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How to Become a Player With Women, Without Acting Like a Jerk


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This slideshow covers how to become a player with women, without actually being a "jerk".

If you're frustrated that the bad boy "players" are getting all the girls, then pay attention to the material in the slideshow above because it reveals what the "players" do to get the girls... and it has nothing to do with acting like a "jerk".

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How to Become a Player With Women, Without Acting Like a Jerk

  1. 1. How to Become a Player With Women… (Without Acting Like a Jerk) Hint: When you are able “THINK” Like the players, you will get the same RESULTS as them By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. Why do the players get all the girls while the nice guys go home sad and alone? To figure out how to become a player with women, we have to ask: What are the specific behaviors that players do to trigger attraction in women?
  3. 3. Players see the world in a very different way than most guys. In fact, their success with women has nothing to do with how they look... or with "smooth" they are. It isn't even how much money they make... The reason players are able to attract women comes down to the way they THINK.
  4. 4. Why? Because THOUGHTS = ACTIONS How you think determines how you act.
  5. 5. FOR EXAMPLE: If you think... "Women don't like sex" or "I'm doing something wrong by hitting on a woman" Then your ACTIONS are a direct result of those THOUGHTS.
  6. 6. Women pick up on this immediately. She senses your hesitation... she notices how self-conscious you get... and she thinks you are probably BAD in bed.
  7. 7. The thoughts you have produce actions. They can create nervous gestures... needy behaviors… and they can make you act too "try hard". This is why some guys NEVER GET IT... no matter how many lines or techniques they study. You won’t get the results if your mindset is flawed.
  8. 8. Now there are 7 core thought differences that separate "players" from the rest of us... And when you THINK like these guys, you begin getting the same RESULTS as them. Click to Learn the 7 Core "Player" Thoughts Here