MRM:LAB Coverstories 2011 #7


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MRM:LAB Coverstories 2011 #7

  1. 1. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14-15
  2. 2. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14-15p gpage3. EPIC HYDRATION Schick‘s Youtube-campaign for HYDRO 12. DESPERADOS EXPERIENCE A Interactive Youtube Brandchannel Ad4. SPOTYFY IN A BOX 13. GOOGLE +1COVERSTORIES A Prototype of an Internetradio with NFC-Control Google‘s next approach to conquer the social web5. ENJOY THE WEATHER 14. TASTES LIKE CHICKEN Burtons W b it with li W th F B t Website ith live Weather Forecast t Pril‘s P il‘ social campaign and what people d with it i l i d h t l do ith6. BE YOUR OWN SOUVENIR 15. 3D HEADTRACKING Barcelonas tourists to create 3D souvenirs of themselves A new way to show 3D action on the iPad7.7 GOOGLE, GOOGLE YOU AUTOCOMPLETE ME 16. 16 THE FUTURE OF CAMERA Google‘s app of text suggestions A concept of the possible next era of digital cameras8. 365 X IKEA 17. PLAYING WITH REALITY One IKEA spot a day A Social game that incorporates live tweets into the gameplay9. PEEL YOUR BOTTLE 18. VENICE CONNECTED Burtons Website with live Weather Forecast Venice‘ Tourism office made its own streetview10. HOTEL 19. BURBERRY GOES DIGITAL Internet films for a brand hotel Burberry‘s reatil strategy for the digital customer y gy g11. A TOUCH OF WOOD A short story about wood and what you can do with it
  3. 3. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 3EPIC HYDRATION. HYDRATION Schick‘s Youtube campaign to promote HYDROs freshness t HYDRO f hCOVERSTORIES directly on your screen. Just a nice example of a youtube brandchannel ad. The action starts on youtube with a nice video and leads the viewer on to Facebook. Badly, nothing more happens on the Facebook page, neither on the website. If you activate your audience, you need to give a reason or present a surprising special, or in any way reward re ard the engagement of the user. Other ise you‘ve ser Otherwise o ‘ e lost him.Facebook:
  4. 4. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 4SPOTIFY IN A BOX BOX. „Everyone is an artist“. Everyone i a manufacturer, E is f tCOVERSTORIES thanks to open-source, sharing and publishing. This video shows the concept of my final degree project done at the Umeå Institute of Design: a device to listen to Spotify at home. Spotify, in case you don’t know, is an online music streaming service, service similar to Grooveshark (my personal favorite) Simfy favorite), or Pandora. The API lets you connect to the service and use it in your own ways. For example by building your own online streaming radio, like in this case. With the help of Arduino, you can build physical interactions and connections, setup WiFi or control LEDs very easily. Then you just need to combine it with RFID tags, that mark specific tags, like artists or music categories, and you’re done.Currently this prototype still needs a computer, but the goal is now port the current prototype to an ARM processor and get rid of the computer so it becomes a completely standalone device. Your are the inventor. The modern web gives opportunities inventor to create and to invent. And to innovate. The use of services and their combination often result in new ideas. Start with anVideo: idea, build a prototype, review, try again, finalize.
