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How to Be Confident With Girls - One "Mini-Courage" at a Time


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If you want to learn how to be more confident with girls, you first have to understand what confidence is... and you have to learn what COURAGE is.

In this presentation you will learn how to be more confident with women, simply by doing courage. It is a bit weird at first that it would seem so easy, but you will realize that men over-complicate confidence... because it is simpler than most men realize.

After I teach you about confidence and courage, I will give you a confidence building exercise that I use to "warm up" with before a night out... a party... or even a date.

The exercise formula is so simple, that you will be able to come up with your OWN confidence building exercises, for you to use to build confidence with women... whenever you want.

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How to Be Confident With Girls - One "Mini-Courage" at a Time

  1. 1. How to Be Confident With Girls - One “Mini-Courage” at a Time By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. "Women love confidence... just be confident"... We hear it all the time.
  3. 3. And it's true...
  4. 4. But easier said than done, right? So in this presentation, I'm going to give you a killer tip on how to build confidence INSTANTLY.
  5. 5. None of that "just be confident" vague advice you hear all the time, (which doesn't help AT ALL)
  6. 6. I'm going to give you a process… specific steps that you can do to create confidence in your mind, every single time. I will give you a practical confidence building exercise that you will understand and be able to use 2 minutes from now. Sound good?
  7. 7. Onward. Let's get started.
  8. 8. First, I'd like to define what confidence is, and then I'm going to tell you confidence gets created.
  9. 9. Confidence with "something" is the Absence of Insecurities around that "something." So if you’re good at something, you will have confident feelings surrounding that ability. What is Confidence?
  10. 10. For example, I have confident feelings when it comes to basketball and ping pong, but I don’t feel confident when it comes to skateboarding or rock climbing. Think of the things you are good at, and notice how you FEEL when you do them. You might be good at some sports... and bad at other sports.
  11. 11. That's an easy case. But let's go a bit deeper with the definition of confidence. If confidence is an absence of insecurity when you do a "behavior" ...then you have confidence with many things... because you don't fear those things.
  12. 12. Because you don't fear it, you have confidence walking from your bedroom to your kitchen. You also have confidence eating a hamburger You have confidence driving to the supermarket,and buying something. You don't fear any of these things, so you have confidence doing them.
  13. 13. You have confidence standing up right now, walking up to the fridge, and grabbing a beer. But it's one of those things people don't deem as that important. Nobody ever says "wow that dude is so confident, he can easily stand up, go to the fridge, and grab a beer!"
  14. 14. BUT, how about standing up, walking up to a girl, and starting a conversation with her? It's the same physical action... yet we feel FEAR about it... And if a guy is able to that easily, we say "wow that dude is so confident, he can easily walk up to a girl and start talking to her!"
  15. 15. However, most guys have insecurities when it comes to the ability to talk to a girl like this... So we label guys who can do it as "confident"
  16. 16. In these examples, I already gave you one of the two ways to create confidence with something. And that is... by being good (or competent) at that something. This type of confidence is called... Competent Confidence Being Good at it = “Competent” Confidence
  17. 17. So if you're good with girls... you will have confidence with girls. But if you are like I used to be... (not confident, and not good with girls)... how do you create the confidence that drive women wild? And that brings us to the second way to create confidence... by doing COURAGE.
  18. 18. So what is courage, exactly? Courage is when you fear something, but you still do it anyways. People sometimes confuse courage with confidence. People say, "Johnny is courageous!" But what they really mean is “Johnny is confident!” What is Courage?
  19. 19. For someone to be courageous, they need to have the ability of DOING COURAGE. If you are ice cold in your veins and aren't getting scared, then it's not courage. For courage to happen, your heart must be pumping, and your blood must be boiling hot from what you're about to do. You need to be feeling the FEAR.
  20. 20. And then… as you feel that fear... you still DO IT. You still go through with the action that gives you the fear. But You feel the fear... and you do it ANYWAYS. That's what courage is about.
  21. 21. Now HERE is the great part about courage: When you do courage, you ALWAYS get confidence back in return. It's like you insert 2 tokens of courage... and you get back 2 tokens of confidence.
  22. 22. So if you stand up, walk up to a girl, and say "hi, I'm [your name], you are adorable, what's your name?" You get confidence back... even if you fail. Even if the girl turns you down.
  23. 23. And this confidence that you just got eliminates some of your fear… ...which means that it will be MUCH MUCH EASIER to perform the same action – it will be easier to walk up to another girl afterwards.
  24. 24. Is this triggering ideas in your mind? I hope it is. This information is very powerful and can hypercharge your success with women if you know how to use it right. Now I'm going to show you a simple confidence building exercise...
  25. 25. Here's one of my favorite confidence- building drills...
  26. 26. Playing what I call the “Radically Honest Approach” game is one of my favorite ways to “warm up” for a night out, a party, or a date. You can do this too. One “Warm-Up Drill” to Boost Your Confidence
  27. 27. Here's how it goes: Step 1: You walk around a store like Walmart (or the local mall), and look for cute girls Step 2: go up to a cute girl and compliment something about her that you like.. (it can be as simple as, “that’s a cute dress,” or “wow you’re pretty cute”) Step 3: …and then you simply keep walking along.
  28. 28. That act of courage will instantly give you a confidence boost (especially if you experienced anxiety before the approach) Her reaction doesn’t matter – Remember, the confidence you get when you do courage is independent of the result. With this newly created confidence, you’ll find it is 10 times easier to approach the next girl to continue this drill.
  29. 29. You can create other similar confidence building exercises. And the trick is... find situations where you can do these ACTS OF MINI-COURAGE Because… Mini-Courage Opportunities = Confidence Building Opportunities
  30. 30. Now that you’ve learned how to be more confident with women, I recommend that you go out and practice “doing courage.” ACTION-STEP: Find More Mini-Courage Opportunities
  31. 31. If there is anything that you have anxiety about – a date, a job interview, or going up to talk to a girl…force yourself to DO IT anyways..and notice how you feel afterwards. You can use these situations to create a SNOWBALL of confidence in your life as you become a more confident man. The more anxiety you have when you do something, the more confidence you get back, when you do courage and go through with it.
  32. 32. Feel the fear… and do it anyway!
  33. 33. And that is all… I hope you learned something cool and useful today :-) Since you made it this far… then you may want to check out more of my tips and articles on how to get massive success with women… and how to get that “hard to get” girl you've always wanted. Just go to my site To subscribe to my friend-zone-busting newsletter, go HERE