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This presentation was designed to introduce a new marketing and advertising agency (for the purpose of this example called "TRS Advertising" in order to protect the client\'s proprietary interests). It\'s clean, corporate, and yet beautiful and simple.

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TRS Advertising Agency

  1. 1. A QuickSnapshot presented by February 1, 2099
  2. 2. About TRSTRS has one singular focus: Your success.Recently established by its principal, Jane Doe, TRS recognizeda gap in the experiential marketing industry—strategic planning.Planning has long been a key component of traditionaladvertising and marketing. However, as brand connections andexperiences have become an equal or primary mechanism forreaching key audiences, the strategy and planning for integratedmarketing, including an experiential platform, is often missing.
  3. 3. About TRSScope:• Whether a national campaign, one day event, major brand shift, or product launch… you need a plan.• TRS creates plans, teams, and solutions in collaboration with you.We:• Define the real objective(s)• Conduct industry and audience research• Brainstorm with key stakeholders• Design an overall strategy• Develop ROI and ROA targets• Create an activation blueprint that will: attract engage extend
  4. 4. How Does TRS Get You There?Innovation. Integration. Partnerships.
  5. 5. InnovationStrategy. Creative. Solutions. Teams.Who you work with is important. Making a difference in the marketplace is not easy.However, working with the right people makes it awesome. We get it. We’ve been there. Wecreate the right team and innovative executions for your challenging objectives. Yourpassion becomes the team’s direction.A great event or experience that achieves targeted results is not enough. Success alsorequires a great process and working relationship. Innovation requires the willingness to lookbeyond what is easy. It may mean taking a risk. Smart risks.Our goals are simple:• Enable you to win – hands-down• Provide a solid platform for long term success• Make you smile along the way
  6. 6. Innovation
  7. 7. Innovation
  8. 8. Innovation
  9. 9. IntegrationStrategy. Creative. Solutions. Teams.There is nothing wrong with being ahead of the curve. Slightly out there. Seeing all sides of the marketing coin. Flipping the coin in the air. And landing on the right side for your needs. Our areas of specialty are:• Brand shifting that moves internal and external audiences from awareness to advocacy. They can’t wait to tell people.• Communications planning that means more than messaging, touch points, and outcomes. It’s also about making it really happen.• Experiential marketing that creates on-going shifts in customer behavior. Now is easy. Keeping it going is much harder.• Integrated teams that act as one nimble extension of you. Every day. All day and night if needed.• Nailing it the first time. You define it.
  10. 10. Integration
  11. 11. Integration
  12. 12. Integration
  13. 13. PartnershipsIndividuals. Companies. International. Local.Many of our recent successful projects are the result of identifying the right people andpartnerships.•Supporting you wherever you need it•At your place or across the oceanSome of the best creative and strategic minds do not work for big agencies. It limits the out-of-the-box thinking and edginess needed to push forward the right idea. By reaching out forthe right ideas, TRS is not limited to pushing people and services who may not be right foryour needs. We shape the support team with the best and brightest.•Not jaded•Simply passionate about the projectAs needed, we engage production support if the scale requires additional bench strength.However, we only partner with proven agencies and companies. We all rest easy.
  14. 14. PartnershipsThe result:•Fresh•Cutting-edge•Most talked-about•Big return
  15. 15. Partnerships
  16. 16. Partnerships
  17. 17. Blueprint Creation is a Logical ProcessBuild customized service platforms based on:• Your goals and objectives• The scope of work and services to be provided• The domestic and/or global requirements
  18. 18. About Jane DoeJane brings a wealth of award winning marketing experiences for bothinternal and external audiences. Recently at My Co., she led strategy, teams,and execution for a number of clients including:•GenSoff – Global campaign design and evolution, major rebranding, andindoor/outdoor tours including social media components, unique reach ofnew targets, and metrics/lead capture•Blabber! – Designed unique rebrand launch experience for consumers andpress that became the most successful element of the overall initiative•Renjax – Developed short and long-term communications plan for movingRenjax to a customer centric organization•Total Life – Created press events that engaged skeptical audiences at CESand NY Auto Show respectivelyPrior to her role at My Co., Jane held leadership roles at MRM Worldwideas Managing Director and Client Strategist. Clients included CBC, Nentel,OnlyVision, Ronda, Accute, Lextar, Mogul, Maxma, Torrot, andEnergetic Arts.
  19. 19. ContactInformation: Jane Doe Principal 555-555-5555
  20. 20. Thank YouTHANKYOU