Ebook Milking Money Out Of Thin Air From Blogging - "A New Era Of Entrepreneurs"


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Ebook Milking Money Out Of Thin Air From Blogging - "A New Era Of Entrepreneurs"

  1. 1. January 15th, 2013 Published by: mrmomentumMilking Money OutOf Thin Air FromBlogging – A New Era OfEntrepreneurs How does blogging work? Blogging for profits is the new BUZZ for Entrepreneurs And where does one start? Wordlwide. You will discover the basics of how to setup a blog and how it can benefit you either for business or personal usage. Blogging was first introdA New Era Of Entrepreneurs– Milking Money Out Of ThinAir From Blogging by NicholasGuzman uced as weblogs that refer to a “server’s log file.” It was created when web logging hit the virtual market. Since its inception in the mid-1990s, web logging gradually saturated the virtual community making the Internet a viable source of greater information. Generally, blogs are created for personal use. It’s like an online journal, people can write their daily adventures, sentiments, and whatever ideas they want to express online. Blogging also gives you the ability to upload pictures and videos throughout your content. So much more that you canMaking Money Blogging… accomplish just by blogging and that is why making money blogging is one of the hottest trends going on right now within… is one of the hottest trends for entrepreneurs that the online world.is sweeping the online community not just for internetmarketers but for all Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Countless Nevertheless, with the advent of the online businesses,individuals are driving towards other ways of marketing and blogging for business has gradually taken the limelight inattracting new hot prospects to take a look at their offers. providing entrepreneurs a chance to boost their productivity More than ever before a surge of new bloggers are hitting online. This is where the making money blogging concept hasthe online space from every industry on the planet. Soon taken the limelight. Read another one of my recent blog postsblogging will be hand in hand for anyone who is focused on on: Why Bogging is Sweeping Success as The New Internetbranding themselves and promoting their business. Blogging Marketing Tool?for business is the new era for all entrepreneurs and is well on Business blogs are, basically, created to advertise the servicesits way to be one of the largest trends that will hit the online or products of a certain web site or online business in order toworld since Facebook. increase online sales.The biggest questions asked are: 1
  2. 2. January 15th, 2013 Published by: mrmomentum Learning Curve Pitfalls To Be AwareSo how does someone setup a blog? Of For Blogging For Business Or Personal Use…Setting up a blog for your business or personal use is simplerthan most think. If you are brand new and have a gmailaccount a very user friendly Blogging platform is Blogger.comcreated by Google. Blogger.com is an easy way to start fromthe gate. All you need is a user name and account setup andthat’s it. You can customize your Blogging page with several Now, making money blogging is attractive, exciting, andpages to choose from and at the same time monitor when and simple to setup up but let’s talk about some of the pitfalls towhere you traffic is being generated from. Very simple and be aware of that you will encounter along with every singlebasic for anyone to use. individual who sets up their own blogging platform.Option 2 for Making Money Blogging The Downtime For Creating A Strong(HIGHLY RECOMMENED)… Online Presence Blogging…… is what most bloggers setup is a WordPress blog. WordPress … you see if you are brand new and think just because you takes your blogging experience to completely different level. setup everything above that the day you do it large amounts Your readers will truly be left in awe as they log onto your of traffic are going to be pulled your way. IT’S NOT! I wouldwordpress blog because it can virtually be designed anyway rather just be honest. Even though you might have awesomeyou want. Which gives a true self- expression of who you are content that readers will love you still need to understand andand what you are about. Check it out, just go to WordPress.org Learn How Creating Traffic works so you can start makingand you can be setup within minutes with a free account. money blogging. Although free sounds tempting you will be limited on certainfeatures you will not have access to which is explained allthroughout their website. The best option is setting it up fromscratch of which you will need a few things: 1. Your Domain Name. Check out GoDaddy.com $4-$12 2. A hosting account. Check out HostGator.com Baby Plan $7 3. WordPress theme (Woothemes, StudioPress, Themeforest so many it will make your headspin) $20- $100Although you can always get a free WordPress theme it is Meaning, you still have to learn some:highly recommended to purchase a theme because you canaccomplish so much & are highly customizable. Realistically 1. SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION)you can be setup within an hour from Domain, Hosting, & 2. Steps to creating an effective blog post.Setting up your WordPress Theme. So many tutorials onYouTube can be found to help guide you step by step so you 3. Basic Keyword Research & How to do it effectively.can start making money blogging. 4. How to generate backlinks from high ranking websites and other authority blogs? 5. How to write compelling content that will want your readers to keep coming back and more important to BUY STUFF! 2
