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How to Text a Girl You Like: 2 Basic Rules You Need to Follow to Turn Phone Numbers into Dates, Sex, and Relationships


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How to text a girl you like.

Follow these 2 basic rules if you want to AVOID girls not responding,
while TRIPLING your chances of getting her out, and making her
your girlfriend.

The first basic principle is that your texts must get answer. A cute, friendly woman that you fall for also has other guys falling for her... and other guys constantly texting her. Since she has an abundance of guys to choose from, you absolutely MUST stand out if you want to spark her emotions and get her to text back.

The second basic principle deals with your purpose.

Your end game is to ask a girl out over text. You want her face to face with you. So you can kiss her.

If this is your main goal of texting this girl... then you should propose a meet up with the girl, sooner rather than later.

You see, most guys make the mistake of texting with a girl for way too long. The reason is that they wait for more "proof" that the girl likes them... and because of this, they fail to pull the trigger and ask her to meet up.

This lag in inviting her out, makes the girl's attraction for you fade. You are basically texting yourself into the friend zone... and then sometimes... the girl doesn't text back, which drives you CRAZY.

To summarize the two principles for texting a girl... 1. it is important to stand out from the competition (you do it by being different and sparking her emotions) and 2. ask her out through text as soon as possible.

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How to Text a Girl You Like: 2 Basic Rules You Need to Follow to Turn Phone Numbers into Dates, Sex, and Relationships

  1. 1. How to Text a Girl you Like: 2 Basic Rules You Need to Follow to Turn Phone Numbers into Dates, Sex, and Relationships By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. A few years ago, I would go out to meet girls every weekend, and I would usually end up with a couple phone numbers... yet my excitement would quickly dwindle to frustration because I couldn't convert those numbers into ANYTHING.
  3. 3. No dates, no sex, and sometimes, not even a RESPONSE. I could have texted a random number from the yellow pages and would have gotten the same EMPTY result!
  4. 4. Fast forward a few years later... Now, after a few years getting myself together and figuring out the "women and dating" part of my life, I've realized that the most important "texting advice" can be summarised with just two rules that you can follow.
  5. 5. When you follow these two rules, you will quickly, and successfuly turn girl numbers into fun dates... over and over again... with each new girl you meet.
  6. 6. Ok, let's begin with the first rule...
  7. 7. Rule #1: Your very first texts have to stand out, otherwise, she will think you are like every other typical guy who is texting her
  8. 8. If you are texting a girl you want to attract, you owe it to yourself to stop for a second, and imagine what it's like to be her. (If you don't do this... you're already toast. You learn INCREDIBLY valuable insights when you picture a girl's point of view...)
  9. 9. You see, a smart and beautiful quality girl already has guys texting her from left and right. This experience means she is used to all types of text conversations with guys - fun conversations, and boring conversations.
  10. 10. Now, because she is so used to this... she can precisely DETECT whether a conversation is going to be BORING. And let me tell you, most of the typical texts a girl gets are of the BORING variety.
  11. 11. But, that is good news for you, my friend, because this makes it so easy for you to STAND OUT and be the guy who actually knows how to trigger her emotions such that she ignores all the other guys and gives YOU her full attention... (if you know how to do it).
  12. 12. See, most of the guys fighting for her attention don't know how to trigger her emotions in a way that gets her interested... and they even send texts that signal low status... without them even realizing it. (For some examples of low status texts, watch this "3 worst texts" slideshow) Instead, why not make them fun and unique?
  13. 13. Onward to the second rule. And this second rule is actually the whole purpose of texting.
  14. 14. Rule #2: The Purpose of Texting is to Eventually Meet!
  15. 15. Let me tell you something, triggering a girl's emotions is the first valuable skill you need to hone if you want to turn phone numbers into meet-ups.
  16. 16. But, but, but... if you can't CLOSE.. you will only end up having text conversations where girls seem excited to talk to you at first, but then the attention she gives you will slowly fade away... Until she starts responding with boring, two-word texts… or doesn't even text back.
  17. 17. Therefore, you must, must, must always aim to propose a meetup, and CLOSE the interaction, so you can get the girl out face to face with you.
  18. 18. Always Be Closing!
  19. 19. Here's something most guys miss: To a girl, there is something that's called "window of opportunity" to get her out.
  20. 20. This means a girl can feel chemistry with you, and she may even really like you… But if you never take things to the next level, she will convince herself that “you must not be the one or something would have happened already" And then her anticipation and interest will fade....
  21. 21. What this means for you, is that, you've got to invite her to meet up with you somewhere face to face, sooner rather than later. Cool?
  22. 22. If a girl doesn’t text back, it is an extremely powerful tactic to use an EMOTION CREATING TEXT that COMPELS her to text you back… Specifically, a specific CURIOSITY-creating text will do the trick. How to Make a Girl Text You Back
  23. 23. How to Make a Girl Text You Back So I went on and created a PDF “cheat sheet” with word-for-word examples of these curiousity creating texts. It's called 3 Types of Hook Texts to Get Her to Text Back…
  24. 24. 3 Types of Hook Texts That Get Her to Text Back It’s a Free PDF report, and you can click here to get it. Go ahead and read it… I know you’ll get something useful from it. Specifically, the texts on page 4 of the report have proven to be very effective in getting a girl to text you back.