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Six Cylinders Of Success – “Grab Hold Of Your Destiny”


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These Six Cylinders of Success were taught to me a few years back and I remember when I first was taught this concept, it was a complete GAME CHANGER! When I first started implemented these six cylinders of success there were several AHA moments that allowed me to generate results right away in my business at that time.

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Six Cylinders Of Success – “Grab Hold Of Your Destiny”

  1. 1. January 24th, 2013 Published by: mrmomentumSix Cylinders Of Success– “Grab Hold Of YourDestiny”Six Cylinders Of Success ToAccomplish Anything… Before anything though, you must be clear on “YOUR PURPOSE.” Your purpose or reason why you want to beMAKE SURE YOU READ THIS TO ITS ENTIRETY EVERY successful is the starting point before anything. This is theWORD AND CYLINDER HAS ITS PURPOSE TO HELP YOU most important & crucial step to success in anything you want.SUCCEED IN ANYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE!!! You must have a clear definitive purpose right from the start. If there is nothing driving you then there will be nothing to excite you. Often times it is amazing how so many people want toThese Six Cylinders of Success were taught to me a few years accomplish great things in life and make tremendous amountsback and I remember when I first was taught this concept, of money but that is their only purpose. There must beit was a complete GAME CHANGER! When I first started something so strong and SO GIGANTIC that no matter whatimplemented these six cylinders of success there were several all you see is the eye on the prize. Your reason “WHY” isAHA moments that allowed me to generate results right away everything when it comes to true success with any area of yourin my business at that time. But regardless what type of life.business you own or even what kind of goal you are drivingtowards, these six cylinders of success apply to anything in life Maybe it is your kids and making sure you can provide for themthat you are driving towards. in every which way, maybe you want to have an extraordinary education for your kids that you never had, or maybe you wantIt is amazing how each one of the six cylinders of success plays to retire your parents because you are sick and tired of themits own part but at the same time they all work together at working hard every single day, or maybe you have a lovedone cohesive unit. If just 1 of these six cylinders of success one who is suffering from an illness and the hospital bills arearen’t implemented then whatever your goal you are chasing stacking up, you see your purpose is the starting point and thewill unfortunately crumble. You will be building on quick sand foundation to your true lasting success.if all six cylinders of success are not implemented. I am sure you get the idea, whatever it is it has to stir something inside of you so no matter what you have a W.I.T. MINDSET, a WHATEVER IT TAKES MINDSET. There is a saying I heardFirst Step Before You Can several years ago: “When You Light Yourself On Fire TheImplement The Six Cylinders Of World Will Come Watch You Burn.”Success… Breakdown Of The Six Cylinders Of Success 1
  2. 2. January 24th, 2013 Published by: mrmomentum1st Cylinder Of Success: “CRYSTAL, CLEAR, & COMPELLING Is it going to be a part-time business, some new investments,GOALS” what is going to be your massive leverage? Maybe you want to get in shape and lose some weight, well how are you going to do that? Maybe a gym or even hire a personal trainer to help you with a game plan so you can accomplish that. Whatever area of your life you want to improve you must have massive leverage to assist you.It is amazing how many individuals today want to achieve If you don’t have massive leverage then that is when thegreatness and have true success but they never put it down dreaded L.O.D.I. will take effect. L.O.D.I. is the LAW OFon paper. Goal setting is the essence of your dreams. It is DIMINISHING INTENT. Even if you have a strong purposethe backbone to everything you want to accomplish. It is so in life and have written down your goals but if you don’t havecrucial that whatever you are driving towards that you write massive leverage to help you hold everything together thenthem down. When your goals are written down you are making that is when the Law Of Diminishing Intent will take place.a statement to the universe on what it is that you want. Meaning that everything you are excited about will diminishAt the same time subconsciously you are embedding in your and simple fade away because there was no massive leveragemind and making it crystal clear on what you want. This to help carry you to your success.applies for every single area of your life. Spiritual, Health,Finances, Relationships, & Business goals all have to bewritten down so they can be manifested into reality.You want to have short term & long term goals for every area 3rd Cylinder Of Success: “M.A.P.”of your life, not just a ‘TO DO LIST’ that is just day by day. Buttrue compelling goals that will PULL you towards your dreamsnot PUSH you from your