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Follow This Simple Principle Before Asking a Girl Out Over Text


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If you're having trouble getting a girl to answers your text... getting her attention... or getting her out on a date... then pay attention to this presentation.

Here's why: This presentation will reveal the most powerful communication secret you must use if you are going to effectively catch her ATTENTION, and make her say "I must keep talking to him" because she finds you intriguing.

And then, asking a girl out over text will be easy as pie.

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Follow This Simple Principle Before Asking a Girl Out Over Text

  1. 1. The Most Powerful Text Communication Secret You Must Follow Before Asking a Girl Out Over Text By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. If you feel stuck texting a girl, because you are struggling to get her out on a date… then this will be the most important presentation you will ever read. Here's why...
  3. 3. In this presentation, I am going to reveal in detail the most powerful (and little known) secret to communicating with women over text.
  4. 4. The principle you are about to learn is deceptively simple. But… if you apply it correctly when texting a girl, you will have CRAZY success in the way she react to your texts... And you will be able to get her saying "YES!" when you invite her to go out with you.
  5. 5. But if you don't follow the principle in this presentation, you won't give a girl feelings of intrigue that makes her think and obsess about you in her mind... And it will be MUCH harder to get her out.
  6. 6. Ok... let's dive right in.
  7. 7. Here's the bottom line: If a girl doesn't answer your texts, you will NEVER get her out. And if you want a girl to feel an intense desire to answer your texts, your communication must be effective at triggering her ATTENTION. Agreed?
  8. 8. With this in mind, what you really want to do is to learn and cultivate the SKILL of capturing a girl's attention. Now, if you want to master the art of capturing attention, then you want to use the same attention- grabbing principle that is used by people who are really GOOD at getting attention… Right?
  9. 9. Or even BETTER... you want to copy the attention- getting techniques of people who get PAID boatloads of money to write words that catch attention...
  10. 10. “Well then, who are these people who get paid to “grab” attention?” You might say… You see, these “attention grabbers” are all around you. Attention grabbers like... like facebook, advertisements, addictive tv shows, smartphones, internet articles with catchy headlines… These all are run by people who do a crazy good job at capturing your attention.
  11. 11. How are these “attention-grabbers” so successful? Because they all follow this principle... Attention = Emotions Let me explain...
  12. 12. You see, this basic principle states that the more emotions are triggered, the more attention is captured. I want you to really think about that statement...
  13. 13. Remember the last time something really had your attention. Do you know why you were so focused on it? I'm willing to bet you a doughnut, that it was because it really triggered your EMOTIONS.
  14. 14. With this in mind, here's how this all relates to texting women. The more you send texts that trigger her emotions, the more it will catch her attention... and the more interested she will become. As you switch your thinking from... "What should I write?" To... "What emotion do I want to create in her?" will notice a significant difference in how she responds to your texts. Ya follow?
  15. 15. Let's face it, a beautiful quality girl already has a pack of admirers chasing after her… and competing with you. If your message doesn't stir some sort of emotion in her, you simply won't stand out… and you're going to get lost in the shuffle...
  16. 16. Your message will be buried deep in the big, sad pile of ignored messages coming from guys who only send her emotionally dry, logical texts. When a girl thinks a guy is boring over text, she's just going to assume he's also boring in person... and it's far less likely she'll go out with him... It's how she unconsciously makes her decision!
  17. 17. On the other hand... when you learn how to use texts to constantly trigger emotions in a woman... she can get EMOTIONALLY ADDICTED to you. She will be waiting all day, impatient, and with bated breath, wondering when you will text her again. (And I will soon show you how to do this)
  18. 18. Ok, go ahead and take a look at the following “Emotions Wheel”...
  19. 19. Let's list some of these emotions… ● Laughter ● Suspense ● Anger ● Confusion ● Anticipation ● Joy ● Disappointment ● Trust ● Fear ● Interest (Curiousity)
  20. 20. As you can see… there exists a wide range of emotions… and they can get pretty complicated. There are even crazy combinations of emotions that we don't usually think about.
  21. 21. The more variety of emotions you can spark over text, the more you catch her attention… and the more she will have YOU on her mind. Girl doesn’t text back? No problem. Catch her attention enough, and she WILL text you back! Let me show you how...
  22. 22. If a girl doesn’t text back, it is an extremely powerful tactic to use an EMOTION CREATING TEXT that COMPELS her to text you back… Specifically, a specific CURIOSITY-creating text will do the trick (remember, curiosity is one of the emotions) How to Make a Girl Text You Back
  23. 23. How to Make a Girl Text You Back So I went on and created a PDF “cheat sheet” with word-for-word examples of these curiousity creating texts. It's called 3 Types of Hook Texts to Get Her to Text Back…
  24. 24. 3 Types of Hook Texts That Get Her to Text Back It’s a Free PDF report, and you can click here to get it. Go ahead and read it… I know you’ll get something useful from it. Specifically, the texts on page 4 of the report have proven to be very effective in getting a girl to text you back.