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the heart and the brain love

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  1. 1. The heart and the brainare the most importantorgans of the humanbody, and that is not justbecause they areimportant for the body’slife. The human body cantlive without lungs,kidneys, liver or intestine.
  2. 2. They are theleaders of theother human’sorgans, and theyare the leaderswho makedecisions for thehuman life
  3. 3. the brain is the wisethe patient thecomplicated one andthe one who makessense.he is the older brotherwho want to lead theship away from anydangerous
  4. 4. the heart is the crazyone the passionate,the rebellious and thebold, he is the onewho will take the riskto do whatever hewants.
  5. 5. Every one of themhas his own way tothink and to makethe decisions
  6. 6. And here begin their lasting conflict Forever
  7. 7. The brain is not alwaysright, he exhausts himselftoo much. And sometimeshe keeps yelling on theheart till he break him
  8. 8. And the heart is thesame, he is notalways rightbecause he takesthe risk, endangers,and go so mad…And finally he is theone who easily getbroken.
  9. 9. They don’t hateeach others,they love eachothers.They are bestfriends
  10. 10. They help each other they care about each others
  11. 11. They do their job, they do their best foryou, for us
  12. 12. And now our job is to keep the balancebetween the two brothers
  13. 13. And keep the connection between them
  14. 14. Because if we don’t, we will be torn up
  15. 15. And we need them toget very strong, notbecause to fight eachothers, but to face thelife
  16. 16. The author word When I fought my battle, I did that because I love it, even when I have no chance to win. The brain told me to stop but loved to go with my heart…….. May be yes, there is some one in the heart, but my brain thought, and he thinks too much, and then told me not to step in that, and I went with thebrain. I cant forget my ……. (Lest say again revenge),,,, I cant forget it, my heart was broken, and I am not going to let him down again, this decision is crazy, I will go with it, I will revenge for my heart, I will not make sense, and I will do what I love, but I will do it, on the brain’s way. This is the balance to me