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Presentation for the AVID Summer Training Sessions 2013.

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  • NJ and Frank; names, roles at table; Single Clap – Building coordinators, administrators, AVID elective teachers, others; Special Guest
  • Post It as a signal for help; restrooms breaks, etc.
  • Transition to Frank for Intro to Tech
  • Access the Cornell Note and write the Essential Question : What does it mean to be an AVID Site Team member?
  • Find the participant handbook in LEARN and “tab” the following> Frank Step One- Tab, Step 2 – copy into Google the roles and resp and 11 essentials.
  • Notes- take Cornell Notes, highlight on your notes one idea that is important to you and share with your elbow partner
  • Changes to the AVID essentials: 5,6,7. Find the sections of the 11 essentials by table
  • Read your essential, highlight, and write a single summary to post in the Graphic Organizer; Bring up essential 1, highlight, summarize. Share out.
  • Essential 5, essential 11, and one other essential for your school. (which one?)
  • Your commitment to move it forward
  • Find the bookmark for roles and responsibilities and highlight your role on the site team.
  • Return to the Cornell Note you set up and answer the question- FRANK Share permissions (share with site team only); setting up groups
  • Write in google docs- individual folder and shared folder
  • Share Video of Steve Holmes
  • Mark the text on the handout in the folder or take notes
  • NJ Review- Pair share, table
  • Possibly skip this slide with 1:15 transition in mind.
  • NJ WICOR review- find essential 5 in the folder on your table, highlight
  • Keep the focus on the BIG picture of school wide readiness, BUT now to focus on one essential 5- Transition to FRANK
  • Academic Resources- textbook, handouts, online articles, and with AVID Cornell Notes
  • 3:00 - 4:00
  • Parking Lot and video
  • Transition to FRANK for virtual field trips- $$ limitations
  • Key Cognitive Strategies, Key Content Knowledge, Key Learning Skills and Techniques (Academic Behaviors), Key Transition Knowledge and Skills/ highlight and mark with scrible on first read and then write questions for our Socratic Seminar.
  • TRF, best practice, laptop, binders, and papers.
  • Closing at 3:30- 3 items: Site Plan, Individual Plan, Survey, Human Knot?
  • Organizer for Site Team Meetings
  • Write the plan on google, share with team and NJ, calendar a date in September with your partner
  • Avid final susd 2013

    1. 1. Slide 120132013 AVIDAVID SUSD SummerSUSD SummerInstituteInstituteIn Pursuit of Success:In Pursuit of Success:DREAM BIGDREAM BIG
    2. 2. Slide 2SUSD First (and only) AVIDSUSD First (and only) AVIDSummer LuauSummer Luau• Introductions and Welcome
    3. 3. Slide 3Site Team OutcomesSite Team OutcomesDuring Site Teams participants will:• Understand how AVID’s mission is supportedby the AVID College Readiness System• Understand the structures and processesneeded to implement the AVID Electivecourse and schoolwide AVID• Explore, through discussions, what it meansto be an AVID Site Team member
    4. 4. Slide 4Site Team OutcomesSite Team Outcomes• Examine the 11 Secondary Essentials toinform the implementation of the AVIDelective and schoolwide AVID• Understand how to use the Site Team Plan asa “living document” to guide the worksurrounding college readiness for all students• Articulate a commitment to supporting thework of the site team through an IndividualAction Plan
    5. 5. Slide 5Site Team OutcomesSite Team Outcomes• Identify AVID strategies that will enhance theone to one initiative and help students bemore successful• Practice AVID organizational strategies thatwill be used school wide• Make connections between college and careerreadiness, AVID and the one to one program
    6. 6. Slide 6NormsNormsAAsk questionsEEngage fullyIIntegrate new informationOOpen your minds to diverse viewsUUtilize what you learnedUsed with permission of Learning Forward, www.learningforward.org. All rightsUsed with permission of Learning Forward, www.learningforward.org. All rightsreserved.reserved.
    7. 7. Slide 7Site Team Pre-WorkSite Team Pre-WorkCompleted prior toSummer Institute by:• Log on to LEARN• Log on to Google• Download Scribletool bar
    8. 8. Slide 8Day 1Day 1 Essential QuestionEssential QuestionCORNELL NOTES TOPIC/OBJECTIVE NAMECLASS/PERIODDATEESSENTIAL QUESTIONWhat does it mean to be an AVID Site Team member?
    9. 9. Slide 9Participant HandbookParticipant HandbookReview Table of Contents and tab:Review Table of Contents and tab:•Site Team Roles & Responsibilities (26)•AVID Secondary Essentials Narratives (44/50)•AVID Certification andSelf-Study Continuum (56)•What is AVID Schoolwide (98)
    10. 10. Slide 10TheThe AVIDAVID College Readiness SystemCollege Readiness SystemAVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap bypreparing all studentsall students for collegereadiness and success in a global society.