dreams. Remember, life will give youexactly what you ask for, have fun with it but make sure theyare written down and in front of you every single day.A goal not written down is only a wish and wishes don’t cometrue. Stretch yourself with your goals, dream again and itwill ignite a hot burning desire that will PUSH you towardsachievement. A very simple way to write your goals is 7 daygoals, 30 day goals, 90 day goals, and yearly goals. The 3rd cylinder of success is SO CRUCIAL! Now that you2nd Cylinder Of Success: “MASSIVE LEVERAGE” have established your purpose, written your goals, and have massive leverage, now you need a M.A.P., a MASSIVE ACTION PLAN. You have to create a massive action plan to put you on the right course so each of your goals are within reach. “FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL.” Your M.A.P. is where it all begins and this is the defining moment of achievement for your success. There must be a game plan that is in direct reflection to your goals. It is one thing to write down all of your goals but it doesn’t mean anything without a road map. For example I live in San Francisco, if I was planning a road trip to New York I can’t just jump in the car excited and jump on the freeway. That would be nuts! No, I need a road map to know exactly how I am goingThis one is a simple one. Although you now have your reason to get to New York.why you want to succeed and have clear and compelling goals The same thing applies with all of your goals, you must have ayou MUST have massive leverage to accelerate you towards MASSIVE ACTION PLAN to ensure your success towards youryour dreams. You must have a vehicle. For example, if you goals and ultimately fulfill your purpose.want to make more money, well how are you going to do that. 2
  3. 3. January 24th, 2013 Published by: mrmomentum4th Cylinder Of Success: “TRACK & MONITOR” Do you realize that every day we have 80,000 thoughts going thru our mind. CRAZY HUH? But it is true; now imagine having no control over those thoughts. You will be completely scattered. Imagine if you were able to at least be aware of that, of course you won’t be able to control everything that you think about but awareness is the first step to change. Expanding your mindset is more powerful than you can even imagine. Success lies in our daily habits, bad habits are the unlocked door to failure, that’s why we must create new habits and become there slaves. 6th Cylinder Of Success: “ACCOUNTABILITY”As you are heading down your path of success you always wantto take a moment to track your achievements and make surethat you monitor what’s working and what’s not. If you noticesomething off then you might have to tweak a few things beforeyou can move forward. You have to hold yourself accountable. There is a saying: “You have to inspect, what you expect.”While you are seeing goals getting accomplished you haveto celebrate your victories along the way. Celebrating yourvictories will build strong momentum towards everything youare striving towards. Accountability is the final cylinder of success. Although you might have everything above planned out effectively one5th Cylinder Of Success: “EXPAND YOUR MINDSET” thing is for sure, you can’t do it by yourself. Having an accountability partner will assist you on staying on the right course. Distractions and problems will always arise on your journey to success. That is why having a coach or mentor is one of the most effective strategies that you can utilize to keep you aligned with your goals so you can achieve your ultimate purpose. Every powerful leader in our day and in history has always had someone to help them be accountable. This last cylinder of success can be the most beneficial and the most detrimental towards your cause. DO NOT OVERLOOK IT AND HAVE AN EGO! Humility is one of the biggest golden rules towards success in any area of your life. You would be surprised when you do approach someone who you look up to and ask them to hold you accountable how muchIf you want things to change, then you yourself must change. they would be honored to do so. Just take that first step & the Expanding your mindset is one of the most important and laws of nature will fall in your direction.overlooked six cylinders of success. With anything in life,to have more you need to become more. Having the right Let’s Recap…mindset will pull you quicker towards your purpose than you Before anything you must establish your ‘PURPOSE’can even imagine. No matter what area of your life, you haveto be willing to learn some new things to help you grow. 1. CRYSTAL, CLEAR, & COMPELLING GOALSIf you haven’t read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill 2. MASSIVE LEVERAGEthen do it, RIGHT AWAY! In “Think & Grow Rich” Napoleon 3. M.A.P. = Massive Action PlanHill breaks down the science of having the right mindset toaccomplish anything that you could possibly want. Thoughts 4. TRACK & MONITORare things, poverty & riches are an offspring of our thoughts. 5. EXPAND YOUR MINDSET We become what we think about. The key to success is havingthe right mindset, you get your thinking straight, then you can 6. ACCOUNTABILITYliterally do whatever you want. 3
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