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If You Are Not Her Type, Here's How to Attract Her


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Worried that you're not her type and can never make her like you?

If you are not her type, you should know that what a girl SAYS her "type" is DOESN'T MATTER.

Why? Because that's not how attraction works.

Go through the slideshow to learn how to attract women and a trick to determine if she likes you.

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If You Are Not Her Type, Here's How to Attract Her

  1. 1. If You Are Not Her Type, Here's How to Attract Her By: Frankie Cola How You Can Still Attract a Woman Even if She Says You're Not Her Type
  2. 2. Ever been worried about not being "her type" and it stopped you from getting that girl you REALLY wanted? If you are not her type... or you think you aren't, read on, because I'm about to blast the "not her type" myth out of the water...
  3. 3. Let's start with this question from a reader...
  4. 4. ***Question From a Reader*** I like this hot white girl, but some people say that white girls don’t like black guys and I’m black, but I want to get that girl I wish to have. What do I do? Thanks - S
  5. 5. >>>My Comments Hey S, one of the most common "objections" I get in emails from men seeking dating advice sounds something like this: “How do I create attraction in a girl if.. ● I'm this nationality ● I'm this ethnicity ● I'm this type of guy ● I'm short ● I'm not the “ideal” good-looking guy ● I'm poor What do I do?”
  7. 7. You see, I've spent several years trying to figure out the "women and attraction" part of my life... During this time, I learned several very important "attraction fundamentals" that you need to know if you want to truly master women and dating. These are secrets that most men will never learn and because of it, they will keep failing with women.
  8. 8. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: The following insights are the KEY to creating attraction in women EVEN if she says you're not "her type".
  9. 9. 1. First, there will be girls who won't like you, no matter what you do. Don't pay attention to those, and focus on the ones who want you. That being said...
  10. 10. 2. A girl's feelings for you are not "written in stone". This is why a girl can act sweet and loving one day, only to become cold and distant the next day. This is because...
  11. 11. 3. Girls act based on their EMOTIONS. Women go with whatever they feel for you, and only AFTERWARD do they come up with an excuse to justify their behavior. This means that...
  12. 12. 4. If a girl doesn't have feelings for you, she will give you excuses for why she can't date you… EVEN if you fit the description of the type of guy women dream about being in a relationship with. Likewise, if a girl DOES have feelings for you, she will ignore the fact that you are not "her type" and she will DESIRE to date you and even obsess over you.
  13. 13. It all depends on whether or not you are able to TRIGGER ATTRACTION in her
  14. 14. For example, a girl might say "I just don't date black guys" until one day she meets a black guy that makes her feel an attraction she can't control and she hooks up with him. What happens now is that she rationalizes in her mind "I do date black guys." It's like she's rewriting her own "rules" based on her BEHAVIOR.
  15. 15. This is the psychological principle called “Commitment and Consistency”. Her "beliefs" have to be consistent with her actions and she will "backwards change" her beliefs to match her behavior. Funny how that works, huh? This leads us to the most important principle you need to know about attraction...
  16. 16. 5. Attraction isn't something women CHOOSE to have for you, it's something that gets TRIGGERED in her body that she can't control. You don't even have to be rich, tall, handsome, white, black, asian, have a car, or even have a job... to create attraction...
  17. 17. All that matters is what you do in that MOMENT when you interact with the girl. Are you being clear with your intent? Are you free from outcome? Are you rockin' positive emotions with your vibe? Are you projecting masculinity into her? The answers to these are reflected in your vibe, body language, and the facial micro-expressions you give out that she detects after which she instinctively gets attracted to you... or not.
  18. 18. Having the knowledge of these simple micro- expressions and body language cues will give you a big advantage in your quest to start attracting the kind of women you want into your life. In particular, I'd like to show you a “trick” you can do on a woman to read her body language and test whether she feels chemistry for you...
  19. 19. Here's a “TEST" You Can Do On Any Girl to Determine Her Attraction Level For You If you're struggling to determine if a girl feels attraction for you, here's a simple move you can do on any girl to instantly know if she likes you. ==> click here to learn the move (it's free)