    11. 11. Slide 11AVID Secondary 11 EssentialsAVID Secondary 11 Essentials
    12. 12. Slide 12AVID Secondary 11 EssentialsAVID Secondary 11 Essentials
    13. 13. Slide 13Site Team PlanSite Team Plan
    14. 14. Slide 14Individual Action PlanIndividual Action Plan
    15. 15. Slide 15Essential 11Essential 11An active interdisciplinary AVID SiteTeam collaborates on issues ofstudent success in rigorous collegepreparatory courses.1. Read complete narrative for Essential 112. Highlight key terms3. Pair share – What is the intent?
    16. 16. Slide 16Site Team Member Roles &Site Team Member Roles &ResponsibilitiesResponsibilities• Identify your role on the Site Team and readthe description (Participant Handbook)• Highlight key responsibilities• Questions?
    17. 17. Slide 17Cornell NotesCornell Notes• Note-taking• Note-making• Note-interacting• Note-reflectingWhat does it mean to be an AVID Site Team member?
    18. 18. Slide 18Lunch > Essential 11 - CSSLunch > Essential 11 - CSS• Review CSS• Discuss & begindrafting plan forEssential 11
    19. 19. Slide 19Lunch On Your OwnLunch On Your OwnSite Plans for Essential 1112:30 -1:00
    20. 20. Slide 20Site Team Plan Essential 11Site Team Plan Essential 11
    21. 21. Slide 21Part IIPart II• Schoolwide AVID• WICOR Secondary Essentials 5-8• Emphasis on 1:1• Site Team Planning• Individual Action Planning• Reflection• A Word from Steve Holmes
    22. 22. Slide 22Schoolwide AVID videoSchoolwide AVID videoPlease either follow alongwith the transcript,circling key terms andunderlining key ideas, ortake Cornell notes whileviewing.
    23. 23. Slide 23SchoolwideSchoolwide AVIDAVIDAVID is schoolwideschoolwide when a strong AVIDimplementation transforms a school’sLEADERSHIPLEADERSHIP,SYSTEMSSYSTEMS,INSTRUCTIONINSTRUCTION,and CULTURECULTURE,ensuring college readiness for allall students.
    24. 24. Slide 24Schoolwide AVIDSchoolwide AVIDWith partnerdiscuss thedefinition ofschoolwideMove to tablediscussion
    25. 25. Slide 25Essentials 5-7Essentials 5-71. Silently read narrative definitionsfor Essentials 5 on handout2. Teams discuss definitions andcurrent status of instruction ontheir campuses
    26. 26. Slide 26• Organizational Tools• Binders• Time Management• Using Academic Resources• Monitoring Academic ProgressEssential 5Essential 5
    27. 27. Slide 27Using Academic Resources• The question is, whatdo you do with yournotes once you havethem?
    28. 28. Slide 28• Taking Notes• Summarizing• Reviewing Notes• Reviewing again
    29. 29. Slide 29Site Team Plan: Essential 5Site Team Plan: Essential 5
    30. 30. Slide 30Have a great evening!Have a great evening!See you tomorrow at 8:00.See you tomorrow at 8:00.
    31. 31. Slide 31May 31 AVID and SUSDMay 31 AVID and SUSDIn Pursuit of Success:In Pursuit of Success:DREAM BIGDREAM BIG
    32. 32. Slide 32Day IIDay II• AVID Elective: Field Trips, Guest Speakers,Fund Raising, Team Building• Schoolwide College and Career Readiness• Tutorials• Essential ? for Site Plans
    33. 33. Slide 33Socratic Seminar:Socratic Seminar: CollegeCollegeand Career Readinessand Career Readiness
    34. 34. Slide 34After reviewing Conley’s keys to be collegeAfter reviewing Conley’s keys to be collegeand career ready how can AVID support thatand career ready how can AVID support thatmission?mission?http://www.epiconline.org/Issues/college-career-readCollege and Career Readiness-The DefinitionThe ProblemThe Solution, including the four keys (GoingDeeper)
    35. 35. Slide 35TutorialsTutorials
    36. 36. Slide 36Site Team Plan: Essential ?Site Team Plan: Essential ?
    37. 37. Slide 37Site Team PlanSite Team PlanRemember…Remember…• The Site Team Plan is a living document that shouldbe revisited and revised throughout the year.• Email a copy of your Site Team Plan to your AVIDdistrict director no later than September 2, 2013.
    38. 38. Slide 38Site Team Months-at-a-GlanceSite Team Months-at-a-Glance1. MyAVID2. Community3. File Sharing4. Secondary5. Site Team Resources6. Months-at-a-Glance
    39. 39. Slide 39Individual Action PlanIndividual Action PlanPersonal CommitmentPersonal Commitment
    40. 40. Slide 40Final ConnectionFinal ConnectionSurvey on SUSDSummer Luau!
    41. 41. Slide 41MahaloMahalo&&Aloha!Aloha!