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Reasons the nazis kept power propaganda


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Reasons the nazis kept power propaganda

  1. 1. Propaganda and Goebbels Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda was Joseph Goebbels. He used different methods to promote the Nazi message, as well as Hitler himself, and win the German people’s support.
  2. 2. A united Germany Another key goal of Goebbels’ work was to unite all Germans, leaving behind divisions based on class, religion, etc. In particular he targeted the young with the idea of a ‘Thousand Year Reich’.
  3. 3. Propaganda methods Goebbels used different methods to win support. School lessons, radio messages and posters were used. Mass rallies (such as Nuremburg) helped win public backing too.
  4. 4. Cinema propaganda The Nazis also used cinemas. Many films had an anti-Jewish message e.g. The Eternal Jew, Suss the Jew. Other films showed Nazi propaganda adverts before they started.
  5. 5. Arguments for influence Constant pro-Hitler/Germany or anti-Jewish messages were impossible to ignore. Cheap radios meant ownership increased to 70% of all households, increasing the numbers exposed to the message.
  6. 6. Arguments against influence Some Germans disagreed with the Nazis and so simply ignored the propaganda. It was suggested that some Germans deliberately arrived late to the cinema to avoid Nazi adverts.
  7. 7. Arguments against influence Many Germans supported the Nazis not because of what they heard, but what they saw. Economic and foreign policy improvements were more significant to winning support that adverts or posters.
  8. 8. Arguments against influence Fear also played a key role in winning the Nazis’ support, meaning state controls. Even if people opposed Hitler or did not believe the propaganda, it was very difficult to discuss this.