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MRM:LAB Coverstories 2011 #6


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Published in: Devices & Hardware
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MRM:LAB Coverstories 2011 #6

  1. 1. >> Cover Stories – c/w 12 / 13
  2. 2. Cover Stories c/w 12 Discover Twitter Di T itt For their 5th anniversary Twitter startet with a new campaign, to push a new feature: following users depending on interests. As a new menu item in our twitter-account, people are able to ,p p select recommendations by twitter that are clusetered by interests, like „music“, „politics“ or „sports“. A first look into the list of „music“ „ recommendations didn‘t give me quite a list of accounts, that were interesting enough to follow. But I‘m sure the algorythm gets refined over time. Create additional value and/or benefits through collected data.Source:
  3. 3. Cover Stories c/w 12 Storytude St t d Berlin based Berlin-based agency „mobile melting“ melting developed a new app, that offers location- based service with a twist. The user gets live stories told while walking around with his mobile phone from place to place, from p p p , chapter to chapter. With the Commissioner he can e.g. solve a thriller-story. A more general usage are live stories and multimediatours responding to the users currently location, that also relate directly to current content on the site. Multi-device Location-based / Augmented Reality app with an actual benefit for the user (without stupidly pointing your phone to objects or infront of other peoples face) face).Source:
  4. 4. Cover Stories c/w 12 Let L t me seduce you d AXE has surprised us in the last months with some nice campaigns. All of them were mostly sexy, but also interesting from an marketing perspective. The new campaign is asking which of four angels your favorite is, g g y , or in other words: would you allow yourself to be seduced by an angel? The user has the opportunity to win a date with one of the angels, each representing a g , p g specific (quite manly) attitude: Boxing sport, rock music, casino luxury and muscle cars. Besides a nice visual experience, AXE has set up a neat promo and seeding concept, by introducing separate angels exclusively on diffenrent blogs and portals (combined with raffles), interactive installations (London train station) and even launching an iAd (Agency: BBH London), Facebook page, Twitter account, …Source: p.s. please also notice the very nice scrollingYoutube: behaviour of the website. youtube com/watch?v=QShhXOyDjRMBlogs:Sara:
  5. 5. Cover Stories c/w 12 The Escape M hi Th E Machine Again: A brand embracing its costumers. After welcoming passengers on their return ( ), now passengers-by are getting the chance to win a trip to a dreamlocation. A black cube. A red button. A square in Paris. That‘s the setup of the latest action of french train company Voyages-SNCF to promote their „Escape Service“ on their booking site. People are curious since nothing happens. After saying a location and pushing the button, y g p g the large black box turned into an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza complete with oversized balloons, demonstrating that the service lets you escape to any destination you want on a simple click. click The campaign is nicely integrated into the according Youtube-Video as an interactive button-element that leads you to the microsite and lets you experience a first- y person view of the "Escape Service". There you can try out the machine yourself and hope to win a price (tickets, vouchers).Microsite: Play Pl an id th idea through various channels and h i h l d lead the user to your product in anYoutube: entertaining way. Great user experience.
  6. 6. Cover Stories c/w 13 NFC and mobile payment d bil t Mobile Gadgets, Creditcards and Online- Payment, that‘s the mix for the real future of y , mobile payment. Google presented the next step of mobile service on the Web 2.0 Summit by announcing to cooperate with MasterCard and g p Citigroup on a new mobile payment movement. To push that, NFC is already part of the current Android version and the NEXUS S (and future smartphones) will come out with a built-in NFC-chip (NFC = near field communication). NFC is similar to RFID and transmits data over a short distance. So the new technology will enable POS transactions of a new level, while Google will in return give some more insights on their clients and deliver advertising more target-oriented. Mobile phone is becoming your wallet, your main storage and replacing your keys. POSSource: interaction with the customers in a new and more seamless way. From my perspective NFC won’t fully replace QR Codes and alike (due to distance limitation).
