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Biology Bingo, day 1


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Biology Bingo, day 1

  1. 1. Biology Bingo
  2. 2. The genotype of a female
  3. 3. The number of chromosomes in a diploid cell
  4. 4. The process of cell division in sex cells
  5. 5. Two gametes produce a….
  6. 6. A genotype in which an individual receives a different allele from each parent
  7. 7. The name for a cross in which we are looking for two traits
  8. 8. A genotype in which an individual receives the same allele from both parents
  9. 9. The physical traits given by the genotype
  10. 10. A trait that is found on chromosomes 1-22
  11. 11. A portion of DNA that codes for a specific trait
  12. 12. A phenotype in which two copies of an allele must be present
  13. 13. The genotype of a male
  14. 14. The genotype for a homozygous dominant individual
  15. 15. A trait that is found only on chromosome X and Y
  16. 16. We use this type of graph to show probabilities for offspring
  17. 17. The genotype for a homozygous recessive individual
  18. 18. The genotype for heterozygous individual
  19. 19. A type of frameshift mutation in which nucleotides are removed
  20. 20. In the central dogma the process that changes DNA into RNA
  21. 21. A cell with only one copy of each chromosome
  22. 22. Different versions of a gene
  23. 23. A phenotype in which only one copy of an allele needs to be present
  24. 24. the combination of alleles is what we call a person’s …
  25. 25. The father of genetics