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2.8 factors affecting the use of ict


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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2.8 factors affecting the use of ict

  1. 1. 2.8 Factors affecting the use of ICT
  2. 2.  Cultural Economic Environmental Ethical Legal Social Go to this Linoit page and add issues related to the appropriate factors ◦
  3. 3.  ICT influences the way we interact Some jobs now lack personal contact that employment used to offer (e.g. ATM’s, Teleworking) On the other online communities have allowed for new friendships to develop Cultural material has changed ◦ Music, artwork, pictures, video are now available on mass (youtube, myspace) ◦ Worldwide audience now for atists to express and promote themselves ◦ Celebrities and political figures can now express themselves directly to the public (no middle media) through blogging (wordpress), micro-blogging (Twitter) and social networks (Facebook) Social networking, blogging and micro-blogging has had a huge impact on
  4. 4.  How do companies benefit (financially) from the use of ICT? ◦ Increased productivity ◦ Global market (on-line presence) ◦ Reduced costs ICT can provide competitive advantage to companies but also hinder those less fortunate…..discuss. Digital Divide, those that can afford ICT and those that can’t
  5. 5.  Green computing what’s it all about? ◦ Designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of hardware effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment. ◦ Designing and using software also ( Effects of Teleworking ◦ The 3 R’s ◦ Reduce (paper, ink and other consumables) ◦ Reuse (donate hardware rather than dispose) ◦ Recycle
  6. 6.  Ethics in business ◦ Wasting of company time ◦ Auditing of staff internet usage Ethics in Education ◦ Teachers adding students or parents as friends on social network sites ◦ Computer access for those that can afford (digital divide) does this give those students an advantage over others Ethics in Society ◦ ‘internet is unregulated’ good or bad?  Should sites be policed?  If so by whom?  Who should have the power of censorship? ◦ Laws are different in different countries
  7. 7.  Impacts most organisations Requires procedures to be followed Will have a financial impact on organisations ◦ Security ◦ Managing ◦ Failure to manage ◦ Training
  8. 8.  Teleworking ◦ Family workers ◦ Isolation ◦ Employment ◦ Potentially less jobs available ◦ Shift in skills required in the work place Leisure ◦ New online leisure activities e.g. gaming Communication ◦ New means ◦ Smaller world ◦ Improved speed of ◦ Collaboration Consequences ◦ Recluse ◦ Interpersonal skills ◦ Over dependence ◦ Addiction ◦ Overload of information  Reliability