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7 Cocky Funny Text Messages to Send to a Girl


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I'm going to go over 7 "Bad Boy" Cocky Funny Text Messages
to Send to a Girl You Like.

These Bad Boy Text Messages have two BIG qualities that help you when
you just meet a girl.

1. They RAMP up the sexual vibe. Point blank, these are
"bad boy" texts that turn her on.


2. These texts screen or "test" her to see what kind of girl she is
(and if you want to invest your time in her)

Basically, you want to know if she will respond to these types of

If you're wondering how to be a bad boy that flirts with girls... these 7 texts are part of the push-pull nature of a flirting interaction that triggers *INTENSE* attraction in a woman.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and go through the slides so you can start sending out these texts right away!

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7 Cocky Funny Text Messages to Send to a Girl

  1. 1. 7 Cocky Funny Text Messages to Send to a Girl Examples of Bad Boy Texts That Turn Her On By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. You ever texted a girl that you weren't that interested in? Chances are, you acted more yourself… because you weren't constantly worried about bringing your "A-game"
  3. 3. Ironically, you bring your A-game once you stop worrying about your outcome with a girl.
  4. 4. This is the attitude the "bad boy" has when he is texting a girl. He has a "don't give a crap" attitude and is more focused about enjoying himself. And that's why women are extremely attracted to the bad boy attitude.
  5. 5. To give you some examples of this attitude, here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to share with you 7 “Bad Boy” Cocky Funny Text Messages to send to a girl to get her horny and fantasizing about YOU.
  6. 6. These texts aren't everything, but they are a TACTIC that cystallizes you in her mind as the guy with that "bad boy" attitude.
  7. 7. Once you send any of these texts, it should be followed by a minimum of 5-10 minutes of radio silence... whether she replies or not. You want to give her the space to wonder what you're doing if you aren't replying to her.
  8. 8. Onward. Let's begin.
  9. 9. Text #1: “I think you’re a player…” A classic role reversall... it frames her as the “naughty” girl. Just don't get too serious with this one. You want to be joking around with it and suggesting she just wants you for sex.
  10. 10. Text #2: “When can you come over and cook me dinner?” This one's great if you're just starting to know a girl and you can tell she's really into you. If she hasn't responded in 10 minutes, follow up with this: “I'm partial to chicken and pasta… wait you can cook, can you?”
  11. 11. The point is that you're teasing her (the pull of this push-pull technique) You know how women “test” you? Well the natural “player” that comes off as a bad boy is constantly testing and screening women to see what she can handle… And this type of text is a great tool to do just that.
  12. 12. Text #3: “Drop what you’re doing, meet me at ___ in 10 min” Realy really ballsy cocky funny text. It's a great way to test her interest for you. AND a great way to test how “spontaneous” she is… (and whether she'll do other spontaneous “things” with you in the future nomsayin?)
  13. 13. However, if you haven't created any attraction… chances are this text WON'T work… and you'll come off bossy in the process. But if she digs you… she might just drop what she's doing and make the time to meet you.
  14. 14. Text #4: “I’m too much of a bad boy for you” This is a way to play with the image of the “bad boy.” Note: You only want to use this if she's the kind of girl who seems to dig the idea of you being “edgy” (which is WAY more women than you think… this is female psychology, my friend) OR… if she mistakes you for being the “nice guy” you can use this too. Either way, it's a “push” (from the push-pull tactic) … which is a great way to spark sexual tension.
  15. 15. General Template: “I'm too much of a ____ for you” Like… “I'm too much of a nice guy for you” (if she thinks you're like a bad boy) “I'm too much of an ambitious guy for you” (if she thinks you're very laid back and relaxed) The point of the last two is to make it sarcastic. You're joking around and making an IRONIC statement that goes against what's in her head.
  16. 16. Text #5: “What’s your real hair color?” Or… “does the carpet match the drapes?” These are good to ramp up sexual tension. If you're hesitant you can preface it with: “I know guys aren’t supposed to ask this... BUT...” Send that in a separate text first, wait for 5 minutes or so to send the next part. “What's your real hair color?”
  17. 17. Text #6: “Wear something cute & sexy” Use this a few hours before meeting up with her. Little commands like this create the “you're my little play thing” vibe with her. It's another “screening” test to see if the girl is responsive to this vibe. (whether she's a girly girl… or a militant femi-nazi)...
  18. 18. Great texts like this one tend to have two killer qualities: 1. They ramp up the sexual vibe AND 2. They're a tool to screen for the women you DO want and screen out the ones you DON'T want. Trust me, you do NOT want to waste time with difficult women.
  19. 19. Text #7: “This isn’t helping your chances to get with me” A PLAYFUL role-reversal text. Why this works: It introduces the “chase frame” – it frames the girl as the one that is chasing you. It assumes she is pursuing you and has the hots for you.
  20. 20. I want to stress that you're being PLAYFUL here. So deliver this one with a smiley tongue face like this :P… that way you MAKE SURE she gets your “playful” tone. Although, in general, you shouldn't use too many smiley emoticons… it's important to use them in this situation so that you don't come across as a jerk.
  21. 21. If you enjoyed these 7 “bad boy” cocky funny text messages to send to a girl… you’ll want to click here to watch this video that reveals more “in person” ways to present the “bad boy” attitude that women love.
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