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Reasons the nazis kept power fear and state terrorism


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Reasons the nazis kept power fear and state terrorism

  1. 1. Nazis and violence The Nazis had shown on the Night of the Long Knives and (possibly) the Reichstag Fire that they were prepared to use any means, including violence, to control the country.
  2. 2. The Police State The SS was Germany’s internal security service. Any opposition to Hitler was violently dealt with. Concentration camps were set up and the Gestapo (Secret Police) kept people in line.
  3. 3. Jews and the professions The Nazis targeted their hatred and controls at Jews. In 1933, various laws were passed which banned Jews from working as doctors, teachers, lawyers, journalists and other groups.
  4. 4. The Nuremburg Laws In 1935, the Nuremburg Laws were passed which stripped Jews of their German citizenship. Sexual relations and marriage between Jews and non-Jews was banned too.
  5. 5. Kristallnacht After a German diplomat was killed in Paris by a Jew, the Nazis endorsed the Night of Broken Glass. Shops and homes belonging to Jews were attacked, as well as Jews themselves.
  6. 6. Removing Jews from society Jews were isolated from German society; Jewish shops were boycotted, Jewish children could not go to school, etc. Many Jews now chose to leave Germany, including the famous kindertransports.
  7. 7. Clip from 1988 showing Nicholas Winton, a British man who helped hundreds of Jewish children escape from Czechoslovakia in kindertransports, just before WW2.
  8. 8. Arguments for influence Nazi controls made it impossible for any opposition to build to Hitler. The violence of the SS or secret fear of the Gestapo meant that no-one could safely discuss anti-Nazi views.
  9. 9. Arguments for influence The Night of the Long Knives played a particularly strong role in terrorising the German population. Many worried that if Hitler would kill his own supporters what he might do to them.
  10. 10. Arguments against influence Many state controls affected Jews only, and there was anti- Semitic feeling from large numbers of Germans. Many Germans also supported the Nazis because of economic and foreign policies. This 1945 sign says that Germans do not want any relations with Jews.
  11. 11. Arguments against influence The SS/Gestapo got a lot of their information through denunciations. This means it was ordinary Germans giving information to the SS, suggesting the influence of the SS was limited. A former Gestapo informer is exposed whilst pretending to be a refugee
  12. 12. Picture of workers at Hamburg shipyard in 1936. August Landmesser is refusing to perform the Nazis salute. He was a former Nazi who then fathered a child with a Jew. He and his family were arrested.