  5. 5. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 5ENJOY THE WEATHER WEATHER. Give your audience what it wants. E t Even if it‘ a weather it‘s thCOVERSTORIES forecast. Those little gifts build a strong friendship. Snowboard manufacturer Burton took an interesting step towards user utility. With the relaunch of their website, it gives you clothes recommendations based on your local weather, you see hoodies and rain jackets or t-shirts and shorts on the homepage. It also g p g gives y a weather you forecast for the next three days, so that you can actually buy the windrunner in advance and get it delivered, right on time before the storm will hit your city. Also notice the very prominent “Search and Destroy”-bar. Besieds the f B i d th funny wording, it kind of fully replaces th di ki d f f ll l the category entry and shows that the instant search mentality has come to the masses. E-Commerce is getting smarter by the day, and it wraps its head around the costumer Delivering direct value and costumer. adding a little easy to the costumers’ lives will overtakeSource: pushy and non-relevant offers.Website:
  6. 6. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 6BE YOU OWN SOUVENIR SOUVENIR. Creating real goodies, having real experiences, generating l i tiCOVERSTORIES lasting memories. Right in the touristic center of Barcelona. What was the last souvenir you have taken home from your last vacation? Do you collect souvenirs at all? Maybe you would, if it was a personal and unique one. blablabLAB produced an installation called Be your p y own souvenir that allowed tourists to get a full 360- degree scan of themselves with openKinect. Like in rapid prototyping, the 3D-scan was printed out as a plastic model, showing the person itself. “A great project that changes the perspective of perspecti e spectator-performer, artist-tourist creating a unique giveaway that any geek (and not only) would love.” Working with innovative technologies and combining them to create an immersive experience for yourVideo: audience, that gets involved and engaged to interact.Source:
  7. 7. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 7GOOGLE,GOOGLE YOU AUTOCOMPLETE ME ME. Google‘s Lab is the place and space where all 20 h ll 20-procent- tCOVERSTORIES works start, come to live and get developed further. Google knows it all. Even knows what you want to type. Google launched an interesting tool that offers suggestions as you type: Google Scribe. A text completion service, that mankind still needs to get used to. And that need to get updated. updated In difference to T9 that has been on mobile T9, phones for years, you actually need more time at Scribe to evaluate the suggested word, if it fits the context. Another Google product without a long living expectation? Maybe. Still, a nice goodie is the Scribe browser extension, that tries to autocomplete your text fields, comment boxes or other texts you type in in your browser. Shipping out finished p pp g products is a strategy. Working with gy g prototypes and learning from reactions can be another.Website:
  8. 8. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 8365 X IKEA IKEA. A showcase of versatility. Not only i a metaphorical way, l in t h i lCOVERSTORIES but as a presentation of products for every single day. IKEA is well know for a flexible and intelligent product- combining product range. And for sure, everyone knows that they have quite a wide (“wide” as in “massive”) product range. The emphasis that dutch agency Lemz Amsterdam created an interesting campaign: showing everyday a new TV-spot with another product. Resulting 365 spots. The spots are generating high buzz and brand awareness throughout a full year. With short notice productions current topics are integrated so the spots stay relevant and surprising. Old Spice or Magnum have done similar video-campaigns on the internet. The Web-mechanism seems t fi d it way t th TV Th W b h i to find its to the TV.Video:
  9. 9. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 9PEEL YOUR BOTTLE. BOTTLE Smirnoff‘s Caipiroshka bottles need t b peeled t release d to be l d to lCOVERSTORIES the full flavour. "To launch the new formula of the flavors of Smirnoff Caipiroska, the Brazilian drink that is popular worldwide, we created bottles with the texture of the fruit for the flavors lemon, passion fruit and berries and a diagonal perforation, so that consumers could feel the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit. And we even sent the bottles in wooden crates to a select mailing list, just like the fruits are transported in large produce markets in Brazil." Brazil.Source:
  10. 10. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 10HOTEL.HOTEL Interactive movies are known and expected from automotive brands. What would youCOVERSTORIES expect from an hotel? Even though Hotel Casa Camper is a brand hotel, you wouldn’t expect such an effort. Six directors and their teams shot six stories in 24 hours in the hotel, located in Barcelona. The Briefing: Free. No advertisement, no brand guidelines to follow. Surrealism meet sex, computer graphics, magic, mystery and much more in a 50 minutes brand film, that doesn’t like one. Why shouldn’t interactive techniques work for different industries? Hotels live by their stories of the people that come and go. Share those stories with the world.Video:,,
  11. 11. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 11A TOUCH OF WOOD. WOODCOVERSTORIES [Silence] Storytelling and cinematic excellence lead to great creative work Give the customer enough space for work. imagination and interpretation to fill your brand and product with additional values and attributes.Video: Anja, thx.
