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What NOT to Do On a Date With a Girl - 3 First Date Blunders That Blow it


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The following slides reveal 3 crucial tips on
what not to do on a date with a girl.

If you want to create attraction with a girl on your first date,
and you're wondering what to do on your first date with a girl...
then you better learn these first date mistakes.

These first date blunders are things almost all guys do during
an awkward silence that actually LOWERS attraction in the girl
they're with.

So scroll up and look through the material in these slides.

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What NOT to Do On a Date With a Girl - 3 First Date Blunders That Blow it

  1. 1. What NOT to Do On a Date With a Girl – 3 Blunders That Blow it Avoiding the Friend Zone By Eliminating THESE First Date Mistakes
  2. 2. In these slides, you're going to learn what NOT to do on a date with a girl. The 3 blunders I'm going to reveal blow your chances on a first date... so you really want to avoid them.
  3. 3. Before I give you the *magic* word-for-word lines that create attraction in your first date... you MUST eliminate these 3 mistakes, otherwise those lines will NEVER work.
  4. 4. In fact, eliminating mistakes is the quickest and most powerful way to start triggering attraction in women.
  5. 5. This is ESPECIALLY the case with a girl that sees you as a meek, "nice" friend right now. Once you eliminate these deadly attraction-killing behaviors, she will start feeling a new attraction towards you that she can't explain... Simply because you stopped doing certain behaviors that were suffocating attraction and killing your chances.
  6. 6. Alright. Enough messing around. Let's talk about the mistakes...
  7. 7. The first mistake is...
  8. 8. Mistake #1: Trying Too Hard
  9. 9. Remember this: The person who tries the hardest is the one who holds the least power. If a girl holds more power than you... it's nearly impossible for her to want to sleep with you. It aint gonna happen.
  10. 10. Why? Because it goes against the "nature" of sexual chemistry. When the woman holds more power than you, sexual chemistry cannot happen... so when she *feels* that she has more power than you in the interaction, her attraction for you PLUMMETS.
  11. 11. For example: When the average guy falls into an awkward silence with a girl, he tries too hard to come up with stuff to say... and the girl quickly senses this.
  12. 12. Next time you fall into an awkward silence, here's what you need to do instead: It's a game Rob Judge calls "Playing Chicken.”
  13. 13. Next time you fall into an awkward silence with a girl, don't force yourself to just say something. Make up the little game of seeing which person breaks the silence first. Understand?
  14. 14. You want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the tension. And then... Let THE GIRL be the one to try to keep the conversation moving forward.
  15. 15. Here's what this does: You keep the tension going and the girl ends up being the person who tries harder. EMBRACE the tension and the silence, don't be afraid of it! Let HER get the URGE to fill the silence with something… and then she starts to rationalize "I feel like I'm trying hard with this guy which means I must like him"
  16. 16. Mistake #2: Nervous Voice Insecurities
  17. 17. Have you ever felt like you were riding an awesome confident wave -- until the girl you liked showed up... and BAM you got a bit nervous and became less social and confident?
  18. 18. This also happens when you're out with a girl on a date and you get nervous about making the "right impression"
  19. 19. And then... it shows up in your voice... which has a HUGE effect on how a girl sees you...
  20. 20. For example, a problem I would get is my voice getting lower in volume whenever I talked to a girl I had feelings for... And then when the girl asked me to "speak up" I would always feel so WEAK and self-conscious.
  21. 21. Another way nervousness gets to your voice is by making your voice go up in pitch. This makes it sound less manly, and too appeasing and accomodating with people.
  22. 22. Mistake #3: Letting The Girl LEAD
  23. 23. One mistake that STOPS you from escalating a date into a make-out session or a lay, is letting the girl lead.
  24. 24. You see, you want a date to follow what's called a leader-follower frame… where YOU play the leader. If you instead let the girl play the “leader role” for too long in the leader-follower dynamic… then it will get “stuck” that way and she WON'T follow you whenever you try to lead and escalate later on in the date. Make sense?
  25. 25. For example: If you get in the car and ask the girl "what kinda music do you like" and you turn the knob to her station, it's letting her lead. Even though it's very very subtle, doing this at the beginning of a date sets a precedent that she will lead and it will KILL your chances in the long run.
  26. 26. A worse example is letting the girl lead on where you two are going. Asking her "where do you want to go? What are you in the mood for?" is a big big mistake that puts the ball in her court and setting the PRECEDENT that she is the one that will lead the interaction dynamic.
  27. 27. You want yourself to be in the MASCULINE role, NOT HER!
  28. 28. Again, if you want to "make things happen" when the end of the date comes, you're going to want to STEER your date to have a leader-follower dynamic where YOU are the leader.
  29. 29. An example of being the leader is to say "let's go here" or "we're going here"
  30. 30. Another example of leading is to just play music in your car without even asking. Even if you like rap, and she doesn't... but you really get into it, then she's going to enjoy it, because it's YOUR PERSONALITY that she finds fun. Get what I mean?
  31. 31. And then as you lead… the girl is going to join in and be the feminine counterpart to your masculine energy... sexual chemistry will occur... and you will have more power and success in your interactions with women.
  32. 32. Ok I promised I was going to give you word-for- word lines... So I have a FREE report for you that reveals lines to say to girls to create attraction...
  33. 33. And then as you lead… the girl is going to join in and be the feminine counterpart to your masculine energy... sexual chemistry will occur... and you will have more power and success in your interactions with women.
  34. 34. Word-for-Word Lines for Getting Girls: FREE 23 Page Manuscript Reveals Exactly What To Say to Make Her Want You Inside this Free Report, you will learn: The #1 mistake men make that prevent a conversation from turning sexual (page 8) How to create "conversation momentum" by using a "role" (page 11) How to ESCALATE a conversation into a sexual topic that gets her excited to keep talking to YOU. (page 17)
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