Reasons the nazis gained power appeal of nazis


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Reasons the nazis gained power appeal of nazis

  1. 1. NSDAP The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP, shortened to Nazi Party) grew from the German Workers’ Party. Between 1924-1928, its new leader, Hitler, set about reorganising the party.
  2. 2. Beer Hall Putsch In 1923, Hitler tried to lead a revolution, starting in a Beer Hall in Munich. It failed and Hitler went to prison in 1924. He used his time in prison to plan the future of the Nazis.
  3. 3. New party sections Hitler began to build strong sections of the Nazi Party. He created the SS in 1925 as the Nazis’ security division. He also set up the Hitler Youth and other groups such as women, lawyers and teachers.
  4. 4. Propaganda Hitler also wanted to win mass public support. With Joseph Goebbels’ help, the Nazi Party became masters of using radio, cinema and also posters and newspapers to spread their message.
  5. 5. Nuremburg rallies From 1923, the Nazi Party held huge rallies to promote its message. From 1927 onwards they were all held in the city of Nuremburg. Thousands of people would attend to hear Hitler speak.
  6. 6. Soup kitchens and hostels During the Depression the Nazis gave support to poor Germans. This included soup kitchens and hostels for the homeless. Women especially used soup kitchens to feed their families.
  7. 7. Election success The Nazis also became very effective election campaigners. They organised to inform and intimidate voters (through the Brown Shirts). Germans also supported policies such as ending the Treaty of Versailles.
  8. 8. Arguments for influence There were numerous political groups in Germany. Any of them could have exploited problems in Germany, but only the Nazis were organised enough to achieve this.
  9. 9. Arguments for influence The economic support given to poor Germans during the Depression made them trust the Nazis. They may also have supported them in case they again needed future help.
  10. 10. Arguments against influence Nazi organisation improved – but still needed economic problems. Nazi support fell between 1924- 29, only rising again after the Wall Street Crash. Also, these changes were largely because of Hitler.