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Am I in the Friend Zone Test - Signs You Are Her "Therapist" Friend


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This slideshow reveals 2 typical "friend zone" cases you might be in... but might not be aware of...

If you are, it's important to identify them before you fall deeper into the friend zone.

You will also learn the "Am I in the friend zone test" that you can do on a girl to reveal a major sign that she likes you.

Learn the "test" and you will know how to pinpoint signs of attraction in women.

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Am I in the Friend Zone Test - Signs You Are Her "Therapist" Friend

  1. 1. Am I in the Friend Zone? 2 Friend Zone “Cases” and Signs You Might Be Her “Therapist” Friend By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. If you're wondering "Am I in the friend zone?" ...then keep reading because I'm going to reveal a simple way to determine if a girl only thinks of you as a friend... or if she actually wants you to make a move and kiss her.
  3. 3. When a guy is friends with a girl he likes... he typically falls into the following 2 situations.…
  4. 4. (I give you specific case studies of these 2 situations in this article)
  5. 5. Situation #1: Girl gives him signs that he MISTAKES for interest... and he doesn't realize that he is only a friend to her...
  6. 6. The tricky part about this situation is that you actually become what's called her "therapist friend".
  7. 7. This is something you REALLY want to avoid… NEVER become her girly-man therapist friend!
  8. 8. You see, the "therapist friend" is the nice guy a girl uses to vent her feelings to about an ex boyfriend she misses, or a new guy she likes (all while complaining about how much of a jerk they are).
  9. 9. What's sad about this, is that the therapist friend gets FOOLED into thinking he is getting closer to making the girl like them... because he's there for her supporting her and cheering her up.
  10. 10. But...
  11. 11. In reality, the therapist friend is getting farther away from getting the girl to like them. The therapist friend NEVER gets the girl!
  12. 12. So you really need to break out of that therapist friend zone, ok?
  13. 13. Start by going no-contact for a while, and in the meantime… go out and MEET OTHER WOMEN!
  14. 14. It's freaky weird how vanishing from radar and seeing other girls makes girls who friend zoned you in the past suddenly CHASE you.
  15. 15. This actually happens because once you go off the radar, you become less available and you give the girl what's called *the gift of missing you*
  16. 16. Chances are, the girl will start wondering what's up with you and do something like text you "out of the blue"
  17. 17. Situation #2: Girl sends OBVIOUS signs of interest, but the guy CHICKENS OUT and fails to make a move on her.
  18. 18. Here's the deal: If you like a girl, but never really make a move on her... then her attraction for you is bound to fade.
  19. 19. And then she will start going cold on you… She will respond to your texts with short emotionless responses... not text you back at all... or she will simply move on to another guy who CAN "make things happen."
  20. 20. Naturally, all of this only makes you want to chase her even more!
  21. 21. I feel you though. It hurts writing this as I remember all the months I spent texting one particular girl, but never asked her out… Until her feelings faded away and she stopped texting me back...
  22. 22. But it hurts even more knowing all of it COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!
  23. 23. You see, one of the biggest mistakes guys make it so wait for more "proof" that a girl likes them before making a move.
  24. 24. So what do they do? They chicken out and wait. Instead, texting her for days... weeks... even months without even trying to get her out via text.
  25. 25. If you stall too long, your window of opportunity CLOSES SHUT… and she starts thinking of you as just her "texting buddy" Friend Zoned. That's it. It's all over.
  26. 26. But if you instead make sure to always escalate the interaction by trying to get her to meet up with you somewhere… the interaction won't go STALE like old bread sitting on the counter for too long.
  27. 27. Now if you're with her in person, here's a trick you can do to figure out if she likes you… and it's called the Friend Zone Test.
  28. 28. “Am I In The Friend Zone” Test Wish there was a simple trick to determine if a girl likes you? If you do, here’s the closest you can get to using an actual “magic trick” to make this determination for you… If you are unsure if a girl likes you… Click HERE to learn the “Friend Zone Test” innocent move you can make on a girl to determine if there's “chemistry” and if she wants you to kiss her.
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