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Reasons for the growth of German nationalism zollverein


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Reasons for the growth of German nationalism zollverein

  1. 1. Customs Union The economic changes in Prussia – including abolishing taxes and introducing tariffs – interested other German states. They wanted to enjoy the same benefits to grow their own economies.
  2. 2. 1834 changes In 1834, the Zollverein was established. This was a Customs Union between various German states. Members of the union had to agree to follow Prussian trade and tax law.
  3. 3. Arguments for This was a significant step in German unification. By 1836, 25 out of 39 German states were members. This gave Prussia significant influence on countries across the Bund/Confederation.
  4. 4. Arguments against Not all countries joined the Customs Union, and Austria was specifically excluded. Also, although Prussia tried to influence other states’ political decisions, they were often ignored.