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How to Make Her Your Girlfriend


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When you discover your lady friend likes you, it can be very awesome and your mind gets flooded with fantasies of
the future.

However, you want more than just a fling. How do you get serious with her?

If you want to learn how to make her your girlfriend, go through this slideshow where you'll learn the exact behaviors that get a girl chasing you to make you her boyfriend.

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How to Make Her Your Girlfriend

  1. 1. How to Make Her Your Girlfriend By: Frankie Cola The Exact Behaviors You Need to do to Get a Girl Intensely Attracted to You, Pursuing You, and Asking You to Be Her Boyfriend
  2. 2. A smart, beautiful girl you can't stop thinking about also has feelings for you. Awesome.
  3. 3. But now you want to know how to make her your girlfriend. How do you make her ALL YOURS?
  4. 4. If you want to go from just a "fling" to a "serious thing", then read on. Pay close attention to this slideshow, you're going to learn how to turn a girl you like into your girlfriend.
  5. 5. You will learn... ● the right and wrong way to text a girl you're seeing (You're probably doing it wrong) ● the exact behaviors you need to do to get her intensely attracted to you, pursuing you, and asking you to be her boyfriend ● the BIG mistake men make that sabotages their chances of making a girl want to be their girlfriend (I hope you're not making this mistake)
  6. 6. Okay let's get on with it. Here's the first question...
  7. 7. >>>My Comments Ok Vince, I suggest you hold on to something because here comes some tough love… This girl is attracted to you. It's kinda obvious. She LIKES YOU man! But you are messing things up by acting too much like a woman!
  8. 8. If she feels attraction for you, it means you did something in the past to trigger that attraction (so good job!) But now you're stumbling to get to the next step of getting into a "relationship" with her, because you're doing things COMPLETELY WRONG.
  9. 9. It's not your fault though. It really isn't. You see, society, the media, and Hollywood movies brainwash you on how "love" and "relationships" are supposed to happen. This is what trips you up and gets you into trouble.
  10. 10. Ever since we are little boys, we get bombarded with movies and stories about the nice guy who gets the girl by chasing her, buying her gifts, and revealing his feelings for her. And then when the girl realizes the boy likes her, she magically feels attracted to him somehow. But this NEVER works in real life.
  11. 11. Most of the time that you share your feelings with your crush, or talk about "getting serious" or ask her about her feelings for you... it only gets her TURNED OFF!
  12. 12. Why? Because as you'll soon find out, these behaviors are actually FEMININE in nature. And they RUIN the masculine-feminine polarity that creates attraction between the two of you. And when you go from acting like a confident man who's very secure to acting like a little girl who's worried sick... she loses ALL attraction for you.
  13. 13. That's why when you're early into a relationship, you should never get "serious" about your feelings for her, and you should never ask her if you two can be boyfriend-girlfriend.
  14. 14. Instead, here's what you should do... Only focus on creating FUN romantic experiences where you get physical... without any attachments or expectations.
  15. 15. Because once you start bringing up "relationship talk"... yes she might seem sweet with it in person... but soon you'll notice her get cold and distant over text. (This is a HUGE sign of fading attraction)
  16. 16. Here's the Correct Way to Make Her Your Girlfriend If you ● Handle yourself with masculine behavior... ● Correctly set up dates (only about once a week) and get physical with her... ● And if you never feel that emotional NEED to make her your girlfriend... ...then her attraction-level will keep rising and rising until she can't take it anymore and she starts asking you questions like "so... what are we?"
  17. 17. You see, it is the girl who should act feminine and want to bond with you. That's the natural path to forming an “official” relationship.
  18. 18. Now if you can relate with Vince's situation, then you'll really resonate with the next "how to make her your girlfriend" question.
  19. 19. >>>My Comments Joseph, come on man... you started off well with this girl… You focused only on having great time... and this got her attracted to you... But now you’re getting into the type of thinking that ruins attraction!
  20. 20. You are thinking of how do I make things “get serious” and that's a BIG NO-NO! Instead, you should be thinking “how do I aim for another fun experience with her?”
  21. 21. Here's something most men never "get"... When you aim for a girl's "boyfriend zone"... it actually pushes you away into the “JUST FRIENDS” ZONE. This happens when you show her that you want to be in a serious relationship with her.
  22. 22. Instead, you should go for the "LOVER ZONE" How? By only focusing on hanging out, having fun, and hooking up. That's it.
  23. 23. "But what if she thinks I only want her for sex?" Look, it's OK if she thinks you only want to bang her. In fact, it's actually BETTER if she does. Wait what??
  24. 24. I'll let you in on a little secret... One thing I've seen over and over again throughout several years of studying the topic of “women and dating” is that most girls who end up in a relationship with a guy usually think he only wants her for "fun" at the beginning. That's right. And here's what this means for you: It means that EVEN if you want to be her boyfriend eventually, focus first on having fun and getting physical with her.
  25. 25. Because once you let those romantic feelings come in too soon, you start to lose. You will start having thoughts of "she is special"… and “she is different”... and then you will start texting too much, you'll start getting jealous of other guys she might like, and you'll likely ruin the attraction in a downward spiral of neediness. That's why you should come from a strong core of abundance. And you should leave the "getting into a relationship" department to the girl (this is the feminine energy remember)
  26. 26. It’s very simple, but men get into trouble when those "needy" emotions kick in and they feel like they urgently need to get into a relationship with the girl. But once you start acting like the "future boyfriend" and you attempt to lock her down as your girlfriend... she starts sensing that desperation and her attraction for you quickly disappears. So don't do that.
  27. 27. Instead, let her bring up the relationship talk when she's attracted to you enough. How to attract her enough? By not being needy, not blowing up her phone, and not trying to lock her down into being your girlfriend. I hope you're with me here.
  28. 28. Now if you're struggling to determine if a girl has feelings for you… listen up.
  29. 29. Here's a “TEST" You Can Do On Any Girl to Determine Her Attraction Level For You If you're struggling to determine if a girl feels attraction for you, here's a simple move you can do on any girl to instantly know if she likes you. ==> click here to learn the move (it's free)