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Module 5


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Module 5

  1. 1. Gifted and TalentedGifted and TalentedPProfessionalrofessionalLLearningearningCCommunityommunity Session V:How can virtualenvironments andsocial networkingbe usedappropriately in theclassroom?Using Today’sTechnology toEmpowerDifferentiatedInstruction
  2. 2. The Social Networking World The new way tocommunicate Connects peopleacross the world Public andunavoidable Nothing is history
  3. 3. What is good “digitalcitizenship?”Understanding appropriateand inappropriate behaviorNetwork etiquetteResponsibilityUnderstanding consequences
  4. 4. Explore… Some safe social networks do exist for students toaccess and use Many are for collaborative efforts with teachers,students, and parents Club Penguin (Walt Disney Company) Fanlala (Pop Culture, videos, games) TiGed (Taking It Global, global issues) Think.Com (Learning Community for all) Piczo (Safe network for teens)
  5. 5. Explore… Or, try Edmodo. It is supported by Austin ISD. Clayton Teacher’s accountcreation code:cypiwg
  6. 6. BlogsShort for “weblog”, a term invented byJorn Barger in 1997.Work for journaling, commentary,sharing newsCan contain links and multimedia filesEasy to follow and create
  7. 7. Educational Blogs For teachers: Networking Instructional strategies Assignments and homework Communication with home Annotated links For student use: Journaling Assignment submission Dialogue for group work E-portfolios
  8. 8. Explore: FreeBlog Sites Educational Blogs Edutopia Moving at the Speed of Creativity 2 Cents Worth—Teaching and Learning in theInformation Age MrMartinsClass Start your own Glogster Blogger (powered by Google) Blogger by Google Edublogs Wordpress Tumblr
  9. 9. What’s a Wiki? A wiki is a website whose users can add,modify, or delete its content via a webbrowser using a simplified mark-uplanguage or a rich-text editor. (Wikipedia) Can be public or private Can be used to create and shareinformation, complete projects, discuss. Most are free and accessible throughschool servers.
  10. 10. Explore Wikis Educational wikis Clayton PBWikis:Ms Lawson A Flat Classroom/Flat Classroom Projects Technology Resources Single Project Wikis Choose Your Own Wiki Adventure
  11. 11. Create! What would you post if you had a blog orwiki for your classroom? What would beyour purpose? Create a blog or wiki for your classroom. Help:AtomicLearning: Blogger WorkshopPBWorks: Training ModulesEdmodo: Teacher Tool Kit