Orientation - Winter 2008


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Orientation - Winter 2008

  1. 1. O R I E N TAT I O N - W I N T E R 2 0 0 8 Confederation College - Multimedia Production Program Presented by: Mr. M.
  2. 2. credit: Klipang Torok - Flickr.com Creative Commons license HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL STUDENTS From the faculty and staff!
  3. 3. credit: ezioman - Flickr.com Creative Commons license
  4. 4. credit: j.reed - Flickr.com Creative Commons license N E W Y O R K I S A V E RY U N I Q U E C I T Y
  5. 5. credit: by BRAYDAWG - Flickr.com Creative Commons license TONGUE TWISTER - WIN $2.00 (TWO LOONIES)
  6. 6. credit: j.reed - Flickr.com Creative Commons license S AY “ U N I Q U E N E W Y O R K ” 5 TIMES
  7. 7. Mr. M. Mr. Riddell credit: by Fuzzy Gerdes - Flickr.com Creative Commons license NOW FOR A RIDDELL
  8. 8. credit: by Fuzzy Gerdes - Flickr.com Creative Commons license NOW FOR A RIDDLE
  9. 9. credit: by BRAYDAWG - Flickr.com Creative Commons license WIN ANOTHER $2.00 (TWO LOONIES)
  11. 11. R I D D L E S O U R C E : L E O L A P O RT E - T H E T E C H G U Y December 28, 2007
  12. 12. 20 MINUTES credit: by by fantomdesigns - Flickr.com Creative Commons license
  13. 13. WHAT SHALL WE DO TODAY? “THE FUTURE IS NOW” Quick Look at Mr. M.’s : MM 218, MM 400, MM 462 Good Digital Habits Common Course Calendar - all courses, due dates, test dates. Winner of iPod and Final Cut Pro Software Movie of the week
  14. 14. O’REILLY ?
  15. 15. TIM O’REILLY Referring to Open Source FREE software: quot;The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet.quot; I recently came across that quote from science-fiction writer William Gibson, and I've been repeating it ever since. credit: by Fuzzy Gerdes - Flickr.com Creative Commons license
  16. 16. TIM O’REILLY Mr. M. thinks that O’Reilly’s comments are perfect for the state of Open Source software and for the future of video on the Internet. So many people, whether in our industry our not, don’t see the future yet... but give them time they will. credit: by Fuzzy Gerdes - Flickr.com Creative Commons license
  17. 17. WILLIAM GIBSON NOVELIST quot;Gibson coined the term cyberspace in 1982, and popularized the concept in his debut novel, Neuromancer. (1984).quot; credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Gibson Creative Commons license
  18. 18. MM 462 Exploring Open Source Applications Excellent opportunity to excel in an area you are interested in using all or partial Open Source software. Animation, photography, programming, web-related, video, audio or writing - you name it, you can do it in MM 462 with some help from Open Source applications.
  19. 19. MM 400 Freelancing Business Management and Law Why?
  20. 20. Freelancers Working for companies Summarized from Statistics Canada 2003
  21. 21. Understanding Copyright Law is not optional in the Multimedia Industry. We will use a “Myth-Busters” approach to what is true and what isn’t. We will substantiate everything we learn with legal references. A lot of what you think you know may be flat out wrong - i.e. it is OK to have just a few notes of the Beatles on my site, or if I modify that photo, then it is mine. “Hey Mr. M., I didn’t like that copyright course, but it sure saved my butt a few times.”
  22. 22. MM 218 Creative Programming II More focused than MM 118 - many improvements, thanks for your surveymonkey comments. Student should have a great application for portfolio/reel after completing this course and do things no one thought possible just a year ago.
  23. 23. credit: j.reed - Flickr.com Creative Commons license
  24. 24. Y O U A R E WAT C H I N G A F L E X A P P L I C AT I O N R I G H T N O W !
  25. 25. MM 218/462 WHY ADOBE FLEX? Free Fun Open Source (by Adobe of all companies) - Mr. M. had thought Adobe might die a slow death as Microsoft might in the future. Adobe finally sees that Open Source is the new model! the commercial tools are FREE to students ($199) ?? works on Mac, PC , Linux builds on what you already know - xml, JavaScript, CSS, xHTML animation, even 3D can be done with libraries profitable jobs are there for Flex/Flash developers You are watching a Flex application - slideshow.net Mr. M. finally woke up to this technology December 24, 2007 The most exciting thing Mr. M. has ever seen in Multimedia! Can’t wait to share with you Did I mention free?
  26. 26. GOOD DIGITAL HABITS Try to improve any digital habits that save you time or help keep you organized. Are you using a bookmarking tool like Delicious, Magnolia, Diigo? If not, why not? Do you have an extra backup? - it only takes a minute. If not, why not? Why not make this the semester to get really organized? Mr. M. first labs will be devoted to this topic.
  27. 27. DEMO COMMON COURSE DUE DATES Thanks for your suggestion about this on surveymonkey. access from: mrmccormack.com link on right side.
  28. 28. AND THE WINNER IS! OK.. for an iPod shuffle and a non-resale version of Adobe Final Cut Pro (2 prizes) - between 1-38 incl. - 2 student, write 2 numbers on board - 2 other students pick on number - 1st prize on left. credit: ReelArtShow.com Creative Commons license
  29. 29. MOVIE OF THE WEEK Mr. M. produced this movie while on sabbatical last fall. - Star Wars theme! Fundamentals of any film: 1- Page 2- People 3- Production (Dennis Austin, Film Professor and mentor to Mr. M.) Mr. M. hired a “professional actor” Storyboard done in Comic Life (free on any Mac) Script Written in Final Draft software Surround sound 5.1 credit:Unhindered by Talent - Flickr.com George Lucas may be emailing Mr. M. Creative Commons license
  30. 30. THE FUTURE IS HERE! How many of you had seen that YouTube clip? Video on the Net will play a huge role in Multimedia and it will be great for employment opportunitiues to put your broad range of skills to work. Have a great semester! Mr. M.
  31. 31. T H E E N D - H AV E A G R E AT S E M E S T E R !