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Reasons for the growth of German nationalism cultural factors


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Reasons for the growth of German nationalism cultural factors

  1. 1. Shared language One of the main reasons for the creation of the German Confederation was that it united 25 million people who spoke the same language under one organisation.
  2. 2. German writers Many German writers and musicians began to believe in the idea of a united Germany, rather than separate states. They wrote stories and music which were widely read and listened to across Germany.
  3. 3. Famous examples Beethoven was a famous composer, well known for his emotional music that inspired many Germans. The Brothers Grimm also told stories which suggested Germans playing a heroic role.
  4. 4. Arguments for Music and books were popular across the Bund, so they encouraged many people to think about a Greater Germany. This helped inspire a belief in German greatness amongst all the social classes.
  5. 5. Arguments against Many writers and musicians did not set out to promote German nationalism, it was simply how their work was interpreted. Also, not everyone in Germany could read or had access to classical music.
  6. 6. Arguments against Many of the patriotic songs written at this time were in response to events such as the French threat to invade the Rhine. This suggests that other issues influenced cultural factors, rather than the other way around.