Newton's 1st law, and reasearch assignment


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Newton's 1st law, and reasearch assignment

  1. 1. NEWTON’S 1ST LAW OF MOTION now we’re moving…maybe
  2. 2. NEWTON’S 1ST LAW OF MOTION…• Objects at rest tend to stay at rest…• Objects in motion tend to stay in motion… UNLESS ACTED UPON BY AND OUTSIDE FORCE
  3. 3. PENNY CARD-TRICK• Take a card place it on your finger tips• Take a penny and place it on your card• Try to flick the card without displacing the penny from its spot on your fingers Why doesn’t the penny move?
  4. 4. SELF-GUIDED ASSIGNMENT• Conduct more research into the 1 st Law of Motion-the Law of Inertia, that proves the Law is true• Find 3 experiments that validate your research, including variables in experiments, and if-then statements.• Conduct an experiment of your own choosing: • State what it is you are trying to prove. • Formulate a hypothesis, methods of testing your hypothesis and the topic in question. • Include data from experiments you conduct. • Write a conclusion to your research experiment
  5. 5. SELF-GUIDED ASSIGNMENT• I will not give a length requirement, but the research that you conduct and report on should demonstrate that you understand the concept of Newton’s 1 st Law of Motion• You must create a References/Works Cited page in MLA style Cite at least 8 references• DO NOT put your name on front cover. Put it after the References page• You will submit your assignment through c a n v a s (unless you have other materials that must accompany your research)
  6. 6. SELF-GUIDED ASSIGNMENT• Wikipedia should only be used once in your references. Include scholarly research and at least 1 hard-copy book reference.• Dazzle-me somehow. Come up with some kind of element in your paper that catches my attention. (Videos, pictures, original experiments, websites etc.)