  7. 7. Cover Stories c/w 13 Mini S Mi i Sumo D th t h Deathmatch Austria won third place in the European Championship. No, not in real sports, but in p p , p , robosports: Robot Mini Sumo. The Robotchallenge took place for 8th time in Vienna, where over 270 self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots from 16 , countries fought each other. Alltogether there are 12 disciplines, such as a "Freestyle Exhibition„, where extraordinary and Freestyle Exhibition odd robots have a scene. In the category „Humanoid Sprint“ a robot has to walk along route that is marked on the ground as quickly as possible. poss b e Artificial Intelligence is getting smaller and smaller, easier and easier to handle. This playful pre-phase just needs to be leveraged to everyday usage (with tools like e.g. Arduino).Website:http://www.robotchallenge.orgSource:
  8. 8. Cover Stories c/w 13 Live d direct Li and di t Louis Vuitton stands for class, exclusiveness and extravaganza. To p g promote the new women’s fall/winter fashion the user was heavily engaged in the overall fashion event, from the very beginning until after the end. The website first released a timelapse view of the venues costruction. Several views are edited into one video, where the user can get an exclusive look behind the scenes of that special event. Of course than the actual fashion show is accessible. As a totally awesome 360° video e pe e ce experience! And if that’s not e oug , the user d a s o enough, e use has the chance to get comments on the show directly from the chief designer Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand, Editor-in-Chief of Love Magazine. g This is a nice example of a brand opening up, making itself “super accessible” and letting theSource: user to dive into an immersive brand experience.Microsite:
  9. 9. Cover Stories c/w 13 Social Shopping gone AR S i l Sh i Social Commerce and Augmented Reality were the hype topics of the last time. So it yp p was a matter of time for the first one to combine those two. Swivel from Facecake is a shopping prototype where costumers can virtually try on clothes and accessories. Standing infront of a camera, it recognizes your movement surprisingly good, so that the costumer can p gyg , turn around, come closer and change a virtual bag from one hand to another. To make it social there is of course a facebook connection which generates a post with your photo that can be liked and commented. The future of shopping seems to be a convergence of devices and experiences, giving the costumer a sharable and seamless experience.Source:
  10. 10. Cover Stories c/w 13 Check in! S Ch k i ! Snack out! k t! Finally dogs are benfiting from social media. To be exactly: by the social media activities of y y their owners. One of Germanys biggest dog food company, GranataPet, shows a new social media billboard, that involves their core target group, , g g p, during their core activity: walking the dog. The owner just needs to check in the location of the billboard at foursquare and the dog food comes out of the dispenser automatically. Plain and simply without being the major! And no boring voucher. Simpel and seamless combination of digital, print and outdoor, while being highly relevant.Source:
  11. 11. Cover Stories c/w 13 Google Earth Exhibition G l E th E hibiti NYC based artist Molly Dilworth paints on rooftops, hoping that Google Earth will help p , p g g p her creations find a wider audience. This “exhibition” inspired PSFK to wonder, if rooftops could be a new form of billboards, or if a brand used building rooftops as “pixels,” and placed its logo over a whole city block. Nice thought. It’s about finding creative ways of g y communication and using and re-inventing excisting tools to communicate.Source:
  12. 12. Cover Stories c/w 13 I d ‘t lik F id don‘t like Friday Is it a new trend? No. I think it‘s just a reeeeeeally bad song and video. y g With me over 1,2 mio users dislike 13-yrs old Rebecca Black‘s „Friday“. And by that she overtrew Justin Biebers „Baby , which had Baby“ only 1,16 mio dislikes. Is bad news good news? 1,2 mio dislikes were generated by over 65 mio views In the end views. end, it’s never good to be on the no-go-list...Source:
  13. 13. Cover Stories c/w 13 Payback Jackpot P b kJ k t It‘s one of those simple, yet tricky ideas: how to reach most people in a short time p p without much effort? Payback did it. Their facebook page gained over 70.000 fans within the first 24 hrs, by connecting the liking with a sweepstake. g g p Users/Fans get 100 points as incentive, but the wist at this is, that the jackpot raises by 10 points with every new fan. A promotion of the new facebook page only p p g y took place on the payback main website and on facebook. So the viral aspect of that mechanism was crucial for fast growing fan- community. With a good orchestrated campaign and a simple mechanism, social media gives you the possibility to reach a wide audience in a short time period. Still unanswered is the question about the quality of those generated fans.Source:
  14. 14. Cover Stories c/w 13 Gmail Motion G il M ti Google is awesome. The think of innovative ways of communication and they don’t y y hesitate to realize it. No matter how weird is seems at first, in the end of the day it shows, that google was right, … or maybe … “The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology? Introducing Gmail Motion -- now you can control Gmail with your body.”  posted on April 1stSource:
  15. 15. Goran MinovEmerging Media ManagerMRM WorldwideGroßer Hasenpfad 4460589 F kf t am M i Frankfurt Main