  12. 12. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 14 12DESPERADOS EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE. Desperados lets you dive into the th scenery with an engaging ith iCOVERSTORIES interactive experience. Desperados launched a new TV ad for its 2011 International Campaign (Agency : Dufresne-Corrigan- Scarlett). The digital part is done by MediaMonks and shows a further step of those interactive youtube ads, like TippEx. After a confirming age and location, the user can connect with facebook and share over several social channels. Furthermore a real interaction is integrated where the user is asked to trigger the next scene scene. Nice example of video, interaction and social into one campaign ad. Platttorms are making it possible to be creative and combine and integrate several techniques.Youtube:,
  13. 13. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 15 13GOOGLE +1 = MORE GOOGLE GOOGLE. Google‘s approach into the social world. F ll i i l ld FollowingCOVERSTORIES Facebook‘s Like-Button, but with a pronouncable name. The +1 button is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" or "you should check this out." Just like Facebook‘s „like“-Button, Google came with a button to promote your favored contents across your friends, to be precise: your google contacts. It will be integrated into search results, search ads and as a plugin for external websites. Google hasn‘t been very s ccessf ll with social apps er successfull ith in the past. But has to come up with a killer app, to stand against Facebook and other social services, since they deliver valuable user data.Website:
  14. 14. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 15 14TASTES LIKE CHICKEN CHICKEN. Be aware: If you go Social Media, M di it means you l leaveCOVERSTORIES one-way communication. German brand Henkel produced a crowdsourcing campaign for their dish liquid Pril. I personally would ask: „why?“. Anyway, the campaign was about to let users create a y y, p g new etiquettte for the bottle. And with over 33.000 user-generated posts you could call it some kind of success. But of course, these mechanisms offer also a great stage for fun and others crazy stuff. Such as the current lead design from Peter Breuer (Copywriter design, from Hamburg): „Chickentaste“. If you are asking customers, the answers might not match your view of things. The key is to listen and act y g y accordingly and support the community. Otto hasWebsite: shown how it works.Source: Michael. Thx.,1518,756532,00.html
  15. 15. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 15 153D HEADTRACKING HEADTRACKING. Real 3D experience with an iPad d ith t iP d and without 3D glasses. lCOVERSTORIES Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay from the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble have developed a new technique for delivering interactive 3D to the iPad. The Idea is to simulate a 3D environment, by creating the according perspective based on the position of the viewer’s head. The iPad’s camera watches and tracks the head, the app renders the proper perspective. In difference to t pical 3D e periences this concept typical experiences, only works for the viewer himself, due to the indivually created perspective. Still, it’s a clever idea. Clever workaround to create a rich 3D user experience, without additional oder special hardware.Youtube:
  16. 16. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 15 16THE FUTURE OF CAMERA CAMERA. Digital Devices enhance and converge. S f th camera So far, theCOVERSTORIES hasn‘t been topic of great innovation, yet. Until now. Seattle-based design company Artefact come up with a very neat concept for a possible future model of digial cameras. The WVIL (Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) tries to answer the question: “what’s next for camera design?”. The camera devices haven’t shown as much of a digital revolution as other products did. And it generally seems that the mobile phone is going to be your device on the go, that cumulates all functions you go need. Maybe there is another revolution coming. Come up with a concept and a (virtual) prototype to watch for reactions and refine your idea, if necessary. y , y You will get new insights and learn more about yourVimeo: idea, before you start with an unpredictable ending.Source:
  17. 17. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 15 17PLAYING WITH REALITY REALITY. The real world and the virtual world collide. B t i whole ld llid But in h lCOVERSTORIES different way than you would have thought. Here is an interesting idea: take 6 kids, a fundraising plattform and passion. What you get is Tweetland. A video-game with currently 2 scenaries („Route 140“ and „Love City“) that integrate real-world tweets into the gameplay. Whaaaat?! Right. While you are playing objects are being generated based on tweets of people’s experiences in the real world. Social gaming isn’t all that new, but the integration and ne b t live-interaction with social contents is. Could be a next possible step, to rapidly react on generated content and create new relevant assets.Source:
  18. 18. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 15 18VENICE CONNECTED CONNECTED. While in Germany buildings get bl t blurred, somewhere else d h lCOVERSTORIES Streetview is a new valuable way to communicate & attract. Google scanned most of Italy, but hasn‘t attached their 360°-camera onto a boat. But the Tourist Bureau didn‘t just deliver a virtual map of the canals, but did manage to build a fully loaded site to literally organized your stay in Venice from that site. Besides the maps it offers various tourist tips for points of interest where you are able to buy your entry card online (7 days in advance). Great. I want to go there, now. Offer the customers an immersive experience and the most convenient way to interact and fulfill the needs.Website:,
  19. 19. MRM:LAB COVERSTORIESc/w 15 19BURBERRY GOES DIGITAL DIGITAL. "We want to connect with the customers in stores the same t i t thCOVERSTORIES way we do elsewhere.“ Angela Ahrendts, CEO „ China is home to the majority of the world’s most digitally powered consumers” and that’s why Burberry acquired over 57 retail stores in China, in 2010. Now the first flagship store opened in Beijing earlier this week, complete with the latest digital technology, such as touchscreens as big as full-length mirrors displaying special collections and staff will carry iPads to help customers order items that aren’t available in their store. It s all part of a digital strategy that also was It’s seen on their first Fashion Show in China. The runway show featured a mix of real and digital models, displayed by hologram, that interacted with one another.Source: Get to know your customers and use technology toYoutube: engage them seamlessly, on- and/or offline.Youtube:
  20. 20. Goran MinovEmerging Media ManagerMRM WorldwideGroßer Hasenpfad 4460589 Frankfurt am Main