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Atlantic Slave Trade - why did slavery start


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Atlantic Slave Trade - why did slavery start

  1. 1. LEARNING INTENTIONS • Explain the reasons that slavery started • Explain why Slavery is sometimes known as the ‘Triangular Trade’
  2. 2. Millions of people in the Americas and West Indies can trace their roots back to Africa because of slavery. This means that their ancestors were kidnapped and taken there as slaves.
  3. 3. Sugar was at the heart of the slave trade. Sugar was increasingly popular but also expensive and difficult to grow. When the Spanish first landed in the Americas they grew sugar. Soon other countries did too.
  4. 4. At first, sugar was grown by different groups: • Arawak natives, who were used as slaves but died out due to European diseases • Bond servants, who worked for 4-7 years before being free • Convicts and prisoners
  5. 5. There were not enough workers to keep up with demand for sugar. Some European countries had African colonies. African slaves were taken to grow sugar in the Americas. In time, slaves would grow various other products too.
  6. 6. There were many advantages to using Africans as slaves. Slavery already existed in Africa and there were large numbers of Africans available. Also, unlike tribes in the Americas, Africans did not react as badly to European illness and disease.
  7. 7. The slave trade became known as the Triangular Trade. This is because of the three stages that the slave journey involved.
  8. 8. Triangular Trade Stage 1: Trade goods such as guns, etc were taken to Africa Stage 2: Slaves were taken to the Americas Stage 3: Goods produced by slaves were taken to Europe to be sold