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Reasons for the growth of German nationalism france


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Reasons for the growth of German nationalism france

  1. 1. The French Revolution The 1789 French Revolution saw the violent overthrow of the monarchy. All across Europe, many ordinary people were inspired to demand changes in their own countries.
  2. 2. Arguments for Seeing that change could be achieved led to people across Europe wanting their own reforms. Many in the German states believed the state princes would not give up power, meaning a united Germany was needed.
  3. 3. Arguments against Many of the changes being demanded were because of the Industrial Revolution, not the French Revolution. People living and working closer together demanded changes to improve their lives.
  4. 4. Arguments against The French Revolution helped inspire Liberal ideas about more people having a say in the running of their country. However most Liberals were middle class and thus not a large part of German society.
  5. 5. Influence of Napoleon France, led by Napoleon Bonaparte, had defeated and dominated the various German states, including Prussia. Even after Napoleon’s defeat, concerns still remained in parts of Germany about French plans.
  6. 6. Arguments for Clear link between French influence on German nationalism and France’s 1840 actions which threatened the Rhine. Without Napoleon it is unlikely that the German Confederation would have formed.
  7. 7. Arguments for French domination of Europe led to German embarrassment at their lack of influence. Throughout the 1800s, French strength and empire were resented and admired by many people in Germany.