Genre allows...  People to know how to get around campus  Starbucks specials allows you to try the new coffee out that specific month  The movie theater allows students to get away from studying and enjoy a movie
  18. 18. Question #11 cont.  Genre doesn't allow...  It doesn't allow users to see what's around the outside of campus  Starbucks specials doesn't allow you to drink anything other than coffee, juice or tea  The movies doesn't allow you to watch movies that are not posted
  19. 19. Question #12  Needs most served  The map meets the needs of students who are lost  Starbucks specials meet the needs of students who need energy  The movies meets the needs of students who enjoy watching movies
  20. 20. Question #12 cont.  Needs least served...  The map does not serve students who know where they are going  Starbucks specials do not meet the needs of students who do not like coffee  Movies do not meet the needs of students who do not like movies
  21. 21. Question #13  Genre represent users...  The map enables students to be independent because they have to figure out where to go.  Starbucks specials does allow users to represent themselves fully because it shows what coffee they like to drink that specific month.  The movie theater allows users to represent themselves fully because it shows what movies they enjoy.
  22. 22. Social  The map communicates with the students and tells them where they need to go.  The Starbucks specials draws coffee drinkers in to try the month's specials.  The movies attract students to come and watch a movie.
  23. 23. Cultural  The students who use the campus map depend on the person who made the map and for it to get them where they need to be.  Starbucks Specials are influenced by the people who drink coffee. If that certain special is not a hit, then Starbucks will know not to serve it.  The people who watch movies influence what plays. Some movies may stick around longer because it was a bigger hit.