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How to Turn Your Female Friend into Your Girlfriend


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Wondering how to turn your female friend into your girlfriend before you lose your chance?

This slideshow reveals 2 BIG MISTAKES that stop you from getting physical with women.

You will also learn the "Scrambler" technique that changes her opinion of you and gets her to imagine "getting physical" with you.

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How to Turn Your Female Friend into Your Girlfriend

  1. 1. How to Turn Your Female Friend into Your Girlfriend By: Frankie Cola 2 Big Mistakes That Stop You From Getting Physical With Women
  2. 2. Tired of getting stuck in the friend zone with that amazing woman that you like? If women keep friend-zoning you, it's probably because you are doing 2 BIG MISTAKES that stop you from getting physical with women.
  3. 3. You see, these 2 mistakes make her see you only as a friend. They make it IMPOSSIBLE for her to think of you as someone she might get physical with. The possibility of sex with you NEVER gets on her mind...
  4. 4. Keep making these mistakes, and you will keep getting friend-zoned by your female friends. Or... eliminate these mistakes and start getting women to visualize getting physical with you.
  5. 5. Now let me share with you a question I got from a student...
  6. 6. ***Question*** I am 22 years old. I am very shy and I am introverted. When I have women as friends, I am always in the friend zone. There’s a particular girl, and we always talk about school, work, or something that happened. That’s it. It’s like impossible to me to talk more intimate with women. I also observed that they always want to be just my friend.
  7. 7. My entire life was like women and I have to go to school together, work together, share acquaintances, share friends, and that’s it. Me as a potential boyfriend… I was NEVER in that place. I am tired of seeing other men have a girlfriend like it’s a very normal thing.
  8. 8. To me, it’s almost impossible to have a girlfriend. The reason is, I always stay in a my corner. In addition, the few female friends that I have just consider me like I was one of their female friends. I am not effeminate and I am handsome enough. However, the women I know always preferred other men. It sounds like I am not a man to them.
  9. 9. It seems that they just see me as a friend and just a friend. It looks like I will never be enough for a woman to be her boyfriend. I am desperate and depressed. I have never seen a sign that a woman or a girl of my entourage likes me as a man that can be their boyfriend. – Jean
  10. 10. >>>My Comments Hey Jean, Here are two big mistakes men make with women already attracted to them. These mistakes ruin your chances of turning a girl who likes you into your girlfriend.
  11. 11. Mistake #1: Waiting For More "Proof" That She Likes You Before Making a Move On Her You won't succeed by sitting around all day waiting for the woman to make a move on you. Instead, take control and LEAD the situation to where you want it to go. It's a RISK you have to take. But the man is the one who has to take that risk.
  12. 12. See, masculine energy is all about leading, taking risks, and making things happen. This is what you have to do. When you take the initiative by asking her out or by shamelessly showing your intent with her… you are being MASCULINE. This also shows her you have confidence… and she will appreciate you for it.
  13. 13. Feminine energy, on the other hand, is about waiting around to be lead and reacting. Some women will wait for you to lead them and will never let you know they like you even if they really do.
  14. 14. If you "play it safe" by ● "pussy-footing" around long text conversations and waiting too long to get her out ● never attempting to flirt in a sexual way because you're afraid she'll get offended ● never trying to kiss her to avoid rejection ● procrastinating with "making your move" Then that is UN-MASCULINE behavior.
  15. 15. If you act un-masculine, you won't be able to create enough "masculine-feminine polarity" to make your interactions with women “pop”… And when your interactions lack masculine-feminine polarity, women NEVER get a chance to feel attraction for you. Instead, you end up with “safe”, boring interactions reserved for the nice guy friend she has no feelings for. (In these “safe” interactions, she puts on her good girl “side” and never reveals her “naughty” side to you)
  16. 16. That's why acting with masculine energy is so important to getting women to open up sexually to you. Now, while it's very important to be ballsy, take risks, and be shameless with your intent, you still have to avoid the following mistake...
  17. 17. Mistake #2: Revealing Your Feelings For Her in a Weak, Low-Status Way I know, I know, I just mentioned in mistake #1 how men wait too long without making a move... ...But if you show your interest like a weak beta- male does, then she will run away from you fast. Why? Because women don't feel attraction towards men who act WEAK and don't value themselves.
  18. 18. When a guy (who is feeling fearful and insecure)… falls in love with a girl… the same tragic story follows. I bet you’ve experienced it just like I have.
  19. 19. Here is the 15-Step Tragedy of How “Wussy” Men Typically Meet, Fall in Love With, and Reveal Their Feelings For a Woman
  20. 20. 7. As the psychic tension inside you accumulates, you get a strong urge to break this tension by revealing how you feel about her. 8. You reveal your feelings to her, possibly accompanied with a “Grand Gesture” act – (this is an act where you buy her flowers, or you give her a gift, or you write her a poem, or you draw a cheesy portrait of her face, etc…) 9. She says she doesn't feel the same way about you and gives you the “let's just be friends” talk
  21. 21. Is any of this ringing a bell? Because if it is, I can relate to what you’re going through. You see, I’ve been through all this myself. Multiple times.
  22. 22. Yes, I even did the "drawing a portrait of her face” grand gesture move for a girl. (that’s a story for a different newsletter)
  23. 23. But now the critical question is: How do you break this cycle and start becoming more than “just another friend” with the kind of women you REALLY want? And how do you stop being more than JUST the friend while some “bad boy” gets to have his way with her without even trying?
  24. 24. Here's how to break that cycle...
  25. 25. You know how in steps 5 through 7 above, I mentioned the "psychic tension" you feel when you start really falling for a girl and you start obsessing about her all the time? You have to FLIP IT AROUND, and make HER feel the psychic tension. You want to make her be the one thinks about you over and over again because she feels irresistibly attracted to you.
  26. 26. Here's how to make that happen...
  27. 27. My friends Bobby and Rob discovered that there are 12 specific attraction weapons you can use over and over again to create this psychic tension in her mind. They figured out a specific sequence to use these attraction weapons. They called it “The Scrambler”...
  28. 28. If you want to escape the friend zone with that “hard to get” girl… The Scrambler is the technique that transforms her opinion of you so that she starts picturing you as someone she would get sexual with, and not just a platonic friend. ==> Click Here to Discover the Scrambler