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Irish immigration to Scotland - irish living and working conditions


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Irish immigration to Scotland - irish living and working conditions

  1. 1. LEARNING INTENTIONS • Describe the main industries in which the Irish worked in Scotland • Describe the living conditions that the Irish faced in Scotland
  2. 2. Whilst life in Scotland was better for most of the Irish, it was not easy. The Irish worked in many hard jobs and also faced very poor living conditions.
  3. 3. The Irish did a variety of jobs, depending on where they lived in Scotland. Most worked in factories although others worked in the coal and iron industries too.
  4. 4. Some Irish worked in industries such as farming using skills from home. Others took on seasonal work, moving where they were needed. Good examples of this include railway workers (known as navvies).
  5. 5. The working conditions that the Irish faced were usually very difficult. There were few workplace laws at the time. Also the Irish were often poorly educated. This meant accepting low wages at work.
  6. 6. Housing conditions were often very poor for the Irish. At the time most housing in Scotland was of a poor standard. As new and poor immigrants, the Irish had to live in the worst accommodation.
  7. 7. Overcrowding was a major problem too. In 1871, 41% of Irish families lived in one room homes (known as single ends). Houses were often very poorly built with little decent sanitation. Vermin was common too.
  8. 8. Diseases were very common. Cholera, typhus and tuberculosis were common killers. This was because of the poor housing and sanitation, as well as poor diets and drinking dirty water.
  9. 9. Other Scots believed that the Irish were violent and had poor morals. Many others opposed Catholicism, meaning they opposed mass Irish immigration. The Irish religious divide did not help here.