  3. 3. January 15th, 2013 Published by: mrmomentum 6. How to setup an auto-responder campaign effectively? … is Empower Networks Educational Resources for all who Your entire purpose for blogging for business of are walking down that path of becoming a blogger & internet personal use is not just to write but to create your list. marketer. Empower Network’s Blogging Platform is an An auto-responder account allows you to build your list awesome way to start off. Within 14 months they have created and be in contact with your readers via newsletters or an authority site that ranks tremendously well with the search updates. Check out AWeber but there are many to choose engines to the point where any content you write about can be from. This is a crucial step to blogging for business or ranked on Page 1 of Google within 24 hours creating the kind personal usage. No List = No Results of traffic to your site than you would know what to do with. 7. Syndication from Social Networking This alone will shave off months of setting up your own blog and everything else described in the dreaded pitfalls above. 8. So much more! The Educational Resources Empower Network provides eliminates every single one of those pitfalls. Think about it,The Truth Of Making Money why spend countless hours of your time trying to learn allBlogging You Need To Know! of this from so many different sources when you can have everything you are looking for all tucked into one spot withinThis isn’t to discourage you only to know that it does take Empower Network.a little bit of time making money blogging. But with theright action plan and the right resources you will be wellon your way. Just be aware of the deadly INFORMATION Below are just a few benefits to creating aOVERLOAD! You will discover so many places to learn about Blogging Platform w/ Empower Network:every single one of these pitfalls for new bloggers but manynewbies get caught up with spending money in so manydifferent places only confusing themselves and unfortunatelygiving up never making money blogging.Just be cautious on the learning curve not just for you but foryour brand new website blog you just created. Your bloggingplatform will take a little time for it to gain authority andbecome recognized in the search engines so you can rank onpage 1 of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 1) Authority Blog (TAKE A LOOK AT ALEXA.com TOP 250 SITES IN US & 500 WORLDWIDE) 2) Already Setup 3) Option For Your Own Layout (HEADERS, PAGES, WIDGETS) 4) Educational Resources to Help With All The Pitfalls 5) Become A Blogging King or Queen… lol 6) Become A Master Internet MarketerAnother Alternative To Get Up & 7) Training From Six Figure Monthly EarnersRunning Right Away With Your 8) Freedom To Promote Anything You WantBlogging Platform… 9) Support for Virtually Anything 10) Most Important: A Community of People Just Like You. The relationships & contacts you can meet within Empower Network go above & beyond just Empower Network. 11) A chance to earn 100% commissions as well while you are promoting own business Let’s talk about number 11 really quickly. Although you don’t have to market Empower Network and can just setup the extremely powerful blogging system for just $25 to get started. So many people will one day ask you how it works and how 3
  4. 4. January 15th, 2013 Published by: mrmomentumthey can get setup for their own business needs. Referral me on my contact form with any questions you might have.marketing & social networking is powerful! Also take a look at an added bonus you receive from Day 1 on top of everything you receive from Empower Network. OurImagine, if that one person gets setup thru you and gets Private Resource Center & Team Bonus is designed to ensureaccess to the exact same education resources that you do thru your success from Day 1!Empower Network, you would receive a $25 residual incomeevery single month just from 1 person. Now your blogging Good Luck & Enjoy the Free Video!platform is free! In Your Success, - Nick GuzmanThat right there is SUPER BADASSERY! PS. You can contact me by clicking on the link to my contact form if you have any questions. Also just like the video explained take a preview at our special resource site & team bonus that you will receive on top of everything you get with Empower Network.But if you just want to take advantage of the blogging platformprovided and the educational resources that’s ok to. But nomatter what Empower Network is a game changer and is worthtaking a look at. Imagine, in a little over a year EmpowerNetwork has paid out over $20 million in commissions in over170 countries, crazy HUH?Even myself, I utilize the resources within Empower Networkto educate me for my other business’ and the results havebeen TREMENDOUS. I remember to when I first came aboutEmpower Network just hearing the buzz but not knowing formyself what it was all about. So one day I clicked on the yellowbutton and entered my email address where I watched a free20 minute video showing me what all the hype was.It was finally clear to me like the water in Cancun, Mexico andthat’s when I discovered the simplicity of the entire conceptof what Empower Network was doing and how it can benefitme in anything I do. And I gotta say there are no regrets…but I do think about what would of happened if I never clickedthat yellow button and discovered what I did. That would ofsucked!So below you need to click on that same yellow buttonandwatch this free 20 minute video for yourself, not me or anyoneelse, BUT FOR YOU! Get access below & feel free to contact 4