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How to Make a Girl Want You Sexually


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If you want to learn the secret to making a girl want you sexually, pay attention to this slideshow as it reveals the 1 DEADLY mistake men make that stops women from feeling sexual attraction for you.

In particular, you will learn 8 "good boyfriend" traits that you should avoid if you want to stay out of the friend zone.

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How to Make a Girl Want You Sexually

  1. 1. How to Make a Girl Want You Sexually By: Frankie Cola 1 Deadly Mistake That Stops Women From Wanting to Sleep With You
  2. 2. Today I'm going to talk about how to make a girl want you sexually. If you keep getting put in the friend zone and you never get to take things to the "next level" with the women you really want... Then keep reading, because I'm going to reveal 1 DEADLY mistake men make when they trying to turn a girl into their girlfriend.
  3. 3. When I first learned this mistake from Bobby Rio, it was a bit shocking... But making this blunder is what stops you from getting that amazing girl you really really want. Now I have a feeling you're making this mistake too… so pay close attention to the next few slides.
  4. 4. What is this mistake?
  5. 5. The mistake is trying to present yourself as “boyfriend material.” This may sound weird, but if you try to act too much like a "good boyfriend"... it kills sexual attraction and actually lands you in the FRIEND ZONE.
  6. 6. Now when you start thinking of your special female friend... and how great it would be to have her as your girlfriend... WOULD seem logical to show her what a good boyfriend you would be. Right?
  7. 7. When you start thinking of your special female friend... and how great it would be to have her as your girlfriend... it WOULD seem logical to show her what a good boyfriend you would be. Right?
  8. 8. WRONG.
  9. 9. Too many guys think: "first, I'm going to show her what a nice, funny, interesting guy I am... ...and THEN I'll try to create sexual attraction. But this is NOT the way you want to do it!
  10. 10. Here's why... When a girl meets you, she immediately tries to place you in one of the following four categories: 1. Creepy Guy: (She's not into you, and wants to get away from you as quickly as she can) 2. Potential Friend: (She thinks "he's nice, he's friendly, I don't mind having him around as just a friend...") 3. Potential Boyfriend: ("this guy has boyfriend potential") 4. Potential Lover: (“I’m getting horny... I can imagine having sex with guy. I’m feeling a weird desire I don’t usually feel this soon.)
  11. 11. If you decide to present yourself as "boyfriend material" it doesn't make her want to sleep with you. She begins displaying her “good girlfriend” qualities… which are just as boring and un-sexual as your “good boyfriend” qualities… Not only that, but you build up too much comfort with her, and eliminate the sexual tension required to create urgency for sex… You’re no longer a challenge. That’s it. Over.
  12. 12. This is why so many guys get put in the "friend zone"... because they go for the "boyfriend zone!"
  13. 13. Here Are 8 "Good Boyfriend" Traits That Kill Attraction 1)Trying too hard to find common interests and liking the same things as her 2)Taking her side when she complains about “players” and showing her that you’re the opposite of those ‘jerks’ 3)Not making a move because you are being “respectful” 4)Not making a move because you’re waiting for more “proof” that she likes you 5)Being extra generous towards her (even more than your friends) 6)Listening to all her problems and trying to solve them for her 7)Make a lot of compromises so that you get along better 8)Paying too much attention to her
  14. 14. What should you do instead? Instead, it's much better to have the attitude of "I'm just looking for fun" than "I want to be your boyfriend" Let me say that again. At the beginning when you meet, it's better that the woman thinks you only want to BANG HER than be her boyfriend.
  15. 15. When you this, you aim for the LOVER ZONE instead of the "good boyfriend" zone.
  16. 16. And here's the ironic twist... When a girl thinks “It would be fun to sleep with this guy… even though I don’t see boyfriend potential in him...” THAT is the guy who she usually winds up making her boyfriend. The guy she was only planning to sleep with.
  17. 17. Meaning that... To give a woman a strong desire to be your girlfriend, FIRST come in with the attitude that you just want fun and sex... and it'll be much easier to turn her into a girlfriend later. Potential lover first. Potential boyfriend second.
  18. 18. Now, there are certain things you can do to steer a girl's opinion of you so that she starts to envision having sex with you right now. So that she thinks “He's making me uncontrollably horny... I can imagine having sex with this guy." The sooner you do it... the better. How do you do it?
  19. 19. How to Change Her "Label" of You From "Potential Boyfriend" to "Lover" If you feel like you’ve been playing the “good boyfriend” role for far too long… ...then you really want to change the "label" she has of you so that she starts placing you in the "Lover Zone."
  20. 20. Here’s the technique that transforms the way a girl sees you and gets her to start imagining you as a lover.