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Send THIS Good First Text to a Girl You Like


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If you're looking for a good first text to a girl you like, then you'll want to read this presentation as I reveal the *magic* first text that I send to every girl as soon as I get her number.

This wickedly effective text works so well because it nails
the TWO elements that help you go for the date later in the
text conversation.

So if you want a great first text to send a girl, you'll want
to scroll up and go through the slides above.

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Send THIS Good First Text to a Girl You Like

  1. 1. Send THIS Good First Text to a Girl You Like By: Frankie Cola The Word-for-Word First Text I Send to Every Girl I Meet… and the 2 Things You MUST Nail in Your First Text
  2. 2. If you feel stuck trying to come up with a good first text to a girl you like, then you'll want to go through this slideshow because I'm going to reveal the word-for-word first text I send to every girl... And it sets me up perfectly for a date...
  3. 3. Let's Face it... Most men struggle to come up with a good first text to a girl In fact, whenever they finally end up getting a girl's number, most of us "average guys" consider that a significant "victory" It's an EVENT!
  4. 4. Therefore, it's safe to say most of us “average” guys don't have enough experience with the “process” of raising a girl's “buying temperature” over text… and then closing the deal and getting her out.
  5. 5. So in this presentation, I'm going to show you 2 elements for an effective first text that aims to prime the girl to getting her out.
  6. 6. 2 Elements to Include In Your First Text
  7. 7. 1. Your Name This one's easy -- give her you name somewhere in your text.
  8. 8. You see, one of the specific steps you need to satisfy before getting a girl out is the "connection" step.
  9. 9. When you satisfy these steps in order... it makes the girl picture you in her mind as a guy she can picture going on a date with... or having some fun, casual sex with... And the "connection" step is one of them.
  10. 10. It not only works with girls... but salesmen also do this "connection" step before "closing the deal" (getting you to make a decision of investing in something)
  11. 11. Similarly, you use connection as one of your steps to get the girl to see you as a desirable person to "invest" in.
  12. 12. Therefore, by giving her your name, it's a simple step towards that "connection" because you allow her to see you as a person she can relate to and not as "that random dude she met at the bar."
  13. 13. 2. The Text Must Spark an Emotion in Her Going back to the salesman analogy... another one of the steps you take in your mind before buying something... is emotionally feeling attraction towards that product.
  14. 14. Same goes with the girl you're texting. One of the steps you take before trying to get a girl out is sparking an emotion in the girl.
  15. 15. If she's an attractive girl, chances are she has a pack of other men texting her and rabidly competing for her attention.
  16. 16. Fortunately for you, most men don't take the time to learn the attraction and texting skills that you're learning right now. ...So they end up sending boring, predictable texts that NEVER trigger feelings in the girl.
  17. 17. But not you, my friend... because you're learning how to craft texts that are WICKEDLY EFFECTIVE at sparking female emotions, and you will stand out from all the other guys texting her!
  18. 18. Now, to spark an emotion in a girl, it doesn't mean that you make your texts emotional. No, it's a text that gets her feeling emotional. Want an example? Here, I'll give you an example...
  19. 19. “Hey [her name], [your name] here… save this number… it’s the most important one you'll ever get. :)” (Credit: Gareth Jones — One of the Jedi Text Masters of the world) One of the Best First Texts to Send to a Girl After Getting Her Number
  20. 20. In case you're nuts, let me remind you to replace [her name] with HER actual name, and [your name] with YOUR actual name
  21. 21. This is the first text that I send to almost every girl immediately after I get her number. It's a simple, but effective text that especially works really well with the girls you meet on the POF or OkCupid dating sites.
  22. 22. 1. You give her your name and connect 2. Yet you spark her emotions by being confident with your "cocky-funny" remark that yours is the most important number she'll ever get It's good first text to send to a girl you like. Two Reasons This Text is Awesome
  23. 23. One thing I've found is that, sure a lot of guys have trouble sending the first text to a girl... but what they REALLY struggle with is coming up with what to say NEXT… after the first text. I Sent the First Text to a Girl And She Responded... Now What?
  24. 24. Would you like to know how to smoothly "steer" that first text into a "text conversation?"
  25. 25. Here's A Free Report That Gives You 3 Word-For-Word Texts That Start Fun Text Conversations ● Start a fun "attraction-creating" text conversation that leads to a date ● Get a girl to text you back (Page 4) ● Kickstart a text conversation with a girl you haven't texted in MONTHS You can use any of these texts to...
  26. 26. These 3 texts give the girl an “intense” curiosity that compels her to text you back. That's why the report is called… “The Girl Doesn't Text Back Cheat Sheet” ==> Click Here to learn the “3 hook texts” that get a girl to text you back
  27. 27. Read Free Articles on Dating and Lifestyle Advice on Blog Article: “The Secret to a Good First Text to a Girl You Like”